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America's most fun money podcasters, Joe Saul-Sehy & OG, discuss current finance trends, interview personalities and share the microphone with finance bloggers from across the nation...all from the comfort of Joe's parent's basement.




LOTS of Ways To Take Control Of Your Money (with an intro to Ask.Vet)

We all want to have better control with our money. Whether you're handling some stuff well and need a couple hints OR you feel like you're bleeding Benjamins, today we have the right topic for you. Mrs. Adventure Rich from the blog joins us to talk about a Clark Howard article with LOTS of tips to take control of your money. Plus we'll also discuss flipping your financial focus AND what lessons we should tell our future self. In our Friday FinTech segment, we discuss...

Duration: 00:53:59

Get The Memo On Saving Money (with John Hope Bryant)

How come other people are wealthy and you aren't? John Hope Bryant believes that for many people, it's because they didn't come from the right neighborhoods, have the right friends, or were born into the right family. They didn't get "the memo" on how to become rich. Yet, Bryant says, that isn't an excuse, and it's up to YOU to change your life to achieve the financial freedom you want. If you're looking to be inspired, today's podcast is for you. Plus, we'll also share headlines from the...

Duration: 00:51:38

Give Yourself The Gift of "Finished" (with Jon Acuff)

Why is it that we start projects (like our big plans for financial independence) but never finish? New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff has experienced the setbacks that come with failing to complete tasks in his own life, starting project after project and leaving them abandoned. He studied the reasons people stop before reaching their goals and now comes down to the basement to share with us how to complete tasks, even when you think there's very little chance you'll get them done....

Duration: 01:04:30

Do I Really Need To Save That Much? (plus career advice from CEO Kathryn Minshew)

Our all-star cast today wonders out loud whether you need to actually save as much as the popular press says you need to save. Plus, they also ask whether you should pay down your debt the mathematically correct way or maybe use a method that fits with your emotions.... On today's show we have a talented and fun lineup of guests including writer Alaina Tweddale, USA Today columnist Pete The Planner, and award-winning financial app creator Eric Nissan ( But of course, that's not...

Duration: 00:49:18

Change Your Life, Change Your Money (with Cortney McDermott)

Where do you start when planning your money? Cortney McDermott, author of one of this year's hottest self help and business books, joins us in the basement talk about starting out. If you don't know what you want, how do you know where to go? Yet, most of us don't ask ourselves the right questions to even begin the journey. Plus, we'll also share headlines from the world of financial planning, throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky listener, score with some of Doug's delightful trivia,...

Duration: 01:00:23

What Do We Think Of No-Fee Brokerage Accounts? (Your Letters)

As fees lower on brokerage accounts so do services. So, is a no-fee brokerage account right for you? We'll talk about brokerage services and a ton more on today's letters episode...along with a ton of your letters on many, many topics. Of course, we also have headlines ripped from the biggest news sources in financial planning, throw out the Haven Life Line, feature some hair-raising trivia from Doug, and more. Special thanks to M1Finance and Tiller for sponsoring our show! We couldn't...

Duration: 01:01:40

Lessons From Top Money Podcasters (and an intro to RentReporters)

We line up three top financial podcasters on today's show and ask them one simple question: what is your audience worried about? We're live from the FinCon booth in the expo hall at Podcast Movement 2017 for this wide ranging, fun discussion. We'll talk debt, financial markets, real estate, and more on today's podcast. In our Friday FinTech segment, Mark DaBell will take us on a tour of RentReporters. If you have a long history of paying rent, why not add this to your credit report? Rent...

Duration: 00:57:58

If You're Broke, Fix It (with Douglas and Heather Boneparthe)

Doug and Heather Boneparthe have made their share of money mistakes. From spending too much money on a great ride to forking over WAY too much money on college, they have some great stories about how NOT to work your money. BUT they also couple those with some amazing tips about the right way to handle your cash, and they bring a wheelbarrow full of tips down to the basement today to share with you.... Of course, because we're the greatest money show on earth (ie: a circus....), we can't...

Duration: 00:59:52

Squeezing More From Your College Savings Plans

According to, the average cost of tuition in the USA ranges from just over $8,000 for an in-state public experience to a whopping $28,500 for a private school. How do you afford those numbers, and also all of the other costs like room and board, books, and transportation? James DiUlio knows all about college costs and saving for it, so we're happy he's going to tell us about 529 plans. How do they work best, when should you use a 529 plan, what tax breaks should you...

Duration: 00:52:24

Grasping The Basics of Investing and an Intro to Final (SB RWD 65)

Do you struggle to understand the difference between investing basics? You aren't alone. Often financial pros and veterans use jargon that sounds like they're speaking a different language. Today our roundtable discussion with focus on helping you dive into the pool. Of course, because it's a roundtable discussion, that's not all! We'll talk about two other topics ripped from financial publication headlines, and in the middle of the show share some new FinTech! Today we talk to Andrew...

Duration: 00:54:50

Stacking Benjamins In The Sky with Betty Thesky (SB RWD 64)

Some careers seem glamorous, and working for an airline while jet setting around the world might sound near the top. Today Betty Thesky from Betty in the Sky With a Suitcase tells us tales of what REALLY happens when you board a plane. We'll talk investing stories at 30,000 ft., why you don't take Ambien and alcohol together, and much more. Of course, we'll have financial headlines, answer your letters, and diving into Doug's financial trivia also in this awesome rewind episode of the...

Duration: 01:02:49

The 5 Dumbest Rules of Thumb (SB RWD 63)

We generally detest rules of thumb. Why not just do the actual math...which is generally easier than many people think? We'll take you through our top 5 list today of the times when we think rules of thumb can be the most dangerous. Of course, it's the Stacking Benjamins show, so that isn't all. There are also headlines, your letters, trivia, and more.

Duration: 00:53:18

The Problem With Saying "I'm Broke" (and a Rize update)

To what degree is not having money a mindset? We ask our panel, including guest Whitney Hanson from the Money Nerds podcast Of course, we don't stop there. We also tackle a recent piece about tricking yourself into getting money saved. How do you save more? Play a game of hide and seek.... Finally, we tell some money stories, and as always, they team comes up with some great ones. In our Friday FinTech segment, Justin Howell, CEO of Rize, a cool goal-setting and savings app, joins us to...

Duration: 00:50:50

Battle of the Sexes: Who's the Better Investor?

Are men or women better investors? We'll find out today...but who cares? Regardless, don't you want to emulate the traits of the BEST investors? Alexandra Taussig from Fidelity Investments joins us to share some finding from a new study on the sexes. We'll detail who invests and saves better and throw you some tips that'll turn you into a saving and investing machine. In our headlines segment we continue the conversation about investing, by focusing on a piece about chasing gains. Feel...

Duration: 01:00:09

Rocking and Rolling with Your Money (with Gooding)

What's a rock star and your money have in common? Rocker Gooding is criss-crossing the USA teaching kids financial literacy and today he's talking with us about money lessons and great music. He'll share some great money ideas from non-profit Funding the Future, and also share some of his hit songs. How up to date is your homeowners against catastrophic losses? ServiceMaster Restore's Pete Dunkanson joins us in our headlines segment to help you tweak your homeowner's coverage so that...

Duration: 01:10:24

How Not To Mess Up Saving For (or Financing) Your Next Car

How do you buy a car? Very carefully! Saving for a car can be a HUGE undertaking....and financing one can be even harder to pull off. Luckily, we have you covered on today's episode! We have car geek Jason Vitug, author of You Only Live Once paired with Elle Martinez from Couple Money and Renee Horne from USAA! Of course, we don't stop there. We also talk financial security with Jarek Kaplan from OppLoans. How do you get your money FINALLY moving in the right direction? He'll share how...

Duration: 00:50:50

Where Financial Planning Goes Wrong (with Jason Mirabella)

Financial planning is often tactical instead of strategic. CFP Jason Mirabella realized just a few years ago that there was a better way to accomplish financial planning, and already he's seen amazing results with clients. How does his process work? Where are people going astray with their plans? We'll talk to Jason all about the good, bad, and ugly of financial planning on today's show. We'll even talk about why he doesn't love budgets, and how he helps people plan their daily finances...

Duration: 01:09:31

Save More Money By Mastering Your Cash Flow with Al Zdenek

When you ask stock market pros what the key is to a great stock pick, they'll disagree...but MANY will say that "free cash flow" is a huge key toward winning. If it's great for companies, isn't it also great for people? Al Zdenek believes that cash flow is your key to success, and he's here today to share with you how to improve your cash flow so that you're able to In our headline segment we talk about the hottest mutual funds of the last three years. What do you need to know? Who are...

Duration: 00:59:32

5 Strategies To Save $1 Million (with an intro to Go)

How do you save a million dollars (we said in our coolest Austin Powers voice....). We'll discuss a recent online piece that goes over that on our Friday roundtable! Special guest, and Hip Hop's Financial Advisor Rob Wilson joins Paula Pant and Len Penzo in a no-holds-barred conversation on saving more money. Of course, we don't stop there. We also tackle a recent Time story about millennials. Apparently, ONE trick is helping them save more money. We'll share not only what it is but also...

Duration: 00:52:37

How Much Have Sandwich Costs Risen? (with Len Penzo)

Hello, sandwich lovers! What better way to talk about the ugliness of inflation than comparing the cost of a sandwich from year to year? Len Penzo every year does exactly that. By comparing the cost of a sandwich, we tackle back to school costs, nutrition, and also the specter of inflation...all in one discussion. In our headlines segment we talk to Jamie Wise from the BUZZ Index (ticker BUZ) about online social media buzz about stocks. LOTS of chatter going on over the last month. We'll...

Duration: 01:09:53

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