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This is a podcast about comics books and things we enjoy.

This is a podcast about comics books and things we enjoy.
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This is a podcast about comics books and things we enjoy.




Kickstarter Signal Boost #5 - Strike Team: Code Name: Dragon Force and The Ring Masters!

And we are back with our first KICKSTARTER SIGNAL BOOST of 2018! We talk to some awesome people this time around! Please go out and support both of these awesome indie creators! We talk to: Michael Tanner with Strike Team: Code Name: Dragon Force https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2036768896/strike-team-code-name-diamond-force-one-shot-comic?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=strike%20team Marcos Medina with The Ring Masters...


Star Wars Last Jedi Review

Well alrighty then! Here is our review of Star Wars the Last Jedi. Some BIG caveats I hope you see before listening. 1st Caveat We had some serious technical difficulties during the show: A Mic (Kenrics) was up to loud causing some distortion Headphones broke (Mikes) so audio was piping in on speakers causing an echo and post editing took some warmth out of the voices. These issues and more can be heard; However, we did our best in fixing everything and about 4 minutes in it all calms down...


Star Wars and Video Games but not Star Wars video games

Tonight we talk about Star Wars, Star Trek and our thoughts on this new sci-fi series taking the world by storm! We also talk about video games and our history and feelings on them. We don't talk about any Star Wars video games, which is a little odd given how the first part of the episode plays out. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! http://spoilercountrypod.com FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: http://facebook.com/spoilercountry/ http://twitter.com/spoiler_country http://instagram.com/spoilercountry/...


Live Stream Questions getting answers and learn about us!

Holy crap we made it to 50 episodes in SIX MONTHS! Can you believe that?! To celebrate we did a double length LIVE STREAM! as requested in our poll on Twitter! We go over a series of questions (listed below), talk some Star Wars and you learn some insight and background on who we are! Thank you SO much to everyone who joined us to listen live and interacted in the chatroom on our website, on Mixlr, and on Twitch! We can not wait to do another live stream as it was just too much fun!...


Infinity War and So Much More!

The Infinity war trailer has dropped and boy to we have thoughts! We talk about a lot of things in this outside of the trailer, that was just the starting point for a much larger conversation about the MCU as a whole! Also, be sure to check out some of the things we discussed: Mr Sunday Movies: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrsundaymovies BossLevel8: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG3BRxZiQGXkP6A4rOq2QhQ Investment Comics: Action Comics 521 - First Appearance of Vixen X-Men 221 - First...


What is a God?

Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself what is a god or what does make a super hero super? Well, we have these thoughts all the time and it was about time we shared. Find out on today's episode the meaning of all things super and who the hell we can actually say is a god in comicdom. Check out our website for extra content! http://spoilercountrypod.com Take the Survey and let us know how we are doing at bit.ly/scpodfeedback Did you know we have a YouTube channel?...


Kickstarter Signal Boost #4 - Lumber Jax, MLAC, Lucky Shot

Welcome to another awesome Kickstarter Signal Boost! This week we talk with some super awesome people (like very week!) about their crowd funding campaigns! Honestly, if you want to read some amazing stories with a ton of heart in them indie comics is the way to go! This week we talk to: Morgan Iverson from Lumber Jax https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dannyjquick/lumberjax-1-by-any-means CGhirardo with the MLAC Independent Comic Artist Show out of Canada....


Justice League Movie Review!

Look at us being all topical with our topic today! We both saw Justice League and we have thoughts! Was it all good? all bad? Somewhere in the middle? Listen and find out! Check out our website for some sweet pictures! spoilercountrypod.com FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: http://facebook.com/spoilercountry/ http://twitter.com/spoiler_country http://instagram.com/spoilercountry/ KENRIC: http://twitter.com/XKenricX JOHN: http://twitter.com/y2cl http://instagram.com/y2cl/...


Ben Templesmith - Let's talk American politics.

On today's show we talk with Ben Templesmith who you may know as the artist on 30 Days of night, Gotham by Midnight, Fell, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and so much more! Recently he's been working on Squidder, Blackholers, and his newest book Original Hate! We talk about some of that, honest, we do. We mostly talk about the one thing we have been avoiding on the show since inception, politics. "Well, if you have been avoiding it, why talk about it with this English guy?" First off, he's an...


Kickstarter Signal Boost #3: November 2017

Welcome to another awesome episode of our Kickstarter Signal Boost series! Today John talks with some awesome creators about their amazing kickstarters. John Pence from "The Surgeon" (Ends on November 17th) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uhstudios/the-surgeon Jenn Arledge from "Alex Priest" (Ends on November 30) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arledgecomics/alex-priest-a-genderqueer-vampire-hunter-1-and-2 Brent Nelson from "Whisper Wilds" (Ends on November 21st)...


Jet City Comic Con 2017 with Scott Adams, Clayton Hollifield and Jenn Alredge!

Well would you look at that! We went to Jet City Comic Show 2017! John had a table selling his artwork and Kenric walked around and talked to people! Sunday John did a few interviews with some awesome indie creators for you to hear! be sure to check them all out on the links below! Scott Adams - http://www.sukottostudios.com Clayton Hollifield - https://www.instagram.com/clayholio/ Jenn Alredge - https://arledgecomics.com Her Kickstarter -...


Douglas Adams, Monty Python, Neil Gaiman and Tart! with Kevin Joseph.

It finally happened! The show reached 42 episodes! Why is this such a big deal? 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything! John has been waiting for this episode to happen so we could spend it talking about one of the greatest books to ever grace our world, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. For this adventure we brought back friend of the show, creator of TART, and all around great guy, Kevin Joseph! Pick up books by Douglas Adams:...


Richard Kadrey

Sandman Slim is in the house! Richard Kadrey stopped by and talked all things Sandman Slim, writing comics, and Bridget Fonda's Golden Globe nomination. We had such an amazing time Talking with Richard. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Visit his website at: www.richardkadrey.com Check out our website for extra content! http://spoilercountrypod.com Take the Survey and let us know how we are doing at bit.ly/scpodfeedback Did you know we have a YouTube channel?...


The Tangent of Tangents

Hey KIDS, WHAT TIME IS IT? It's time for random awesomeness, ridiculous insights, and the unbearable lightness of being. That's right its time for Spoiler Country tangents. If you've listened to our show at any given time then you know we are prone to go off topic, so what happens when there is no real topic to discuss? FIND OUT in today's amazing episode "The Tangent of Tangents" Check out our website for extra content! http://spoilercountrypod.com Take the Survey and let us know how we...


Kickstarter Signal Boost #2 - October 2017

We are back at it again with another awesome KICKSTARTER SIGNAL BOOST! This week John sat down with Dale and Trev all the way from Australia to talk about their new book "After the Snow" which takes place 10 years after the story of Snow White. After that John sat down with R. Thomas to talk about his new comic series "Voodoo Detective". Check them out on the links below! Do you have a kickstarter for a comic coming up? Send us an email and let's talk! After the Snow:...


Peacock's On The Edge Part 2!

This is part two of our time with On The Edge with Mike Peacock! Check out part one here: https://ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com/e/episode-7-spoiler-country-part-1/ We talk about all sorts of things on both parts of this show. We did kind of just cut the 2 1/3 hour recording in half and make two episodes out of it, so while each episode will stand on it's own, for the whole context of the show listen to the one on Mike's show then ours. Actually, listen to our's first then treat his like a...


Investing Part 2 - How we buy and sell comics

We come back at you with some more investing tips on comics! Hear Kenric and John talk about what they do when they are trying to buy and sell books for fun and profit! Find out what character they think is a good investment now that may pay off in the future! Don't forget to check out friend of the show Kevin Joseph's current Kickstarter for his book Tart! https://13c5e6.kckb.st Take the Survey and let us know how we are doing at bit.ly/scpodfeedback Follow us on Social Media:...


Kickstarter Signal Boost 1 - October 2017

Welcome to a brand new thing we are going to try and do! We LOVE indie comics and we LOVE kickstarter! Each month we will plan to highlight a few comic kickstarters that we just love. In our fist one we talk with Russel with Pixie Dust, Tim with Gorilla My Dreams and Kevin from Tart. Here are links to each of their Kickstarters. Take a listen, then go back them! Pixie Dust: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/russellnohelty/pixie-dust-an-epic-fantasy-hardcover-graphic-novel Gorilla My...


Whats a first apperance?

This episode we definitively answer a big question in the comic book collecting world. We give you the final answer on what makes a first appearance! If you disagree, then you are wrong! Clearly this is all subjective and opinionated, but honestly why DON'T we have some hard and fast rules in the industry at what makes a first appearance? Kenric and John try to explain and answer this the best they can. Take the Survey and let us know how we are doing at bit.ly/scpodfeedback FOLLOW US ON...


Investing in Comics

Invest in COMICS! Can you invest in comics of today? is pre 1969 books the best investment? Find out in today's episode. We out ourselves as collectors and investors and give our best ideas on what it takes to be successful. Check out our website for extra content! http://spoilercountrypod.com Take the Survey and let us know how we are doing at bit.ly/scpodfeedback Did you know we have a YouTube channel? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstl1UHQVUC85DrCagF-wuQ Follow us on Social Media:...


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