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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.

America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.
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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




Why Most Networkers Stink (with Scott Gerber)

Think you know networking? Scott Gerber is a superconnector who's spent his entire life learning the ins and outs of successful business relationships. Today he's in the basement sharing with us the tools you need to become a superconnector yourself. Networking 1.0 no longer works (or even is something you want to be associated with). He'll share tips, tricks, and stories from people at the top of the networking field on today's show. Plus, in headlines we'll tackle how one celebrity...


Better Decision-Making When You Don't Have All The Facts (with Annie Duke)

Do you think you make the best decisions under most circumstances? Today's guest will tell you that if you don't have all of the information, the more adamant you are about your point of view, the easier you are to "beat." Annie Duke was a professional poker player for 20 years, winning many top tier professional tournaments and taking on the best decision makers alive. Equally as important, she brings her academic career in cognitive psychology to bear on decision making that can help you...


SB579 Stop Wasting Money on These 18 Products

On today's show we're pulling out all the stops for Joe's 50th birthday! We spend most of the podcast discussing 18 products people shouldn't buy if they want to stop wasting money. Think you can save a few bucks? Then today's show is for your! We also answer Marissa's three-oh call for help to the Blooom hotline. She's wondering about buying a house today vs waiting until the current housing bubble pops? What should she do? On top of that, we'll also share Doug's trivia, and more. Thanks...


Career Tips Learned Managing Frank Sinatra (with Eliot Weisman)

Eliot Weisman was the manager for stars like Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli. He also oversaw Frank Sinatra's estate after the crooner died, which was reportedly worth over $100 million. We'll talk to Eliot about managing celebrities and handling large sums for celebrities, and more. In our headlines segment, we'll compare two pieces, one reporting that robo advisors experienced big outages during one of the market's most volatile days. Meanwhile, in our second piece, Fidelity reports that...


Special Episode: An Intro To Business Wars

Surprise! How about an introduction to a great new podcast from Wondery? Say hello to Business Wars.


What's Your Money Story? (with Jen Hemphill)

We don't think much about our past when investing, but our money story until this point is a HUGE driver on how we make decisions with our spending, our cash, our budget, and our saving. Jen Hemphill (Her Money Matters podcast) joins us to talk about the importance of retelling your past money stories, reviewing your current money story, and developing a future money story. What are those? She'll explain all of that on today's show. In our headlines segment, why the heck has the market been...


Should You Brag About Your Benjamins on the Internet (with an intro to Aspiration)

You've done well with your money. Should you tell people online how well you've done? Maybe even show your 401k balance or your savings account? One piece in today's headlines segment has an opinion, our roundtable team will share theirs on today's podcast! Today Len and Paula are joined by CFP Katie Brewer, who helps us dig into another topic: One millionaire received some FANTASTIC money advice at age 18. We'll ask Katie and our team what the best advice is they received growing up about...


Winning the Podium With Your Money (Silver Medalist Bobsledder Lauryn Williams)

What does it take to make it to the podium with your pocketbook? Olympic silver medalist Lauryn Williams knows. She's not only the host of the Worth Listening podcast, but also a financial planner...and more important for today's specific pre-Olympics show, silver medalist in the two woman bobsleigh. She'll talk about the keys to winning with your money on today's show! In our headlines segment, it's tax time, and CPA Craig Cody joins us to help you get organized for this year's tax-prep...


Sell A Home Fast (with Mindy Jensen)

In a crowded market, having a leg up by avoiding some easy mistakes might be the difference between selling your home quickly, and for the top dollar price possible, or not selling at all. House-flipper Mindy Jensen has sold COUNTLESS houses, and today stops by the basement with her best tips to help you sell your own homes faster. Whether it's your primary residence, rental property or flip, she'll detail how to prioritize and budget for repairs or improvements, and how to find the right...


Is the FIRE Movement Dying? (plus an intro to Better)

Is the FIRE movement dying? One blogger says that it might be, so we bring in our crack team of Paula Pant, Len Penzo and The Other Guy...and well, you'll have to listen to hear whether they agree, won't you? Plus, some bad news out of Bank of America. A popular free checking account is going away. Our contributors may give you some better options if you're looking for a new home for your banking. Speaking of better, we're excited to introduce you to a FinTech company called Better. This...


Boost Your Income, Grow Your Stash, and Practice Better Spending (with Michele Cagan)

The basics of finance ain't first, but once you jump on and learn them, it's just like riding a bicycle (as mom says). Today we welcome CPA Michele Cagan, whose written a clever Infographic Guide to Personal Finance. She'll take us through a few lessons, from compounding interest to earning more money and spending less. It's a fun interview and a great way to either learn if you're just getting started OR to dust off your knowledge if you're an old finance pro. In our headlines...


How To Stop A Money Scam (with Sandra Bernardo)

The latest statistics on romance money scams are out, and oh boy, is mom upset. A whopping 20 percent more people were ripped off last year than the year before, so how do you protect your loved ones? If someone seems like the perfect match but they need money before they agree to meet you...maybe it turns out that they aren't the perfect fit. Today we call Sandra Bernado from Experian on dad's shortwave, and she drops a ton of great ideas for all of us. Plus, in our headlines segment,...


New Podcast Sample: MITM Airline Bins and Tax Returns

Looking for a new financial show that's fifteen minutes or less? Back from the basement...the same team that brings you Stacking Benjamins debuts a new show...Money in the Morning. Joe Saul-Sehy records two financial headlines daily in front of a Facebook live audience. On today's sample episode: airline prices may soon rise AND the IRS begins accepting tax returns. What do you need to know? We'll talk shopping flights, credit card rewards, tax document organization, and who should help...


Should Chris Pay Off All His Debt? (with Dana Anspach)

Should you pay down your debt or invest? Chris has a very specific question on this topic, and our roundtable team comes charging to the rescue! Also, in our headline segment, we tackle a similar topic...should people focus on early retirement? Not only that...we'll throw in some travel tips to make your next vacation less expensive. We also answer someone's three-oh call for help to the Blooom hotline. On top of that, we'll also answer a letter from another listener, share Doug's trivia,...


5 Things You Didn't Know About Buying A Car (with Clark Howard)

Okay, we probably have MORE than 5 things in today's show that you didn't know about buying a car, but that's because we feature the amazing Clark Howard today, who throws out car-buying ideas more easily than a politician hands out compliments and kisses babies. It's amazing to hear Clark deftly show you lots of ideas on buying a new car, used car, and even leases. We'll of course have more from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to lucky listener David, who...


How I Grew My Wealth: From LA Riots to Financial Security (with Natalie Torres-Haddad)

How do you pull yourself away from the Los Angeles riots happening in your backyard, and make a life for yourself? Natalie Torres-Haddad tells her story to become the Financially Savvy Latina on today's show. She'll inspire you with her stories about paying off lots of student debt, paying for her last year of college through scholarships (even though the first seven scholarships she applied for denied her), investing in real estate in her mid 20's, starting a non-profit, and more. We'll...


More Money on a Smaller Paycheck? (plus an intro to Empower)

A recent study says that more people making money in the house might NOT be the best route to more money. What if you had fewer people earning...can the math actually work out that you keep MORE money in your pocket? We'll discuss on today's show, featuring our guest contributor, Andy Hill from the Marriage, Family and Money podcast (and of course, the amazing Paula Pant from Afford Anything and hilarious Len Penzo from Len Penzo dot Com). In our headlines segment, we'll also talk about a...


Freelance Your Way To Freedom (with Vincent Pugliese)

He had $140,000 in debt, a crappy paying job, and a baby on the way. What would Vincent Pugliese do? We ask the award-winning photographer that very question on today's show. He's photographed four Presidents and every major sport's national championship in the USA, but his debt story will have you shaking your head today. Plus, in our headlines segment, health savings accounts are all the rage, but what's going on with all of this money sitting in cash? We'll address that AND talk about...


She Paid Down Nearly $50k In Debt While Juggling Income (with Candice Marie)

Marie had BOTH of those problems...lots of debt AND no steady paycheck and she STILL found a way to pay down nearly $50,000 of debt. Want to know how? She'll share what she did and (more importantly) was was IRRELEVANT on today's show. Plus, in our headlines segment, at age 81 an investing genius is retiring. What should you have learned about your money from him? We'll talk about the effect Mark Mobius has had on investing in our first headline. Then in our second've...


How Do I Shove More Money Toward Retirement (and a new ETF hits the market)

How do you move money money toward retirement? We answer a listener question on today's show from a man who's shoveling as much money as allowed into his 401k plan and his other retirement plans. What does he do next? Where is the best place to save? We'll tackle that today, on OG's inaugural voyage on the Friday roundtable! In our headlines segment, we'll talk about what NOT to do if, like Hoda Kotb, you get a big promotion. Also, LOTS of people are failing their resolutions as they read...


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