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This podcast was created to bring different perspectives and discussions to those interested in startups. It isn't about giving you a how-to on the startup journey. Inspired through multiple startup failures and pivots, this podcast was created to understand the causes of startup failure as well as what can be done to bring oneself closer to success. Here you will find personal reflections and stories that inspire strength and innovation. Throughout the episodes, there is a strong emphasis on the process and the importance of enjoying it. It is only possible to enjoy the process if one follows their passion and is dedicated to working relentlessly to achieve a vision. The discussions go beyond the impacts of unfavourable business decisions and poor management, to the effects of mental health, personal trauma, insecurity and self-neglect on one's opportunity to succeed in the startup world. We discuss how to overcome and conquer such hinderances to maximize the potential to create. Guests on the show include tech startup CEOs, business executives, authors, content creators and plenty more. There is no shame in parting from the crowd to build your own legacy, at least not here!