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Mr S Goes to Washington

Matthew Sweet with a selection of film music inspired by the political world of Washington DC, in the week of the release of 'Miss Sloane' with a score by Max Richter. The programme looks at some of the many films covering the Nixon era, but also looks back at the ways that Washington has been covered in American cinema from the time of Frank Capra's "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" through to films like "Wag The Dog", "Bulworth", "Advise and Consent", "Lincoln", "Clear and Present Danger" and...

Duration: 00:26:07

Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Matthew Sweet with a selection of music reflecting the film career of Hollywood genius Erich Wolfgang Korngold, featuring examples from the scores of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Captain Blood, Juarez, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Sea Hawk, The Constant Nymph, Kings Row, Escape Me Never, and Magic Fire.

Duration: 00:17:16

Sourced from the Bard

Matthew Sweet with a selection of music inspired by films that take inspiration from the works of Shakespeare in the week of the release of William Oldroyd's film "Lady Macbeth". While the cinema has brought many famous adaptations of Shakespeare's plays to the screen, the story of The Bard's influence on film is far greater. Matthew Sweet presents a selection of soundtracks for films that have taken Shakespeare's stories as the source material for new plots - some quite literal, others a...

Duration: 00:35:45

Their Finest Hour

Matthew Sweet with a selection of film music reflecting wartime propaganda in the cinema and the wartime spirit, inspired by Lone Scherfig's new film "Their Finest" with a score by Rachel Portman, released in cinemas this week.

Duration: 00:30:17


For the Easter weekend Matthew Sweet goes on a cinematic egg hunt encountering music by Jerry Goldsmith, Lalo Schifrin and Bernard Herrmann along the way. There are some bunnies too, courtesy of Donnie Darko, Watership Down and Fatal Attraction... The 1948 Oscar-winning score to Easter Parade is the classic score of the week.

Duration: 00:19:35


Matthew Sweet presents a programme of film music marking Radio 3's Uproot festival, held in Hull - the 2017 UK City of Culture. The programme is inspired by films associated with one of the driving forces of British cinema, Hull-born Joseph Arthur Rank. His Rank Organisation films were famously prefaced with a sequence featuring a man striking a giant gong, and they brought us some of our best loved titles, and with them, some great scores: "In Which We Serve", "Brief Encounter", "A Matter...

Duration: 00:22:38

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Matthew Sweet marks the BFI's retrospective of the films of the pioneering German director and screenwriter Rainer Werner Fassbinder with a look at his collaboration with composer Peer Raben. Plus music from some of Fassbinder's favourite films including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Night of the Hunter, and Johnny Guitar.

Duration: 00:21:01

The Eye

Matthew Sweet explores the subject of the eye in cinema through an anthology of film music culminating in the music for Nicolas Pesce's new horror film "The Eyes of My Mother". "The eye is a magical, paradoxical organ. Soft, vulnerable, worryingly penetrable - and yet an instrument of mastery and control." Matthew explores the many ways in which the eye takes a central role in film and features music from Polanski's "Macbeth"; Maurice Jarre's score for "Les Yeux Sans Visage"; Cocteau's...

Duration: 00:23:22

French Cinema

In a live edition from the Free Thinking Festival at Sage Gateshead, Matthew Sweet is joined by Guy Austin, Founding Director of the Research Centre in Film and Digital Media at Newcastle University, for a jaunt through the history of music for French cinema. France was one of the first nations to recognise the possibilities of cinema and through the pioneering work of figures such as Auguste and Louis Lumière and Georges Méliès, it quickly established the foundations for a new form of art...

Duration: 00:28:22

Anne Dudley

Matthew Sweet meets composer, conductor and arranger Anne Dudley for a focus on her music for film in the week of the launch of Paul Verhoeven's acclaimed new film "Elle". One time member of the 80s synth band Art of Noise, Anne has an extensive catalogue of film scores from across 30 years in the industry and is one of the few women to win an Oscar for her music. The programme includes music from "Black Books"; "Buster"; "The Pope Must Die"; "Knight Moves"; "The Crying Game"; "The...

Duration: 00:35:16

The Raj

Matthew Sweet with film music inspired by the Raj in the week of the release of "The Viceroy's House" with a score by AR Rahman.

Duration: 00:28:41

The Family

Matthew Sweet considers film music written to accompany films concerned with family matters, following the release of "It's Only the End of the World", with music by Gabriel Yared. The programme features music from "The Royal Tenenbaums", "The Incredibles", "The Addams Family", "The Godfather", "The Sound of Music", "Little Women", "Mary Poppins", "Star Wars", "A River Runs Through It", "The Family Way" and "August: Osage County"; and the Classic Score of the Week is Alfred Newman's music...

Duration: 00:26:51

The 21st-Century Musical

Matthew Sweet looks at the 21st-century film musical in the week of the launch of Damien Chazelle's "La La Land" with music by Justin Hurwitz - who had a huge success with "Whiplash" a couple of years ago. From the 1970s and 1980s, the film musical declined in popularity, but re-appeared with renewed vigour - darker, and with an edge - at the start of the new century, in films such as "Chicago" and "Moulin Rouge". The programme features music from "Chicago", "Les Miserables", "Moulin Rouge",...

Duration: 00:21:59

Breaking Free: Serialism and the Cinema

Matthew Sweet looks at the influence of Schoenberg on film music - not least in the scores of Leonard Rosenman, Miklos Rozsa, Scott Bradley, Jerry Goldsmith, David Shire, Ernest Gold, Johnny Mandel, Humphrey Searle, Benjamin Frankel and Elisabeth Lutyens. Although Schoenberg never wrote a score to accompany an actual film he was very interested in the medium and lived his final years in Hollywood where several of the leading Hollywood composers attended his composition classes. His...

Duration: 00:26:00

Part 2

Matthew Sweet and Neil Brand with the second of two programmes charting scores in which composers brought new ideas to the world of film music. In today's programme they look at scores from the late 60s to the present and feature music by John Barry; Michel Legrand; John Williams; Jerry Goldsmith; John Carpenter; Danny Elfman; Thomas Newman; Hans Zimmer and Johann Johannsson.

Duration: 00:25:11

Part 1

Matthew Sweet and Neil Brand look back on the Golden Age of the cinema in the first of two programmes charting scores in which composers rethought the nature of film music. In today's programme music by Camille Saint-Saëns; Eric Satie; Max Steiner; Kerry Mills and Hugh Martin; Dmitri Tiomkin; Leith Stevens; Bernard Herrmann and Ennio Morricone.

Duration: 00:26:25


Matthew Sweet with film music inspired by the magic and romance of the ballet in the week that sees the launch of the Klaus Badelt score for "Ballerina". The programme includes music from "Black Swan", "Mao's Last Dancer", "The Red Shoes", "The Intelligence Men", "Exposed", "The Bandwagon", "Black Tights" and the Classic Score of the Week is "On Your Toes".

Duration: 00:23:27

In the Blood

Matthew Sweet with music for films that explore ideas of heredity and genetics in the week of the launch of the Irish-British thriller "I Am Not A Serial Killer". In Billy O'Brien's new film, based on Dan Wells's novel, a fifteen year boy, a diagnosed social-path, lives in fear that he is fated to become a serial-killer. The music for the film is by Adrian Johnston who has given us scores for "Becoming Jane" and the 2008 big screen version of "Brideshead Revisited" as well as music for some...

Duration: 00:24:03

First Peoples

Matthew Sweet explores music for films reflecting the depictions of indigenous peoples in the week that has seen the launch of Disney's "Moana". In particular he focuses on Native Americans on the screen. Drawing on music from Peter Pan to the present, Matthew looks at how stereo-typical portrayals have gradually given way to more rounded representations. The programme includes music from the films of John Wayne; "A Man Called Horse"; "Dances With Wolves" and "The Revenant". The Classic...

Duration: 00:24:41

Women at War

Matthew Sweet introduces a selection of film music inspired by the role of women during times of war in the week of the launch of "Allied" with a new score by Alan Silvestri. The programme draws from films about historic women at the sharp end of battle, including music by Nina Humphreys for "Boudica"; Eric Serra and Mischa Spoliansky's music for films about Joan of Arc; and Craig Armstrong/AR Rahman's score for "Elizabeth - The Golden Age". The Classic Score of the Week is Erich Korngold's...

Duration: 00:24:28

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