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Anna Alex on Outfittery and why data analytics and good storytelling is a powerful mix

Anna Alex belongs to Germany's top female entrepreneurs. Since 2012, she and her co-founder Julia Bösch have been disrupting the fashion industry with OUTFITTERY. The startup offers a curated online shopping experience for men that allows their clients to save time while receiving professional style advice by its stylists. OUTFITTERY is operating in eight European countries, employs 300 people and has raised roughly 50m EUR in funding so far (e.g. from well-known VC’s like Mangrove Capital...


Teaser: Anna Alex on Outfittery and why data analytics and good storytelling is a powerful mix

Anna Alex belongs to Germany's top female entrepreneurs. Since 2012, she and her co-founder Julia Bösch have been disrupting the fashion industry with Outfittery. The startup offers a curated online shopping experience for men that allows their clients to save time while receiving professional style advice by its stylists. Outfittery is operating in eight European countries, employs 300 people and has raised roughly 50m EUR in funding so far (e.g. from well-known VC’s like Mangrove Capital...


Eckhardt Weber on his learnings from building companies with FinLeap and Heartbeat Labs

Since 2014, Eckhardt Weber has been one of the key people behind Berlin-based company builder HitFox Group and especially its FinTech-focused branch FinLeap, which has seen some tremendous success in recent years with him leading it as Managing Director. Having a background as a corporate lawyer and being specialized in business development within highly regulated markets, he was especially instrumental in creating solarisBank - a well-reputed FinLeap venture that managed to obtain a full...


Doreen Huber on growing Delivery Hero and disrupting the catering industry with Lemoncat

Doreen Huber is one of the most respected female entrepreneurs in Germany. As the Founder & CEO of LEMONCAT, she is successfully digitalizing the market for business catering since 2016. After starting out as an entrepreneur in various companies with a strong focus on sales already in her twenties, she especially left a mark in the European startup scene (and beyond) in her roles as CSO at Lieferheld and subsequently COO of Delivery Hero (EUR 1bn IPO in 2017) from 2011-2013. Living and...


J. Allie Morse on building Africa's first unicorn for Rocket Internet and working in Silicon Valley

J. Allie Morse is a seasoned entrepreneur who has lived and worked in Sierra Leone, Singapore, Nigeria and San Francisco with close ties to the European startup scene. She was the founder and former CEO of Jumia House (formerly Lamudi) in West Africa, which is an online real estate market place backed by German tech giant Rocket Internet and belongs to its Africa division Jumia (formerly known as Africa Internet Group). In 2016, Jumia became Africa's first unicorn startup valued at over $1...


Stephan Heller on Groupon, FinCompare and the role of execution in startups

Stephan Heller is a true execution-driven entrepreneur of the digital economy who knows how to start a company from scratch and grow it successfully. Since the beginning of 2017, he is Founder & CEO of FinCompare and before had the same role at Watchmaster (a digital marketplace for buying and selling luxury watches that has secured a total of 16m€ in funding). Prior to founding his own companies, Stephan worked at well-known startup Groupon in various roles. As Head of Merchant Marketing...


Roman Kirsch on his exit with Casacanda to and building Lesara at high speed

Roman Kirsch is one of the exceptional talents in the German startup scene. After graduating from business school, he started Casacanda in 2011 and sold it to after only six months at a presumed valuation of $10m. After leaving Fab, he started his second e-commerce startup Lesara in 2013 - at the time being only 25 years old. As a digital store for trendy fashion and lifestyle products that is able to identify trends online and to manufacture and ship new products accordingly...


Claude Ritter on his journey as a founder and his criteria for early-stage investments

Claude Ritter is one of Germany’s online entrepreneurs who can be labelled as to have been quite successful in his career so far. He co-founded online food delivery startup Lieferheld in 2010, which was later sold to the widely known Delivery Hero Group. At Delivery Hero, Claude served as CPO and was in charge of global product and engineering. Law suits, police raids and almost getting into fist fights with his rivals at other Berlin-based food delivery startups were part of that job...


Niklas Jansen on how Blinkist built an inspiring high-performance startup culture

Niklas Jansen co-founded one of the hottest companies in Berlin. His startup Blinkist summarizes the key insights of over 2,500 bestselling non-fiction books in short 15-minute reads and audio format. With this idea that resulted from a personal problem (Niklas and his co-founders wanted to read more books but just didn’t have the time to read them completely), Blinkist has raised over 15 million US$ from German and international VCs (, Greycroft Partners) and already reached...


Sebastian Diemer on FinTech, Bitcoin and taking risks as an entrepreneur

Sebastian Diemer is one of the rockstars within the European startup scene. As one of the founders of Kreditech, he helped to shape the continent’s FinTech scene for years to come by creating a real-time scoring technology that enables 100% automatized, scaleable and big data-based scoring decisions worldwide and 24/7. After leaving the company in 2015, he went on to found his next FinTech startup Finiata, which is an automated European lending platform with the purpose to finance small...


Luis Hanemann on online marketing, growth and influencers

Luis Hanemann is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the European startup scene when it comes to online marketing and growth. Since 2015, he is a partner at venture capital firm Based in the VC’s Berlin office, he develops and implements strategic growth initiatives and provides operational support for portfolio companies around the world to ensure their competitive advantage. As a global VC firm, invests in early stage and growth stage emerging...


Friedrich A. Neuman on building companies and making ideas work

As founder & CEO of the company builder MAKERS, Friedrich A. Neuman truly knows how to start and scale companies and take ideas ‘from zero to one’. Originally from Brazil, he came to Europe at the beginning of his twenties to study Business & Economics in Switzerland. Afterwards, he moved on to Berlin where quickly started to make a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur. Among others, he joined Rocket Internet and co-founded the social gifting platform Dropgifts in early 2012. In the...


Olaf Jacobi on the 3 T's of startup success

Olaf Jacobi is a textbook example of a VC. For eight years, he was a partner and co-owner of Munich-based venture capital firm Target Partners. In 2015, he went on to join Capnamic Ventures to build up its Berlin office. With more than 20 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur and investor, Olaf has invested in emerging entrepreneurs in the Internet and IT sector. Before switching sides and becoming a VC in 2007, he founded and established multiple prosperous startups, which led to...


Tim Koschella on AdTech and his learnings from being a serial entrepreneur

With Tim Koschella, Startup Notes is hosting a true serial entrepreneur. He founded his first company (e-learning video platform Lecturio) in 2008 and has been involved in the startup world ever since. As a founding partner of Berlin-based HitFox Group and co-founder & CEO of AppLift, Tim is a true advertising and online marketing expert who has by now worked with 500+ app companies to acquire users for their apps. It is his goal to enable more efficient and beautiful mobile ad experiences...


Sebastian Stricker on ShareTheMeal and why the golden era of social entrepreneurship is now

As the founder of ShareTheMeal, Sebastian Stricker is a true role model entrepreneur. One that does not put profit first though - but a social cause by trying to fight global hunger. Together with the United Nations World Food Programme, ShareTheMeal enables people to ‘share their meals’ with those in need in different places of the world. Being the first truly mobile non-profit fundraising app, the users of ShareTheMeal can donate €0.40, which is the global average cost of feeding one...


Jasper Masemann on how to build a successful company from the VC perspective

Jasper Masemann is Principal at one of Germany’s most iconic Venture Capital firms - Holtzbrinck Ventures. Like many founders and VCs before him, Jasper first worked in consulting learning the ropes of the business world before starting his own company. He founded and served as CEO for, a leading text production platform facilitating copywriting in 18 languages for thousands of renown clients worldwide. In 2015, he joined Holtzbrinck Ventures where he continues his work of...


Benedikt Franke on his entrepreneurial learnings that led to founding Helping

Benedikt Franke is an alumni of Rocket Internet’s ‘golden generation’ that successfully accelerated digital entrepreneurship in Germany by the end of the 2000s. For Rocket, he worked as Head of HR and as COO for its venture MyCityDeal. Afterwards, Benedikt founded the Latin American Media Group, which he sold in 2013. Eight years after he entered the startup world, Benedikt is working with Oliver Samwer again. This time by founding Helpling - one of Europe’s leading startups that...


Antonio García Martínez on the obscene startup world in Silicon Valley

In this episode, Startup Notes has a special guest from Silicon Valley: Antonio García Martínez. Antonio has been an advisor to Twitter, one of the first product managers on Facebook’s ad team, and the CEO/founder of AdGrok (a venture-backed AdTech startup that participated in Y Combinator and was later acquired by Twitter). More recently, he became known to a wider audience as the author of the New York Times bestseller “Chaos Monkeys”, in which he shares his experiences in the tech world...


Robert Wetzker on making the jump from science to the startup world

Robert Wetzker is the Founder & CEO of Aklamio. Started in 2011, the company is today Europe’s technology leader in referral marketing with more than 3,000 brands using their services, generating sales uplifts of 20 percent and more. Aklamio’s technology enables customers to refer their friends via any number of next-gen tools, from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp. In a previous interview, Robert stated that he would have liked to become...


Christoph Gerber on staying humble and hungry even after a big exit

Christoph Gerber, is one of the smartest, humblest and most down-to-earth founders in the Berlin startup scene. In 2009, together with Joerg Gerbi and Kai Hansen, he started Lieferando - one of the first online food delivery startups in Germany. For ca. 5 years Lieferando went into an aggressive and controversial competition with Delivery Hero that included 30 lawsuits, police raids and DoS attacks. In 2014, Christoph sold Lieferando for more than €50M to the dutch Takeaway Group, which...


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