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Christian perspective news analysis and worldview apologetics. Connecting the dots within geopolitics, economics, religion and education. Hosted by John Loeffler. The Short Show is just a part of our comprehensive 2 hour weekly program. Join us at www.steelonsteel.com for more!




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Trying to Eclipse the President (Short Show) 08/19/2017

Right versus Left KKK versus Antifa hate versus hate The events in Charlottesville last weekend were horrible but why is there still such a problem with hate in this country In this week s extended boralogue John shows that social justice warriors need chaos regardless of the pain it causes to achieve their transformation of society Socialism is the goal and our freedoms are the cost

Duration: 00:29:22

The West Versus the Rest (Short Show) 08/12/2017

Listening to the talking heads about tax transfer schemes tax reform tax evasion and taxing the wealthy is enough to cause anyone to worry In this week's boralogue John looks at the truth behind taxes and how they really work When you tax something you get less of it Plus John dissects Al Gore's comments from a CNN town hall meeting in our clip of the week Subscribe to listen to thie entire episode at www steelonsteel com subscribe

Duration: 00:27:07

Colder Heads Prevail (Short Show) 08/05/2017

Charlie Gard the British newborn boy with a rare brain disease passed away this week but his death may not be in vain In this week s boralogue John looks at socialized medicine death panels and bureaucracies and points out that the patient is always the last to be considered Free health care isn t free and little Charlie s death has reminded us of that Subscribe to listen to thie entire episode at www steelonsteel com subscribe

Duration: 00:27:59

It's All in Your Head, Kids (Short Show) 07/29/2017

How did the terms Palestinian

Duration: 00:23:21

Jihad Appropriation (Short Show) 07/22/2017

Much like Yellowstone of late America s economic arena is experiencing a swarm of quakes that serve as a warning to us all In this week s boralogue John looks at what these quakes mean and where we are heading Between the fake news camped out in Russia collusion land and the Fed stating that all is well you would think our economy s future is just fine Tough times are ahead but God will guide each of us through it

Duration: 00:23:21

Security Weekend (Short Show) 07/15/2017

President Trump lauded the benefits and wonders of western civilization in his speech in Poland last week As predicted the media and the left protested and lost their minds In this week s boralogue John looks at why President Trump s speech was not advocating white supremacy as some on the left suggest and why the West is a wonderful culture Millions around the world fight to immigrate to the West It is not because it s a horrible civilization

Duration: 00:23:21

Unbelievably Bad Idea (UBI) (Short Show) 07/08/2017

A nation divided against itself cannot stand Are we close to stumbling in America In this week's boralogue John looks at how we got to such a divided state by showing the gradual takeover of the West by progressive thought Some will not pander to the politically correct elite and are beginning to fight back Those who have drunk the Kool-Aid are astounded not everyone thinks as they do and are fighting as well Who will win PC or freedom

Duration: 00:23:21