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Sit Down to Stand Up’ one man’s journey to the comedy stage Jack Laurence, anchor for the Australian radio show 'Hughsey and Kate', has spent the past decade working in commercial radio with some of the funniest people in Australia. Jack has a secret. For years he has yearned for the courage to take to the stage and perform his own stand-up comedy. The problem? He’s terrified. Firstly, there’s the obvious fear that comes with public speaking. There’s not many people who feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. That feeling is magnified tenfold when those people are paying! Secondly, and most importantly, there’s the burning question of “will anyone even laugh?”. ‘Sit down to Stand up’ is Jack’s journey from sitting down behind a desk to standing up in front of a paying crowd. He will interview a host of stand-up comedians from Australia, and around the globe, about their journeys into the world of comedy. How they write jokes, how they deal with hecklers and everything in between.





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