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Collectively we know that we are at an important juncture in human history. Business has the resources to lead but doing so means diving deep into innate wisdom. How? Explore how science and spirit apply to powering inspired innovation.




Leadership in a Wiki World

This month, Dawna talks to Rod Collins about wiki-management - or how to leverage the rich reservoir of your organization's collective knowledge to create a high performing company. Rod is the former CEO of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP), one of America's largest and most successful business alliances, with over $19 billion in annual revenues. Using the principles and the practices of wiki-management, under Rod's leadership, FEP set new records in operational...

Duration: 00:29:11

Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence was defined in 1999 by Peter Senge as the space, freedom, and safety to bring our whole Selves to work. Judging by the level of employee disengagement, talk about dual personalities: one for home and one for work, would suggest that leaders all levels levels have room to grow and evolve in order to support the self-actualization of employees and the company. The demand to learn and evolve is immediate so calibrating cultures to retain talent that can bring their...

Duration: 00:11:58

Recreating Capitalism Part 3

It is easy to talk about performance in good times, but what happens to companies who prioritize health of people, community, and the biosphere when the going gets tough? There is nothing like a financial crisis to see what the true values of a person or a company are. Which sector is fear loaded? Catatonic? Join Dawna Jones as she speaks with Jay Bragdon to confirm your suspicions.

Duration: 00:16:55