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S01 E05: Income Inequality In America

Our guests for this episode are Jon Hopkins, a former Army infantry officer who has since blazed a path across corporate America at McKinsey & Uber, and is now the Executive Director of a local nonprofit called Commute Seattle whose mission is to help Seattle commuters, residents, and visitors live more and drive less. And our second guest is Adam Stopka, a member of the ever-shrinking group of native Washingtonians in the Seattle area, and a former Navy Hospital Corpsman who currently...

Duration: 01:28:39

S01 E04: Civic Engagement

Our guest this week was Mark Bonicillo, a local aspiring software engineer, Foster Business alum, and a former Marine Corps logistics officer. Tune in to hear Mark talk about life right after 9/11 before joining the Marines, when he worked for the Charles Koch Foundation, the Heritage Foundation and later at the CATO Institute. Despite his conservative bona fides, these days Mark identifies as an Independent and loudly resists labels. Today’s topic is “Civic Engagement” and we explore the...

Duration: 01:16:01

S01 E03: Free Speech and Political Correctness

Our guests this week are Lindsay Church, a former Navy cryptologist and longtime veterans’ advocate and Max Wilson, a current public policy graduate student and former Army medic. Our topic this week is “Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness” and we explore the question, “How far should free speech go?”

Duration: 01:39:38

S01 E02: Polarization In Politics

Our guest this week is Ross Cohen. Ross was an enlisted Army paratrooper for three years out of college. While he was in the service, he deployed to Afghanistan, and when he came home he pursued a masters degree in public affairs from Princeton University. For the last decade since, he’s been working on a number of Democratic political campaigns and in the veterans affairs space, championing veterans issues nationally. Our topic this week is “Polarization in Politics” and we explore the...

Duration: 01:05:27

S01 E01: Racial Equity in America

This week's guests are Ignacio Cabezudo, a former Army communications specialist and Iraq war veteran, and current sociology student at the University of Washington; and Monique Brown, a 26-year Army vet who now works as a veterans outreach specialist. This episode's topic is “Race” and we explore the question, “How far can discourse go towards achieving racial equity in America?” Caution: experiences may vary... Music used with permission from Stubborn Son.

Duration: 01:28:27

S01 E00: Introducing Speak Freely

The Speak Freely podcast is a brand-new, veteran-led show that seeks to broadcast blunt politics and policy discussions between military veterans, regardless of their political persuasion. The show is hosted by two Army veterans--Andrew Peppler and Joy Turner--who are public administration students out of the University of Washington in Seattle. This week's guests are Jake Tozier, a former Army helicopter pilot and the program director at Bunker Labs Seattle; Chris Yeakel, a student at...

Duration: 00:50:43