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London, United Kingdom


Started DJ'ing at 15 years old by hiring out halls and filling them with teenagers dancing to the latest funky sounds! By 17 was resident DJ in a couple of nightclubs and working with some of the UKs top spinners! Have since played at many different clubs and venues over the years, many no longer around, but while the clubs & music tastes changed with the Acid House, and dance culture during the 80's, and 90's, I stayed true to my music passion SOUL! The Soul scene then did what it always has, after music fads, went back underground! In 2008 I decided along with DJ Chris D Smith to do a Reunion party of one of the famous JazzFunk Clubs of the late 70's early 80's, THE RIO. We were very unsure how this would be received as many people had by now drifted off the scene with family life & work commitments. We were in for a shock, as the event attracted old soul boys & girls from all over the UK. Along with the explosion of Facebook as a way of promoting events the Soul scene is now experiencing a new lease of life, and reunion parties are now a major feature on the Soul scene. Also with the Internet explosion we can now play the music we love 24/7 to the people who appreciate it. Long may it continue!!!



This show will be available on Thu, Apr 25 at 3PM.