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Spitting Venom Radio (SVR) is a weekly audio podcast based out of Baltimore, Maryland. It is designed as a sit down talk radio show that explores a diverse range of topics, including society, politics, religion, sports and more. With a range of different co-hosts there is never a lack of variety and opinions.






SVR #55: Bob's new gig

In episode 55 Ron and Bob talk about Bob's new job. Driving with Uber. He explains how he came to that decision his experience so far. He also has a few good stories as well including a crazy with to Philly that you won't believe.

Duration: 00:57:52

SVR #50: People, Technology and Social awkwardness

In this episode the guys discuss whether technology is making people socially awkward.

Duration: 00:27:36

SVR #30: Donald Trump, BroJobs, Chrs Cyborg, Evil men and A trip to Ocean c

In episode 30 of Spitting Venom Radio Ron, Jimmy and Bob Hollywood talk about how serious Donald Trump should be taken as a presidential candidate. They then talk about the weird phenomenon called "brojobs" where two straight men comfort each other sexually without actually labeling themselves as bi or gay. A blog was reviewed about how a woman was completely tired of men and we give her blog a little review. Bob also talks about how much he is attracted to the mma fighter Chris "cyborg"...

Duration: 01:42:54

SVR #29: Rowdy Roddy Piper, Cecil the Lion and Meek Mills vs Drake!

In episode #29 of Spitting Venom Radio the guys talk about what Roddy Piper meant to them. They then talk a bit about what Dana White said about pro wrestling being "fake" which prompts Jael Rose goes on an epic rant on pro wrestling. Bob Hollywood then defends the killing of Cecil the Lion and the guys debate over the ethics of it. Things then go into chaos as the special guest Swag Money argues with Jael over who won the Meek Mills vs Drake diss "war".

Duration: 00:52:03

Svr #27: Hulk Hogan, Bobbi Kristina, Satanist Statue and getting pulled ove

In episode #27 of Spitting Venom Radio Bob, Jimmy and Ron talk more about the on going controversy involving Hulk Hogan, Bobbi Kristina's death, Satanists building a shrine to their god and stories about getting pulled over.

Duration: 01:12:04

SVR #23: Legalize Gay, Legalize Racism and anger issues

In episode 23 of the podcast the guys cover the Charleston church shooting that left 9 people dead. The confederate flag controversy and whether or not it matters. The talk then switches to wrestling and they debate on the significance of the Undertakers Streak at Wrestlemania. Finishing up with a little talk on how they've made each other angry.

Duration: 01:48:23

SVR #22: Should Animals Have Rights?

In Episode 22 of Spitting Venom Radio Ron and Jimmy talk about trying to stay healthy and exercising. Then get into how annoying Facebook click bating can be. Ron show's Jimmy an awful video to which he gives a hilarious reaction. Things then get heated when the guys debate the moral differences between hunting and factory farming.

Duration: 01:32:33

SVR #20: San Fransisco, Bill Cosby the Rapist and Rick's Bitches

In episode 20 of Spitting Venom Radio Rick the gamer talks about his 1 day trip San Fransisco to see Kinda Funny Live and how he realized the city wasn't as "gay" as he thought it would be. We then cover some of the latest news on the Bill Cosby situation including looking back at one of his comedy bits about drugging women and a recent weird interview of his. After that we finish up with some talk about 19 and counting, what really is rape, hilarious internet videos and a hilarious...

Duration: 01:33:17

SVR #19: Science causing earthquakes?/Adrian Peterson

SVR #19: Science causing earthquakes?/Adrian Peterson In Spitting Venom Radio episode 19 the guys talk about the experiments in Europe that may be causing earthquakes. Then on to picking on Jimmy about his bio then finishing up with tv deaths that actually happened and Adrian Peterson's bad luck recently.

Duration: 01:58:27

SVR Monthly Video Game Pre/Review: Hosted by Rick the Gamer

In the monthly Pre Review We'll be going over news and releases from the past month on video games as well as upcoming games we're looking forward to. This month we talk about the Konami controversy and Bloodborne vs Dark Souls.

Duration: 01:07:47