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The Best Damn Podcast on the Ozone Network
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The Best Damn Podcast on the Ozone Network




Sons Of Schmidt — Season 2, Episode 27: Are We Talking about Spring Practice??

Michael Citro and Brandon Zimmerman get together to discuss the Ohio State football team. Spring practices are officially underway and the guys discuss some of the positional battles they are watching the most. Since the NFL Combine has happened they discuss what some of the Buckeye players have done along with the sad news of Billy Price getting hurt. This leads the guys into a discussion on who they see might be able to have a good NFL career. Michael gives a shoutout to Nathan Tomasello...


Sons Of Schmidt— Season 2 Episode 26: Has Urban Eclipsed Woody

Mike Meihls, Brandon Zimmerman and Michael Citro all get together....again.....finally to discuss The Ohio State Buckeyes football team. Mike starts off the show asking who sang the National Anthem better after he played the NBA All'Star Game's rendition. The first segment the guys discuss some of the coaching changes or not coaching changes that have taken place. Mike steers the discussion then into recruiting. Does Urban need to build a wall around Ohio for the 2019 class like Tressel...


Sons Of Schmidt: Season 2 Episode 25 - Is 2018 A Win Now Season

Michael Meihls is back showing why he is the best damn Buckeye podcast host with this weeks show. brandon Zommers joins him. The biggest question to start out the show is: Is the 2018 season a must-win season for the Buckeyes? In the second segment, they have an early look at the positional groupings. In the third segment, they look at the possible players who step up and make a name for themselves. Names you might not be all that familiar with. Also, Brandon has nice crystal balls?...


Sons Of Schmidt: Episode 22 Where Do We Go Now

Michael Citro and Brandon Zimmerman get together to give us what all going on in the Buckeye football world. Talk of guys who are coming back, the depth they have. The Buckeyes backups would be starters on any other Big Ten team. How long do those guys sit and wait to get their shot? Rebuilding the secondary for the third straight year. How does it shake out and who would they like to see in the new secondary? There is quarterback discussion, no not that QB discussion but the other QB...


Sons of Schmidt — Season 2 Episode 23 – Offseason Week 1

The crew of Mike Meihls, Brandon Zimmerman, and Michael Citro get together again (finally). They discuss many topics to start out the offseason. First Segment Cotton Bowl recap Second Segment 2018 NFL Draft Third Segment Looking forward to key players for 2018 Fourth Segment NCAA FBS Championships – UCF/Bama


Sons of Schmidt: Episode 22 Awards Bowls Oh My

Mike Meihls, Brandon Zimmerman and Michael Citro get together to discuss the Army/Navy game, awards some Buckeyes have won so far along with some predictions on upcoming Bowl Games.


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 21 Big Ten Champs

The guys get together to discuss the Big Ten Championship game. They discuss how the Buckeyes had an successful season despite not making the playoffs. They later discuss the playoff committee excluding the Buckeyes. Of course they have their ever so pupular Son of a Schmidt segment!


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 20 Part 2

What happens when you have Mike and Michael talking about The Game? You end up with a 2 part podcast like this week. This is Part 2, where the guys look forward to Wisconsin. break down what they saw in The Game. In Part 1, they broke down what they saw in The Game. Part 1 is here:


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 19

Maybe it is the cool, crisp bite to the late November winds? I cannot explain the way this week warms and chills me to my core. Can we see the Buckeye Offense of late, or does JT Barrett have to win this one alone? How does the Buckeye Offense move the ball against one of the best defenses in the NCAA? I asked these questions and more to Michael Citro and Brandon Zimmerman this week. Games like this one are why these Student-Athletes go to Ohio State. Another pair of Gold Pants, from our...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 18

After some time away thanks to work travel interrupting the ability to record, The Sons of Schmidt return to your earhole to discuss the beatdown Ohio State put on Michigan State this past weekend. They also look ahead to Illinois and the Battle for the Illibuck. Then the guys take a look at some of the scenarios that can play out to put Ohio State in or keep them out of the College Football Playoffs this year. How crazy does college football have to get for Ohio State to be in? Or, is it...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 15

After the Buckeyes triumphed over Bye Week, they have a HUGE showdown this weekend in Columbus with Penn State. How do the Buckeyes stack up against the #2 team in the country? Can the Buckeyes get revenge for last year's game and secure their spot in the driver's seat to the Big Ten East championship?


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 12

For most of us, the only turtles we are familiar with wear various colors of cloth over their eyes, master a martial art, and eat a lot of pizza. But since DJ Durkin left AA and took over at Maryland, he is bent on changing that for the rest of the Big Ten. This week, the Sons od Schmidt take a look at the upcoming Ohio State Maryland game, and see if there is anything to fear in the turtles. Mike, Brandon and Michael take a look both behind the Buckeyes at the Rutgers game, and look ahead...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 10

The University of Las Vegas. The school in Sin City that’s biggest contribution to America is being Guy Fieri’s alma mater. This week, the Rebels also have something else to add to their hat. For it was the week they were set to face off with The Ohio State University Buckeyes that marked the return of one of the best podcasters in OSU media history back onto the podcast scene. This week, we are proud to announce that Michael Citro has joined The Sons of Schmidt for a show that kicks off...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 9

U! G! L! Y! Can The Sons of Schmidt find an Ohio State alibi? It’s time for reflection to figure out what went wrong against Oklahoma for the Buckeyes. Brandon was in Columbus this week to watch the game live, so Mike had to bring in a special guest host this week for episode 9 of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast on the Ozone Radio Network. The SoS show starts this week taking a high-level look at what went wrong versus the Sooners. There are clearly issues that need to be addressed, from the...


The Sons of Schmidt: Basic Podcast #8

The basic return of The Sons of Schmidt is here! Oklahoma Hate Week has officially started after the long weekend for the Buckeyes. Mike and Brandon are leading the charge back to Columbus for the Ozone Radio Network, with episode 8 of the Sons of Schmidt podcast. We start off the show on a somber note. As many of our listening faithful knows, there was no episode 7 of the show. Mike lives in the Houston, Texas metro area, and had a few things he had to take care of last week. Instead of...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 6

The 2nd annual Sons of Schmidt B1G Preview is now live! When you want to know where and how everyone in the Big Ten will finish the season, this is your go-to source! This is episode six of the second season of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast. And as you have grown to know and love, we have yet another home run sponsor for this week’s show! To start the show, as they have done each week during fall camp, the guys take a look at the latest news straight from the mouths of players and coaches....


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 5

It is travel day for The Sons of Schmidt this week. Brandon and Mike check in on Ohio State’s fall camp, and then take a look beyond the Columbus city limits at the rest of the 2017 college football landscape this week. This is episode 5 of the second season of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast. To start the show, the guys take a look at the updates on the right guard starter and at who will be taking the first snaps at wide receiver. And they clarify that, as much as we are loving J.K. Dobbins...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 4

The pads are on and there is contact! That means that Ohio State Buckeyes are over a week into answering the lingering questions for the 2017 season. And The Sons of Schmidt has episode 4 of their 2nd season here to help address and answer questions about this year’s team. You simply can not talk about the 2017 Buckeyes without talking about the splash and impact this year’s true freshmen are having in camp. It seems like J.K. Dobbins has been the topic of discussion everywhere, and we...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 3

Your Tuesday serving of the Sons of Schmidt is ready to consume. Season 2 Episode 3 is now live and can be heard below. Brandon takes the lead in this week’s episode, as Mike is busy nursing a nasty cold. You can hear it in his voice. But like the dedicated podcasters they are, the guys battled through and may even be ready to have their black stripes removed. This week, the SoS guys take a look at news out of the media days involving Greg Schiano and the changes on the coaching staff that...


The Sons of Schmidt: Episode 2

Season 2 Episode 2 of The Sons of Schmidt Podcast is now live. This week, Brandon and Mike start the show by going more in-depth on the key position battles before fall camp, on both offense and defense. They primarily focus on the right side of the offensive line and wide receiver rotation on offense, and the defensive line rotation and defensive backs on D. During segment three, the guys start looking more into the season. You can hear their suggestions for the best and most worrisome...


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