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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.
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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




10 Money Lessons From Oscar Nominated Flicks

We're talking money and movies on today's show, as Kiplinger financial writer Tom Blanton joins us in the basement to discuss lessons from ten Oscar nominated films. We'll not only tackle a few films from this year, but many from the back catalog that you maybe haven't yet seen. Whether you're a film buff looking for a walk down memory lane or someone hoping to find some entertaining films that also talk about your wallet, we have you covered on today's podcast. In headlines today we high...


How to Have More Money and Life (with Derek Rydall)

Looking for the keys to wealth and happiness? While many of us search books, social media, or outside groups, today’s guest, Derek Rydall, has a different solution which he shares on today’s podcast. We’ll talk about the laws of abundance and how to have more “more” in your life, plus the true meanings of common financial ideas such as currency, cash flow, and salary. Plus, in our headlines segment, we'll ask the question, "What are some of the biggest issues you should think about as you...


THIS is the Secret To Saving Money (and an intro to Equity Multiple)

How do you save more money? Today we present one simple trick shared by a popular financial blogger. But does our team of experts think this is REALLY the secret? We'll ask them all, this week featuring from the awesome and brand spankin' new Pour Not Poor podcast, Joel Larsgaard. Plus, we'll also share a headline about your tax refund. There are LOTS of swirling myths about your return, and today we'll try and set the record straight so you're able to file your taxes in peace. We'll also...


Lisa Marie Presley Is Out Of Money (and we're treating our elders horribly)

Yes, another star is down to only a few Benjamins, but we have bigger news: ever since we met Susan Hodges we've been telling her cautionary tales to everyone we know...and today, that's YOU! After graduating from college where she learned to manage nursing homes, she was hired by a facility used by some of the poorest people in Fort Worth, Texas. She'll talk about her personal story, choosing good help for your elders, and ensuring that your children don't take advantage of you when...


Pulling Your Life (and Money) Together When Everything Goes Wrong

Ever wish you had a second chance with your money? Billy B. hoped he'd get one. After being convicted and sent to prison after the death of his friend, Billy went through some serious soul searching, and the end result of that is on display on today's show. Not taking any opportunity for granted, working hard to find solid financial (and life) footing, and the value of surrounding yourself with good friends and mentors are just three of many themes we'll talk about in this fantastic...


Are You Frugal Or Just Plain Cheap? (with an intro to Blueprint)

Sure, you think of yourself as frugal, but do your friends think of you that way? If you're a little tight with money, or know someone who's maybe...just a tad too tight with money, today's discussion is for you! We're excited that today the creator of the new Financial Grown Up podcast and former Reuters TV anchor Bobbi Rebell joins us. Not only will we talk about penny pinching habits, but we'll also swing around to the other side of the financial do banks and financial...


From $100 to $1 Million (with BizKids' Jeannine Glista)

Wondering how to turn a small idea into a big stack of Benjamins? Better yet, how about teaching your kids to do it for you? Never fear, because Jeannine Glista from BizKids joins the fun on today's show, sharing case studies of young entrepreneurs who've built big businesses from little ideas. Whether you're looking for activities for your children or inspiration on how to start your own business, Jeannine will have tips for you today! Plus, in headlines a Kansas woman is accused by her...


Rethinking Consumerism (with Elizabeth Thames, AKA Mrs. Frugalwoods)

Ever wonder what it would be like to ditch the rat race and move to a farm in the country? That's exactly what Elizabeth Thames (aka Mrs. Frugalwoods) and her husband did, after a series of events, some of which you'll hear about on today's show! If you're at all interested in rethinking consumerism, today's show is for you. We'll of course have headlines from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to lucky listener Nathan, who wonders about making a house down...


Is it Taxable? And an intro to Clarity Money (SB RWD 74)

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") is bringing the party on today's rewind episode. This roundtable show originally aired February 2017, and featured Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and Greg McFarlane trying to guess if different forms of income are taxable or not. Of course, in true 2017 roundtable fashion, there's also a FinTech segment and some fun topics that gang goes over too. Enjoy!


Avoiding the Mistakes of 2007's Housing Crisis with Sheila Bair (SB RWD 72)

Griffin the Intern (the "FinTern") rewinds the tape to when we had former FDIC Chairmain Sheila Bair. What happened behind closed doors in the 2007 housing and banking crisis? How do we ensure that doesn't happen again? We covered that and more on today's rewind... and we had special co-host Josh Dorkin, founder of BiggerPockets. You can check out the original show notes from when the show aired here. Of course, it's a full episode of the there's much, much more!...


8 Smart Things To Do With $1,000 Right Now (Plus the future of FinTech w/ Rory Holland)

What should you do with a small windfall? Today we ask, if you had $1,000, how should you best use it? We have an article that gives us eight great options, but we ask our panel which of those is best...and why? THAT alone gets rolling a fanstastic discussion between OG, Len Penzo, and special guest from the Money Nerds podcast, Whitney Hansen. We'll also turn our eye on FinTech. We talk to FinTech company founders most weeks on this show, but from the near-outside looking in, where's the...


Why Most Networkers Stink (with Scott Gerber)

Think you know networking? Scott Gerber is a superconnector who's spent his entire life learning the ins and outs of successful business relationships. Today he's in the basement sharing with us the tools you need to become a superconnector yourself. Networking 1.0 no longer works (or even is something you want to be associated with). He'll share tips, tricks, and stories from people at the top of the networking field on today's show. Plus, in headlines we'll tackle how one celebrity...


Better Decision-Making When You Don't Have All The Facts (with Annie Duke)

Do you think you make the best decisions under most circumstances? Today's guest will tell you that if you don't have all of the information, the more adamant you are about your point of view, the easier you are to "beat." Annie Duke was a professional poker player for 20 years, winning many top tier professional tournaments and taking on the best decision makers alive. Equally as important, she brings her academic career in cognitive psychology to bear on decision making that can help you...


SB579 Stop Wasting Money on These 18 Products

On today's show we're pulling out all the stops for Joe's 50th birthday! We spend most of the podcast discussing 18 products people shouldn't buy if they want to stop wasting money. Think you can save a few bucks? Then today's show is for your! We also answer Marissa's three-oh call for help to the Blooom hotline. She's wondering about buying a house today vs waiting until the current housing bubble pops? What should she do? On top of that, we'll also share Doug's trivia, and...


Career Tips Learned Managing Frank Sinatra (with Eliot Weisman)

Eliot Weisman was the manager for stars like Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. He also oversaw Frank Sinatra's estate after the crooner died, which was reportedly worth over $100 million. We'll talk to Eliot about managing celebrities and handling large sums for celebrities, and more. In our headlines segment, we'll compare two pieces, one reporting that robo advisors experienced big outages during one of the market's most volatile days. Meanwhile, in our second piece, Fidelity reports...


Special Episode: An Intro To Business Wars

Surprise! How about an introduction to a great new podcast from Wondery? Say hello to Business Wars.


What's Your Money Story? (with Jen Hemphill)

We don't think much about our past when investing, but our money story until this point is a HUGE driver on how we make decisions with our spending, our cash, our budget, and our saving. Jen Hemphill (Her Money Matters podcast) joins us to talk about the importance of retelling your past money stories, reviewing your current money story, and developing a future money story. What are those? She'll explain all of that on today's show. In our headlines segment, why the heck has the market...


Should You Brag About Your Benjamins on the Internet (with an intro to Aspiration)

You've done well with your money. Should you tell people online how well you've done? Maybe even show your 401k balance or your savings account? One piece in today's headlines segment has an opinion, our roundtable team will share theirs on today's podcast! Today Len and Paula are joined by CFP Katie Brewer, who helps us dig into another topic: One millionaire received some FANTASTIC money advice at age 18. We'll ask Katie and our team what the best advice is they received growing up about...


Winning the Podium With Your Money (Silver Medalist Bobsledder Lauryn Williams)

What does it take to make it to the podium with your pocketbook? Olympic silver medalist Lauryn Williams knows. She's not only the host of the Worth Listening podcast, but also a financial planner...and more important for today's specific pre-Olympics show, silver medalist in the two woman bobsleigh. She'll talk about the keys to winning with your money on today's show! In our headlines segment, it's tax time, and CPA Craig Cody joins us to help you get organized for this year's tax-prep...


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