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33: Sal and the Erie Canal

Let's go back in time and visit to 1825 and visit the Erie Canal! We will ride on the back of our friendly tour guide Sal the Mule. Then we will sing a song about our trip. After that, Digger the Dog will stop by and tell us some funny jokes about Mules.

Duration: 00:10:07

32: (SleepyTimeTale) Bedtime for Boats

The boats spend their days working and playing in the bay. But when the sun goes down, it's bedtime for the boats. Settle into a new routine with the boats in the bay as the moon sings us a lullaby.

Duration: 00:06:05

31: Doggy and Kitty Switcharoo

Doggy and Kitty don't always get along. After quibbling and squabbling, they decide to switch places for the whole day. Find out what silly shenanigans ensue! Then Tilde the Tortoise will stop by to share some fun facts about Cats and Dogs.

Duration: 00:10:01

30: (SleepyTimeTale) Little Red Riding Scooter

Little Red loves to ride her scooter. One day she rides her scooter all the way to Grandma’s house. But instead of seeing Grammie, Little Red encounters a silly dog named Wolfie!

Duration: 00:05:57

29: Quil's Postcards-Lava Park Adventure

More Postcards from Planet Quark have arrived. Quil just had a birthday and went to the Lava Park with some friends! Find out what kinds of amusement park rides there are in outer space! Then we will read some Ani-mail from our friend Steven the Seagull.

Duration: 00:09:24

28: (SleepyTimeTale) A Long Winter's Rest

The very first snowflake of the season has fallen from the sky. Time for all of the forest animals and trees to get ready for winter!

Duration: 00:05:59

27: Magical Merry Toyland

One magical morning a little boy and girl woke up and quickly realized that they had remarkably shrunk down in size Now they are the same size as their toys!

Duration: 00:11:23

26: (SleepyTimeTale) The Sleigh Bed Ride

It's the Holiday Season! Let's embark on a magical sleigh bed ride with our trusty friend Nutcracker!

Duration: 00:07:33

25: Chilly the Snowman

Winter has arrived. Lets go play in the snow! We will meet a new snowy friend and even learn the "Snowy Shuffle". Then, Digger the Dog will drop by and tell us some cool jokes about snowmen!

Duration: 00:11:33

24: (SleepyTimeTale) The Star Gazers Three

Each night, Wynken, Blynken and Nod like to look up at the stars and imagine a bedtime adventure. What amazing expedition will they go on tonight?

Duration: 00:06:01

23: Digger has a Dilemma

Birdie and Digger the Dog are supposed to come out to play today. But Digger has to clean his room first. The only problem is Digger doesn’t feel like cleaning his room. He feels mad. Maybe we can help Digger find a way to change his attitude so he will feel up to the task. After Digger solves the dilemma, he will tell us some jokes about feelings.

Duration: 00:07:57

22: (SleepyTimeTale) Yak and the Beanstalk

Yak lives up in the Himalayan Mountains. He loves to climb things and discover new places. One day Yak climbs a magical beanstalk that leads all the way up to the enchanted clouds. Little did he know that someone else is up in the clouds too! Find out who it could be...

Duration: 00:05:27

21: Lawrence the Lighthouse

The bay is a hustling bustling place. Everyone loves to play in the water. Everyone but Lawrence that is. Lawrence is a Lighthouse who is afraid of the ocean. He never wants to leave his lookout perch. Until one day Lawrence falls into the water! Find out what silly shenanigans are in store for Lawrence the Lighthouse. Then Tilde the Tortoise is back to tell us some fun facts about lighthouses.

Duration: 00:09:49

20: (SleepyTimeTale) Nocturnal Noises

At night when I am falling asleep, I can hear all kinds of interesting sounds outside my window. Who or what is making these noises? Let’s learn all about nocturnal creatures!

Duration: 00:05:13

19: Happy Birthday Maple

You’re invited to a birthday party for a little maple tree. Maple is turning 6. Find out what kinds of fun things take place at a birthday party for trees. Maybe there will even be a tree dance! Then we will read more Ani-mail from our friend Pearl the Oyster.

Duration: 00:08:39

18: (SleepyTimeTale) Old Mother Hubbard SQUASH

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard, and what she found was...Squash! Lots and lots of SQUASH!!! Whatever will she do with this wild group of gourds?

Duration: 00:05:45

17: The Quirky Turkey

It's time for the annual Gobble Gala. Things are going quite smoothly until a bizarre bird arrives. It's the Quirky Turkey and he is ready to shake things up with a silly song and dance! Then Tilde stops by to share some fun facts about Turkeys.

Duration: 00:09:49

16: (SleepyTimeTale) Rowboat Otter

Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream with Otter. This aquatic animal loves to do all kinds of fun water activities. Let’s play around and then sing a round of “Row Row Row your Boat”

Duration: 00:04:20

15: Baby Foodie: The Great Corn Crusader

Join the Baby Foodie and his trusty sidekick Hot Sauce as they travel the globe food-fighting for justice. Today the Baby Foodie will journey to a corn farm where a kind old ear of corn named Pop is having a weevil problem. I hope the Baby Foodie can save the day! Then we will hear some jokes about corn from Digger the Dog.

Duration: 00:08:05

14: (SleepyTimeTale) Eggs on a Wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! Good thing there are other eggs ready to replace Humpty up on the wall. But will any of these eggs be able to say up on the wall without falling down?

Duration: 00:06:17

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