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047 Clitter with Veronica Moonhill

Join the clitterati and get on board with the newest glitter sensation: Clitter. This pussy powered confetti, created by Veronica Moonhill, will soon be taking over the Senate floor, literally. Are you tired of penis only games and decorations at your big events? Tune in to hear about the creation of this amazing product, the gendering in our culture, and get inspired to start drawing vulvas on people’s dirty cars. FOLLOW VERONICA WEBSITEINSTAGRAMFACEBOOK FOLLOW...


046 51 First Dates with Kimmy and Liza

Kimmy and Liza of Chix Productions join Nicoletta and Simone to talk about their podcast “51 First Dates.” We talk about first date do’s, don’ts, and hell no’s. We also get a look into what it’s like to go on a new date every week! Do you split the bill? Where’s the ideal location? Also, what’s your sign?! FOLLOW 51 FIRST DATES PODCASTFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:


Jilling Off with Sasha Grey

Yes, Sasha fucking Grey joins the podcast this week! The scholars get in the mood with some pterodactyl porn, then talk about whether or not Sasha asked Rocco to punch her in the stomach, the #metoo movement and how porn is a healthy way to explore your sexuality. Also touched on: Sasha’s new novel, Sasha’s favorite standup comedians, her pornographic mission statement, and what she discovered about sex once she stopped doing porn. Sasha’s books (new book out next week): The Juliette...


What Happens in Vegas Goes on Sluts and Scholars

Ever wonder what a porn expo is like? Nicoletta and Simone take you on the ride of your life as they explore the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Hear from some eager fans (including a guy who brings lightsabers for the porn performers) and some of your favorite past Sluts and Scholars’ guests including Nina Hartley, Blair Williams, and Siouxsie Q. Ever wonder what a flogger sounds like on our butts while we talk about Tolstoy? Tune in to find out… FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send...


Sex, Pot and Ashley Manta

Amazing Ashley joins the slutts scholars to talk about the orgasmic and healing potential of the combination of cannabis and sex. She teaches them about the shitty racist history of “marijuana”, gives major pro-tips on how to not be TOO high and explains alllll about getting your private parts nice and stoned. FOLLOW ASHLEY WEB SITEFACEBOOKTWITTER FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:


Sex Talk with My Mom

Would you want to know how your parents make whoopie? Self-proclaimed cougar Karen-Lee Poter and her pro-clown son Cam of Sex Talk with My Mom podcast join Nicoletta and Simone to surprise set Cam up with Simone. Will they or won’t they? But actually we talk dating, cougars, dick pics and how you can buy Cam’s underwear. Also, if you want to get paid for pooping in a bag and leaving it in a hotel room, tune in to find out how… FOLLOW SEX TALK WITH MY MOM WEB...


#ImARealStripper with Caroline Blaike

Caroline Blaike sexy-danced into Nicoletta and Simone’s life when they were out for Ava’s (“But Her Fingernails!”) birthday at Jumbo’s Clown Room, a Los Angeles institution. She fully embodies both being a slut and a scholar as she paid for both her undergraduate and master’s degree by stripping. She gives the deets on how to audition for Jumbo’s, the perks of working for a women-owned club and teaches how to sign some dirty talk. Oh, yeah, did we mention she’s fluent in ASL and works as a...


Night Shift with Joanna Angel

Do you ever wonder what happens to a curious Floridian girl who works the sex shop overnight? Who and what does she do?! Nicoletta and Simone get an insider’s peak into award-winning porn performer and producer Joanna Angel’s new book Night Shift: A choose-your-own erotic fantasy. To choose this slutty and scholarly adventure, click play now. FOLLOW JOANNA ANGEL TWITTERINSTAGRAM JOANNA WEBSITE BUY JOANNA'S BOOK FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants...


Swinger Sex Fest with Amanda K.

We talked with Amanda K., CEO and founder of SwingerSexFest and active member of the swinger community. What is swinging? What are these secret campgrounds where people get together and fuck? What’s a hotel takeover? What’s the negotiation like for couple-fucking? Simone has an epiphany about why there are two queen beds in a hotel room. 25% off tickets exclusive for our listeners, valid thru 2/18/18 is CODE: Sluts18 FOLLOW AMANDA swingersexfest.comSwinglifestyle.comSwinger Sex Fest...


HIV Princess with Kelly Gluckman

Did you know that just one pill a day can mean living a normal life for someone with HIV? Are you aware that you can have a fulfilling and amazing love and sex life with HIV? In one of their most raw episodes yet, Nicoletta and Simone interview UCLA student and all around bad ass Kelly Gluckman about living and dating with HIV. Help us end the stigma, eliminate fear, and further sexual health by tuning in and sharing this important episode about HIV. ABOUT KELLY Twitter...


Le Petit Penis with Rip Van Dinkle

Is there a “normal” penis? Why does size matter in our culture? What is it like to be the proud owner of a small penis? Nicoletta and Simone talk to Rip Van Dinkle, the two-time runner-up of the Small Penis Pageant in Brooklyn, NY. FOLLOW US TwitterInstagramFacebook Send questions, comments, stories, rants to:


Pop Dildo with Spermin Berman

Did you know that fresh sperm can be viable for hours? Did you know that you don’t have to go to the doctor to conceive, even if you aren’t using your own sperm? Join Nicoletta, Simone, and Stephanie “Spermin” Berman for a conversation about the revolutionary Pop Dildo, created to help queer couples conceive on their terms! It is also a fun toy that can be filled with everything from chocolate to vodka. If you ever wondered how to create a unicorn sex scene complete with glitter lube, this...


Jessica Drake is Wicked (encore)

An encore podcast! Jessica Drake, the sex educator, award-winning adult entertainer, and producer, joins Nicoletta and Simone to talk about the porn industry, trans porn, sexuality, sex ed, and ethics in porn. This hilarious and educational episode will have you begging for more. Make sure you listen to the whole episode for a special offer from Jessica and get to know our word of the day: cumdumpster. FOLLOW...


Katy Zvolerin

Adam and Eve’s director of Public Relations joins the slutty scholars to discuss the laws that govern obscenity, porn and sex toys this country. On the docket: the pursuit of orgasms, revenge porn and why Adam and Eve won’t ship to Alabama. Upcoming sex toy trend of Winter 2018? The warming toy. Remember to use the SAS discount code for 50% off and free shipping at! FOLLOW ADAM AND...


Sustainable Sex with Izabella Miko

Actress, dancer, artist, and eco-warrior Izabella Miko joins Nicoletta and Simone for a conversation about energy, health and wellness, and how to get more in touch with yourself- and literally touch yourself. This episode is fun for the whole family… if your family likes to talk about Kombucha, menstrual cups, and kicking dogs (inside joke, we love animals). To get in touch with Izabella:


Becoming Cliterate with Dr. Laurie Mintz

Dr. Laurie Mintz, a scholar of sex, joins the women to expose the major reasons for the orgasm gap between men and women. They DESTROY the myth of penetration, address the orgasm “hierarchy” and talk about how there are a MILLION ways to masturbate and come -- and they’ll give you tips for how to figure out what yours are. Don’t worry, men, cliteracy is good for you too! Note: In this episode, Simone says that labiaplasty was the most common cosmetic surgery, but she misspoke. It’s the...


Francesca Hogi

Ohhhhh, modern dating. Francesca (matchmaker/dating coach extraordinaire and 2-time Survivor alum) joins the Sluts and Scholars to discuss the trials, tribulations, and pitfalls of modern dating. Major complaints, worst dates from apps, first date ideas, and redefining rejection are all on the docket! Do you have to be on apps to date today? FOLLOW FRANCESCA...


God Dame It

Sex toy entrepreneur Alexandra Fine joins Nicoletta and Simone this week to discuss how she managed to penetrate the vibrator market.They discuss what it means to be a female CEO, how to get people to invest in a sex toy and how to talk to your partner about bringing toys into the bedroom. They also get into the wack way companies in the business of pleasure are treated because of obscenity laws. Since we recorded this episode, Alexandra was featured in Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list!...


Sex Ed for Grown Ups with Professor Sex

Angel Kalafatis, aka Professor sex, joins Nicoletta (we miss you Simone!) for a sex-positive conversation about what it means to be queer, bisexual, and kinky and how to educate all kinds of people about sex including pleasure based education for young adults and kids! Tune in to hear why Justin Timberlake and the Statue of David are important to Nicoletta’s sexual self... FOLLOW...


The Myth of Sex Addiction with Dr. David Ley

Join Nicoletta and Simone as they interview Dr. David Ley, a clinical psychologist and author of the Myth of Sex addiction, Ethical Porn for Dicks, and Insatiable Wives. This scintillating episode comes at a perfect time and discusses the craze around sex addiction, cuckolding, and sexual shame. If you’ve ever wondered what cornflakes and graham crackers have to do with sex and how to get the right to masturbate at work during your lunch break, then press the play...


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