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Moscow, Russia


Speaking Russian podcast helps you to learn Russian in an easy way, step by step from phrase to phrase.




Lesson 01. How to say "Hello", "Good morning/ afternoon/ evening". Formal G

Lesson 02. How to say "Hi!". Informal Greetings.

Lesson 03. How to say "Good-bye". Part 1.

Lesson 04. How to say "Good-bye". Part 2.

Lesson 05. How to address people.

Lesson 06. How to say "What is your name?"

Lesson 07. How to say "What is your name?" Dialogues.

Lesson 08. How to say "How are you?"

Lesson 09. How to say "Thank you, fine/ excellent/ so-so/ not well".

Lesson 10. Dialogues.

Lesson 11. Names.

Lesson 12. How to say "Excuse me".

Lesson 13. How to say "Thank you" and "Please".

Lesson 14. How to say "Yes" and "No".

Lesson 15. Numerals from 1 to 5.

Lesson 16. Numerals from 6 to 10.

Lesson 17. Days of the week.

Lesson 18. How to say "What is your occupation?"

Lesson 19. How to say "I am a doctor/ student (or your occupation)"

Lesson 20. "Where..?" questions.

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