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Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable.

Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable.
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Every week we follow along with what happened in a random year of the 1990s, reminiscing about everything that made the decade so memorable.




Episode 42 - October 15-21, 1999

This week gets into fake news dinosaurs, a lost cello, the Intel chime, and the best way to capture kids (but please don't actually do that)! We also discuss the joy of playing McDonalds Monopoly as kid in the 90s, and the immense sadness that fell upon us when we learned that it was all a lie. Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by The Home Impodcast! Their show digs into our favourite home improvement tv show, Home Improvement. They do interviews with stars of the show and cover Tim...

Duration: 00:27:06

Episode 41 - October 8-14, 1990

This week's episode gets into how McDonalds expanded into China, how the KKK used a Mister Rogers impersonator to make racist phone calls, and how Steven Seagal really wants an Oscar. There's a lot going on here. We also talk about how Flatliners is flatlining and why Star Wars video games are excellent (but sometimes bad). Can't win 'em all. Wanna be a $10 sponsor? Email us at for more info!

Duration: 00:27:59

Episode 40 - October 1-7, 1997

This episode gets into JenniCAM, Mike Tyson, Cassini, and the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile! This week is great. The spotlight dives deep into reliving our youth by rebuying it. We discuss how you're going to need some serious cold hard cash if you want to get your hands on a Nintendo 64, and the joy of opening a box of trading cards. Episode 40 is brought to you by John Lithgow's face. It was around in the 90s and it's still here today! Bask in his wonderful, emotive ambiance. Wanna be...

Duration: 00:28:37

Episode 39 - September 24-30, 1993

This week is full of Clinton jokes, death fences, and Barbie conspiracies. Actually just one Barbie conspiracy, and it's not really even a's a happening, maybe? It's definitely a thing that happened, that much we do know. This week's episode is brought to you BY MENNEN! That's right, this week's episode comes courtesy of a tagline guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Sorry, not sorry. Wanna be a $10 episode sponsor? Hit us up at for more...

Duration: 00:34:16

Episode 38 - September 17-23, 1998

This week covers Fat Joe's legal troubles, some new tv shows, and a hand transplantation. We also discuss some fun trivia about Rush Hour and peculiar movie tie-in songs. This episode of Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by crushing sadness (you'll see what we mean). Wanna be a $10 episode sponsor? Drop us a line at and we'll plug your wares!

Duration: 00:31:18

Episode 37 - September 10-16, 1991

This week covers walking for literacy (and pizza), a possible conspiracy, microwaving ducks, and North Korea becoming a UN member country. Fantastic. We also discuss the new Magic School Bus and what it must have been like to buy engagement rings in the 90s. Those are very different topics. Episode 37 is brought to you by Lyle from The Amazing Advertising Podcast and his new show, The Halloween Podcast! Give it a listen on your favourite podcast platform, or any other podcast platform....

Duration: 00:35:22

Episode 36 - September 3-9, 1994

This week covers cocaine, arson, Reader's Digest, and more arson in the 90s! What a time to be alive (and likely in prison). We also go through some really interesting behind-the-scenes facts about the making of Forrest Gump, and discuss the merits of the Lion King Soundtrack. It has many merits. So meritous. Going back to school in the 90s meant loading up on supplies that no longer exist. We talk about a few of those and fondly remember how most of them actually sucked. Want to...

Duration: 00:32:29

Episode 35 - August 27-September 2, 1996

This week covers a mega(plex) construction project, the royal divorce, a 90s video game trilogy, and a little website called Happy Puppy. Dance Mix 96 is a thing but not really. We also take a disappointed look into the reprisal of the NES and SNES, it's great that they're being brought back BUT A WASTE OF MY TIME IF WE CAN'T BUY ONE NINTENDO SO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. We're not mad, just disappointed...and mad, actually. This episode is brought to you by RYLO Mobile...

Duration: 00:27:45

Episode 34 - August 20-26, 1995

This week covers a not-so-surprise party, two tech giants bumping heads, and a spotlight on Windows 95! Wanna be a $10 sponsor? We'll give you a 15-30 second plug for your business/instagram/youtube/whatever, drop us a line at!

Duration: 00:28:34

Episode 33 - August 13-19, 1992

This week we get into the plague, FBI composite sketch technology, Wayne Newton, and the monorail! We also get a bit off-topic in this one, sorry about that. We'll be better next week we swear. Our spotlight is on swimming pools and our sponsor is apparently very difficult to find online. Truly upsetting. :( If you'd like to be a $10 sponsor drop us a line at for more info!

Duration: 00:22:04

Episode 32 - August 6-12, 1999

This week covers MANY actors with three names. You've got your Robert Downey Juniors, your Sarah Michelle Gellars, your Richard Dean Andersons...mostly just those three. We also get into cyberhacking and Y2K, a really strong list of songs, and the instant gratification of Polaroid cameras. Want us to plug your wares on the show? Be a $10 sponsor by dropping us a line at

Duration: 00:32:41

Episode 31 - July 30-August 5, 1990

This week gets a little bit gruesome in the news but luckily a burrito saves the day! Szechuan sauce is in the news again and we have a long discussion on what sunshine meant in the 90s. Want to be a $10 sponsor? Hit us up at so we can plug your wares!

Duration: 00:30:24

Episode 30 - July 23-29, 1997

This week we dive into the 'real'ity of global warming, a big summertime drug bust, and a few bands bursting onto the scene. We also discuss some new toys on store shelves and the forgotten purchasing power of the toonie (two dollars for you non-Canadians). Want to be a $10 sponsor of the show? Drop us a line at and we'll make your dream come true.

Duration: 00:28:59

Episode 29 - July 16-22, 1991

This week we talk about “gang attire”, something else that might get you actual street cred (but is not advisable), and GM closing some plants. We look through a list of 90s cereal and share our own experiences and memories that have been etched in our souls by heartless marketers, which was the style of the time. Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by the fees they charged for not rewinding your VHS tapes. Be a $10 sponsor ( and we'll pay your VHS late...

Duration: 00:38:37

Episode 28 - July 9-15, 1998

This week gets into breast implants, reading difficulties, weird error messages, and Canadian content! OH. BOY. We also did a deep dive on GoldenEye 007, one of our favourite video games. It's got a really interesting story and was the grandfather of all first-person shooters so what's not to love? It's a real shame that proximity mine video game warfare didn't catch on, but you can't win 'em all. Want to be a ten dollar sponsor? Drop us a line at for...

Duration: 00:26:54

Episode 27 - July 2-8, 1996

This week a bunch of stuff happens including a geyser of fire in New York, people go to Mexico for rohypnol and Wannabe debuts (which is awesome). We talk about SUVs and why we don't like their invasion of the late 90s and the internet lets us down, but we'll leave that for when you get to it this week. Drop us a line!

Duration: 00:23:26

Episode 26 - June 25-July 1, 1994

This week TV executives think The Jetsons count as educational programming, time gains a second, and internet metaphors start getting out of hand. We talk a little about the Flintstones movies, one of the finest cartoon to live action adaptations of our time and then talk about our fond memories of cars of the 90s. Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by computer illiteracy: a reasonable excuse at the time and Chris rants on how it’s considerably less acceptable now.

Duration: 00:32:28

Episode 25 - June 18-24, 1993

This week some strange things are showing up in Pepsi cans, a religious group is trying to build a 300 foot pyramid in Colorado, and someone cuts off a dick. Also Raven was up to some stuff this week. Chris shares his feelings on Marky Mark’s Good Vibrations and we pay tribute to the talking cats of the 90s. This week is brought to you by shareware, forever making you think you have a good deal while you really have a pile of garbage. If you'd like to be a $10 sponsor, you...

Duration: 00:28:55

Episode 24 - June 11-17, 1995

This week is all about rhyme, mostly just Air Zaire and "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit." We get into Ticketmaster and Pearl Jam, Michael Jackson's latest success, and a man stopping by his work with a gun. Don't do that. We also dive into the history of Starter Jackets, a fashion staple of the 90s. THEY WERE THE COOLEST. This week's episode is brought to you by the ungodly device that held your cassettes in your car. Function over form with those things. Want to be a $10...

Duration: 00:26:57

Episode 23 - June 4-10, 1999

We're back in one place and ready to talk about the week. Bees are being trained to detect land mines, President Clinton appoints a new ambassador and Internet Explorer is the new browser king. The Hollywood premiere of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me was this week, so we figured now would be a good time to reflect on the series’ past, present and what we hope is the future. Stuck in the 90s is brought to you by something probably.

Duration: 00:23:51

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