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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.
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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




Top 5 Games To Learn About Money and Economics (with Mark Johnson and Paul Vasey)

Want great ways to help learn about money and finance? We'll share five ideas on today's show, from the floor of BoardGameGeek.con convention in Dallas, Texas. Joe sits down with Mark Johnson from the Board Games To Go podcast, and they also answer listener questions about games. You'll find some great, inexpensive fun ideas for the holidays on today's podcast. We also talk to Paul Vasey from Cash Crunch Games about his newest product: Cash Crunch Senior. We'll talk about these games...

Duration: 01:02:09

Hot Black Friday Tech Deals (with CNET's Bridget Carey)

Wondering where you'll score the hottest deals in tech this holiday season? Bridget Caret, Senior Editor at CNET joins us in the basement to share news on drones, televisions, game systems, home speakers, lights, wearables, and more. She'll not only share the BEST holiday items, but also help you navigate away from a few hot devices that might not end up being the big savings you're hoping to score at the store this Black Friday. Plus, in our headlines segment, we discuss news about a...

Duration: 00:58:28

How To Make $8 Million Shopping At Walmart (PLUS our Hot Black Friday Deals Episode!)

How about making $8 MILLION dollars reselling products already found in stores? That's how one man's making money in our headlines segment today. It sounds fantastic until you hear the details. In our second headline we wonder out loud, "Why don't we ever see special rates or sales on life insurance?" Yaron Ben-Zvi from Haven Life joins us to answer that question and share with us more about what's going on in the life insurance industry. But the star of today's show is Brent Shelton from...

Duration: 00:48:17

Should I Take a Longer Mortgage to Pay For College? (plus an intro to decluttr)

Our listener call today is about mortgages. Is it better to take out a mortgage for law school or find another way? Our panel weighs in on this and of course, they don't agree. Devin Carroll from the Big Picture Retirement podcast joins in the fun this week to help not only answer listener questions about college planning, but also to help with our headlines and take part in our trivia segment. In our headlines segment, we talk about Halloween candy. One dentist recommends forcing kids to...

Duration: 00:57:54

Buying Low Cost Real Estate (with Lisa Phillips)

Lisa Phillips made some BIG mistakes when she first invested in real estate. Yet, different from many people, who give up after only one or two attempts, Lisa kept the mind of a scientist and tried different ways of investing until she finally found one that worked for her....low cost real estate. She'll describe her methods on today's show. Regardless of whether you're hoping to buy low cost housing or follow a more traditional route, Lisa will share ideas that'll help you get started on...

Duration: 00:58:22

From $52,000 In Debt To Early Retirementn (with Deacon Hayes)

Thinking about retiring early but you're stuck in neutral with your debt? Maybe it's time to change your money habits. Deacon Hayes (recent winner of the Plutus' Blog Of The Year award), joins us to tell his personal "getting his money act together" story, that YOU can also use to get out of debt and start on your road to early retirement. Then we talk about retiring early, the topic of his new book. From investing in stocks to real estate and business, we cover MANY avenues you can use to...

Duration: 00:53:47

Skipping College, Frugality, Early Retirement and Side Hustles: The People of FinCon 2017

What's your money story? Today we hear fantastic stories from the phenomenal people who attend FinCon...and man, did they not disappoint. The only rule was that we couldn't know who they were ahead of time. So today we met Felicity, who tells us some great lessons about pets, real estate, and more....then we talk to Geeta, who's a high schooler on a WAY different path than most people toward financial independence. Think there's only the college path toward retirement? Geeta will give you...

Duration: 00:54:04

David Bach Joins Us Live From FinCon '17

Ever wonder what financial mistakes your favorite financial gurus have made? Seven time New York Times bestselling author David Bach joins us (Automatic Millionaire, Smart Women Finish Rich) and shares his financial horror stories about credit cards and early life money problems. Plus, he'll tell true stories about borrowing money from his children, asking his dad for money help, and more! In our headlines segment, we discuss the recently deceased lead singer of Linkin Park's will. What...

Duration: 00:40:15

Rocking Work, Family AND Your Money (with Emma Johnson)

Emma Johnson was dependent on her husband's income when her marriage fell apart. Left with two young children and little income, she had to learn how to put her financial house in order in a hurry. We'll talk about how she did it on today's show, plus we'll . She realized quickly that she had to become financially independent in a hurry. In our headline segment today we'll tackle the current legislation heading through Congress. Reports suggested that pre-tax 401(k) plans were in the...

Duration: 00:56:24

Investing 101 With Ellie Kay (SB RWD 68)

America’s family financial expert Ellie Kay joins us in the basement with investing tips for beginners. Forget all of the jargon….where do you start? PK from drops by to review yet another dumb article found on the internet (who knew there’d be someone saying NOT to invest while you’re in your 20s….). Joe & OG share headlines, and more. This show originally aired in 2015! Hope you enjoy it. See you back on Monday with a new episode of the Stacking Benjamins podcast.

Duration: 01:14:09

Investing Horror Stories with Chad Smith (SB RWD 67)

Even though yesterday was Halloween, we continue our trek through a graveyard-worth of scary financial stories. On Monday the Fintern brought us the "Top 5 Scariest Investing Tales with Rick Ferri." It was only fitting to keep the Halloween trend going with last year's holiday special, 5 Tales of Financial Horror with CFP Chad Smith. Here's the original description of the show: What money bumps keep you awake at night? Certified Financial Planner Chad Smith knows. On our very special...

Duration: 01:16:02

Top 5 Investing Horror Stories with Rick Ferri (SB RWD 66)

What's more spooky than an investing story gone wrong? Nothing, if we're talking about your net worth. Today Griffin the Intern (AKA the "Fintern") rewinds to the episode when Rick Ferri dropped by the basement and scared us silly with some absolutely HORRIBLE investing stories. Original show notes: Blood curling tales of horror from CFA Rick Ferri on today's show, as he shares his top 5 investing horror stories. Nick Clements from also joins in the fun to talk about...

Duration: 01:00:02

Invest or Pay Down Your Mortgage? (and an intro to HoneyFi)

It's an age old off debt or invest? While we could wax philosophical about which is the right approach, on today's show we answer a question from a listener about a specific question around this topic. He and his family have a mortgage, but also need more savings for retirement. Which is the right approach for him? In our headlines segment we'll discuss bad breakups. Should you dive in to "retail therapy" when things go wrong? Statistically, that's what LOTS of us...

Duration: 00:45:26

Investing, Data, and Better Decisions (with Stuart Kruse and Sean Brown)

Ever make a financial move because someone else told you it was a good idea and it turned out poorly? Maybe you already apply data to your decisions, but what if it could be better? Today our guests, Stuart Kruse and Sean Brown are both advocates of applying better data to your investing decisions, and we'll discuss how to make that work. Plus, in our headlines segment, we FINALLY hear Joe and OG have a knock down drag out argument about a new Canadian mortgage lending law. Is it a good...

Duration: 01:03:31

Robots, Your Job, and Investing (with Bill Studebaker)

We've heard the stories: robots and artificial intelligence are coming to steal our jobs and make us obsolete. Bill Studebaker from ROBO Global has a different outlook. What if automation is going to help us all move faster? We'll talk to Bill about investing in AI in our portfolios and how the new world of work will look in the future as robots help us move the productivity needle even further. In our headline segment today we'll tackle a story about a celebrity who had well over a...

Duration: 00:58:04

SB534 What Can We Change To Invest Better? (with an intro to Hoot)

Did your family automatically save when you were growing up? Joe's family didn't. How were you raised? If your family didn't talk about money, don't worry, because we'll give you TONS of great ideas to start your family on the savings path. Today we'll talk about the envelope system and others that have worked for our panelists.... speaking we have a GREAT group of contributors, including Sandy Waters, from the Seven Figures podcast, and Deacon Hayes, from The Well Kept Wallet...

Duration: 01:04:39

From Rat Race To Retired At Age 37 (with Chris Reining)

Ever think that you're trapped in the rat race and can't save? Chris Reining had a car payment of over $500 a month and a condo that sucked much of his monthly income away...and yet he found a way to retire at age 37. How did he do it? We'll talk to him about the details today, but it involves making little moves over time, keeping track of details, and forming a budget that helped him put more money into investments. Plus, in our headlines segment, we discuss parents who buy homes for...

Duration: 00:56:20

Should I Move My 401k to a Roth IRA? (Your Letters)

You have money in an old 401k and would prefer to have that money in your Roth IRA. Should you make that move? How do you accomplish that goal? That's one of the many letters we tackle on today's podcast! We'll also talk about investing in other countries, differences in investing for men and women, talk through how pensions work, and much more. Our listener letters are always some of our most entertaining and wide-ranging episodes, and you don't disappoint today. A superstar is in...

Duration: 01:01:46

How My Side Hustle Cost Me $2,000 (with last minute tax tips from Craig Cody)

What do you do when you find out that your side hustle is actually COSTING you money? One Lyft driver found out that he was down $2,000 because of one EASY oversight. What oversights are costing you money? We'll ask that question and much more on today's show! In our headline segment, Craig Cody will help us with the looming October 16th tax filing deadline. What do you need to know to save as much money as possible? What do you do if you can't file on time? What if you don't have the...

Duration: 00:53:24

Which of Your Friends Will Live Longest? (with Matt Wolf)

Want to know which of your friends is healthiest? Ask an actuary how much they're going to charge them for life insurance. Matt Wolf, an actuary for Haven Life Insurance Agency, joins us on today's show to talk about how insurances are priced. Think an insurance company is ripping you off? Matt will explain how pricing works so you'll have a better idea about all the things that go into deciding how much you'll pay. Even more important? You'll be able to better understand how insurance...

Duration: 00:59:58

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