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Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 11 – The Preacher With The Pot of Gold

Mike and Kyle hit the road for the Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin. Climate change: Chinese hoax or Lithuanian prog rock band? Hurricane season is upon us but Rush Limbaugh is unafraid. Trump ends DACA, continuing his streak of "accomplishments" that are just reversals of Obama's accomplishments.

Duration: 00:44:25

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 10 – The Killer Wore Khaki

Mike and Kyle celebrate ten episodes with an extra bigly dose of podcast. Bannon is out. We'll talk about Charlottesville, solve the Confederate monument issue, and defeat the Nazis (again)...unless we get Trumped. Also, tune in for details on our Slugnuts 10th episode giveaway. Listen and win! Ugh, did we just say that? Man, ten episodes in and we go full morning radio. Thanks for listening!

Duration: 00:57:05

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 09 – The Congressman in the Ducky Pajamas

Mike and Kyle wonder how long Scaramucci will last as new Communications Director not knowing he would be fired by the times these show notes are written. Priebus and Spicer are also gone with Sessions on the bubble. We're one Steve Bannon away from a B-I-N-G-O! Efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have been repealed without replacement...again. The boys lament another Texas political embarrassment.

Duration: 00:43:52

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 08 – The Orange Cock Tweets Three Times

A very special Radio Hour as Kyle revisits his childhood mall days. We celebrate Slugnuts being on the cover of Time magazine. Mike reveals his plan to prove Russian collusion. Times are tough but Kyle delivers one of his famous pep talks. Don't miss it!

Duration: 00:42:08

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 07 – The Carpetbagger Knocks Three Times

Trump tweets himself into a hole...again. The Russia scandal is like the worst case of herpes Trump has ever had; it just keeps coming back. Kyle and Mike learn that impersonating the sweet Southern style of Jeff Sessions will inevitably skirt the line of racism. Then we wrap things up with 15 minutes of delightful rambling.

Duration: 00:46:46

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 06 – The Desert Debutante Wore Black

In an alternate timeline, the boys would be celebrating the closure of the Russia investigation and a full week where Trump doesn't do a single thing to embarrass the whole country. Instead we talk about Trump's around the world adventure. The Donald likes his papal visits non-Spicey. Mike talks about his new BFF Ricky Gervais.

Duration: 00:40:39

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 05 – Adrift on the River of Blood

Trump not only has the best words, he even invented some. Sorry, James Comey, Trump's just not that into you. Kyle and Mike hide in the corner as Texas continues its tradition of being a national embarrassment. And the Russians pop up again...and again...and again...

Duration: 00:47:25

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 04 – The Kid in the Cat-Scratched White House

What the hell's a cold open? Kyle and Mike talk about Chicks, man. Steven Seagal has an awkward encounter with Kurt Russell. What if they invited a football team to the White House and nobody showed up? Our biggest episode yet!

Duration: 00:41:21

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 03 – Whispers on Chocolate Stained Lips

Episode 3! Limited letterbox edition. This one comes with a trigger warning for the ladies: heavy use of the 'M' word. The Slugnuts team weighs in on an obscure, overlooked United Airlines story. Donald Trump is not so vanilla when it comes to baked goods. Also, ASMR: internet phenomenon or another acronym for ISIS? Mike takes over show notes writing, but at what cost?

Duration: 00:35:01

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 02 – The Orange Belly with Tiny Plumage


Duration: 00:36:15

Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 01


Duration: 00:27:36