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So Deep with Steven Randolph

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So Deep #14 feat. Melanie Vesey

Melanie discusses co-starring in Man On The Moon, being shot by her drug-dealing transgender cop ex-girlfriend, and her rise back from the ashes in this incredible episode. Melanie Vesey is a comedian and actor who also runs

Duration: 01:26:01

So Deep #13 feat. Josh "Tex" Boyer

On episode Lucky 13 Josh “Tex” Boyer discusses getting into the Air Force, getting into opiates, and getting into recovery. Steven and Josh also trade man-boob horror stories.

Duration: 01:22:13

So Deep #12 feat. KC Maloney AKA Adult Karate

Steven talks with old friend KC Maloney about music, growing up as a Catholic homosexual, rampant drug abuse, recovery, and much more. KC Maloney, AKA Adult Karate (of Radar Cult) is a DJ, vocalist and electronic music producer on Plug Research Records. (He's also the creator of the So Deep theme music and logo.)

Duration: 02:03:06

So Deep #11 feat. Steven Randolph

After quite a long break Steven is back! He details his recent stage antics, nightmarish trip to Fresno, and casting out his inner demon.

Duration: 00:41:06

So Deep #10 feat. Steven Randolph

After a brief hiatus Steven updates us on his comedy career, relationship status, and much more.

Duration: 00:35:47

So Deep #9 - IBB Flashback feat. David Deery

This week we present a classic episode of the defunct and otherwise unavailable International Bad Boys podcast, hosted by Steven Randolph & Sam Tripoli, featuring guest David Deery. David tells an epic tale of a nightmarish LSD trip in which he attempted to hijack a Greyhound bus. David Deery: Rate/review So Deep on iTunes: Follow So Deep on Facebook: Buy a So Deep shirt/mug/phone case:...

Duration: 00:49:05

So Deep #8 feat. Steven Randolph & Jonah Mociun

So Deep co-producer Jonah Mociun picks Steven's brain, probing deep into his youth. We explore childhood phobias, formative traumas, familial tensions, and hypersensitivity, revisiting a waterpark freakout, and Catholic school scars. Peeking into the machinations of So Deep, Jonah and Steven discuss the genesis of the podcast and how their strained relationship nearly halted the show before it even began. Swimming upstream to the present, Steven ruminates on his place in the world of...

Duration: 01:03:33

So Deep #7 feat. Bill Posley

Steven and gonzo renaissance man Bill Posley discuss dark secrets of the Hollywood elite, being financed by a Persian prince, storming a Scientology center, confronting Mexican gangbangers, blood sacrifices, table waiting on Johnny Depp, Craigslist pranks, being a contestant on the TV show Survivor, and more. Bill Posley is an actor, comedian, writer, war veteran and all-around genius.

Duration: 01:43:16

So Deep #6 feat. Liam Breunle

Steven talks with ex-mafia enforcer Liam Breunle about his days as a henchman, a steroid dealer, a pro wrestler and more. (Recorded at The World Famous Comedy Store Podcast Studio.)

Duration: 01:19:18

So Deep #5 feat. Dodd

Dodd is a big, fearless, gay bully from Texas who terrorizes straight people wherever he goes. The actor/comedian discusses his reverse gay bashing, a long-standing feud with Steven, and much more. Dodd's YouTube:

Duration: 01:26:00

So Deep - Episode 4

Steven and fellow twelve-stepper Steven R. O'brien discuss addiction, growing up in the mean streets of Queens NYC, and energy work.

Duration: 00:59:33

So Deep - Episode 3

Steven and psychic medium Danny Luci discuss the spirit realm, gypsy curses, and a foreboding warning. Also featuring a surprise appearance from comedian and sexual daredevil Chelsea Skidmore.

Duration: 01:52:29

So Deep - Episode 2

Steven and his dangerous new girlfriend, Chelsea Skidmore, discuss bombing on stage at The Comedy Store, their bukkake date, vision boards, and goal setting.

Duration: 00:37:12

So Deep - Episode 1

Steven updates us on his life since the implosion of his last podcast, The International Bad Boys. We hear an excerpt of the disastrous unaired final episode of that show, featuring Sam Tripoli and Chelsea Skidmore. Steven also announces that he and fellow danger-seeker Chelsea have taken a leap into a committed relationship and are getting ready to move in with each other. And thusly the stage is set for the rickety vessel So Deep as it sets sail into the rocky seas.

Duration: 00:41:59

So Deep - Preview 2

So Deep chronicles Steven Randolph's dark past and his journey towards recovery, including his fiery relationship with fellow traveler Chelsea Skidmore.

Duration: 00:02:35

So Deep - Preview

Get ready to dive deep into the abyss with comedian and recovering addict Steven Randolph.

Duration: 00:01:20