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Super Hoopers - Lonzo Trade?? Cavs Title?? Live Get@MeDawg?? with Tom Zayas

It’s a Lakers focused episode as Tom Zayas from the Taking Charge podcast to discuss all things Lakers. Will Isaiah fit in or fit out? Will Lonzo be traded? Will Lavar be the next GM? Then we pitch NBA TV shows. All that plus a LIVE Get@meDawg. - Isaiah Thomas Trade - Cavs chances - LeBron to Lakers? - Lonzo trade? - LIVE Get@me,Dawg (Marquis Daniels) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Big 3, Justin Johnson) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - 92 - KP Injury, Trade Deadline, LeBron future teams

It’s a MASSIVE new Hoopers. We commiserate with Dave over the KP injury, then we take on the trade deadline and talk LeBron destinations. At the very very end, Matt and Jon debate Fultz/Colangelo for the 100th time. - KP injury - Trade Deadline - Danny Ainge Hilluminati - LeBron destinations - Get@me,Dawg (Joe Ingles) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Liangelo Stat, Eagles) - Matt v. Jon 24 Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Ep 91 - Blake Trade, All-Star Teams, and SHAWN BLAZE (clips) with David Futernick

Futerick is back! We talk about the Blake Griffin trade, which Matt claims he came up with. Then we debate the better All-Star team, play some Shawn Blaze clips, then do our thing in Headlines! and Shout Outs and Beefs and make fun of Smart Guy NBA podcasts. - Did Matt make the Blake trade? - Who got the better All-Star team? LeBron of Steph? - Get@me,Dawg (Quincy Pondexter) - Headlines! - Shout Outs and Beefs (Girls Not Sleeping with You, Fultz's jumpshot, Players Only) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Ep 90 - Cav's Drama, Kawhi's Injury, Eagles Super Bowl, and Victor Oladipo's Poop with Dan Carson

Dan Carson is back! The Super Hoopers have on NBA Twitter content creator and t-shirt designer Dan Carson to talk all the happenings of the NBA. There's also a great Victor Oladipo poop story. Also a guest appearance by Justin Johnson. - FLY EAGLES FLY - Jason Kidd firing with Justin Johnson - Cavs Drama - Are the Spurs tanking? - Get@me,Dawg (Marcus Morris) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (DJ Nice Rec, Victor Oladipo's poop) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Fights, drama, Fultz!

FIGHT! The NBA is the best league on Earth and the Hoopers are here for it. Chris Paul is tunneling, the Cavs are snitching, Markelle Fultz is managing a Chick-Fil-A! The Hoopers revel in a fantastic NBA week. - Rockets/Clips Fight- Cavs Drama- Fultz?- Lavar Ball’s effect on the Lakers- Jonathan Isaac’s sermon in the forest- Get@me,Dawg (Kelly Oubre)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (Klay, Evan Turner, Jon sits courtside) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Why Yall Hating on LaVar? Plus NBA Atonements with Joe Borelli

We're joined by Joe Borelli of the SuperFlight podcast! And yes, we talk LaVar Ball. - Why are coaches mad at LaVar? - Should Dirk be sent to the glue factory? - Why we'll never disrepect Woj - A quick stop at Colangelo Island - Get @ Me - Cedi Osman - Shoutouts and Beefs Follow Joe @SuperFlightpod Matt's Tweet: Jon's Tweet: Dave's...


Super Hoopers - The Best of the Best

It's the best episode of best NBA podcast. Actor and noted twitter troll, David Futernick joins the pod to count down the top ten moments in Super Hooper history! Then the guys roast each other in a special edition of Headlines. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Super Hoopers - NBA mystery solvers

The Hoopers are here to solve all the mysteries of the NBA season. Why is Chris Paul in Houston working so well? What is really happening with Markelle Fultz? What’s wrong with OKC? The answers to all these mysteries plus Get@meDawg and a new segment: Jeff Van Gundy on current events. - Chris Paul in Houston- Kawhi Leonard injury- Fultz injury?- Gasol and Fizzdale- What’s wrong with OKC- Quinn Snyder walking cocaine monster- Get@me,Dawg (Bradley Beal)- Headlines- Jeff Van Gundy Current...


Super Hoopers - Warriors and Lithuania with Dieter Kurtenbach

Dieter Kurtenbach from the San Jose Mercury News joins the pod to discuss the Warriors, the Rockets, and Ball boys in Lithuania. All that plus Get @me Dawg and the return of Headlines! - Warriors dominance - Rockets chances - Ball boys in Europe - Get@me,Dawg (Donovan Mitchell) - Shout Outs and Beefs (George Hill/Adam Silver) Follow us on the Gram-- Like us on Rate us on...


Super Hoopers - We don't want LeBron and Japan Stories

All the Hoopers guests bailed on them, so they shoot the stuff for a bit. They talk about the documentary “Jim and Andy” on Netflix and then Matt gives his top 5 comedy movies. Plus, the Hoopers debate whether they want LeBron or not and Matt tells some stories about living in Japan. - Jim and Andy on Netflix - Top 5 comedy movies - Rose back to Cleveland - Japan Stories - Would you want LeBron on your team? - Big/Medium/Small Baller (Booker, Durant, Gelo Ball) - Get@me,Dawg (Andre...


Super Hoopers - Ep 83- Big Baller, Medium Baller, Smaller Baller with David Futernick

Are you Balling too big? Too small? Or just the right size? Fizzdale gets fired, but he still got his wife. Matt invites Jon to the worst party ever, some trade ideas that won't happen, and a call from Jeff Van Gundy. - Fizz fired - Trades - Jeff Van Gundy - Mail Sack (Oakley, Smart Guy NBA pod) - Get@me Dawg (Greg Monroe) - Shout Outs and Beefs Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Lavar owns CNN now and listener questions

The Hoopers fight through holiday malaise to still deliver a perfect podcast. We talk Lavar on CNN, then hit the Mail Sack for questions ranging from Charles Oakley to Jon’s stall stories. We also do a little Smart Guy NBA pod and National Media Guy NBA pod. At the very end of the pod after the closing song, Jon and Matt argue about whether Colangelo is a good GM. - Lavar CNN- Mail Sack (Oakley, Smart Guy NBA pod)- Get@me,Dawg (Jonathon Simmons)- Mother in law thoughts- Shout Outs and Beefs...


Super Hoopers - Ep 81- Matt Hates the NBA, The Knicks are Good, Kosta Koufos Funeral

The gang is back! A newly engaged Dave Futernick joins us to cheer up Matt, who really hates the NBA right now. - Why does Matt hate the NBA? - Lonzo can't shoot - Kyrie is good at basketball - How the hell the hell are Knicks good? - A funeral for Kosta Koufos, who was tragically killed by our Director of Social Media. - Get @ Me Dawg - TJ Leaf @Leafsquad22 - Shoutouts and Beefs (Little kids, Alex Morgan, Knicks, Lakers, Sixers Bet, Robert Covington) Get@MeDawg...


Bonus - Super Hoopers - Thunderstruck

Everyone is too sick to record this week, so we’re putting out an old/bonus episode. This episode was recorded in the summer. Matt and two of his film buddies break down the Kevin Durant movie, “Thunderstruck.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Super Hoopers - Cavs, Magic, Lonzo with Dave DuFour

Dave DuFour from the On the NBA pod joins us to talk about what everyone is talking about: the Cavs, Magic and Lonzo Ball’s struggles. Then it is time for loads of segments-- - Cavs swoon- The Magic’s magic- Lonzo busting- Is he tho? (current MVP)- Hilluminati (Kawhi’s injury)- Take City (NBA players’ Halloween costumes)- Smart guy NBA- Get@me,Dawg (Pascal Siakam)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (KP, Okafor, Coaching high school ball) Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt:...


Super Hoopers - Dumpster Fire Central: Fultz, Suns, Bledsoe

Joe Borelli from the SuperFlight pod joins us to break down the breaking news! We go deep on the Markelle Fultz injury, we discuss the Suns situation and give advice to forlorn Suns fans. Then we debate which surprise teams are for real and Joe (an acclaimed artist) tells us which logos are best. - Fultz madness- Suns dumpster fire- Who is for real?- NBA logos- Get@me,Dawg (Tobias Harris)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (LeBron James, Kyrie Irving) Selected Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt:...


Super Hoopers - Warriors, Cavs, Celtics opening night reactions

NBA BACK! Futernick Back! The Hoopers react to opening night and the Hayward injury. Matt shares his costume ideas for NBA players, plus an “Is it, tho?” for the Aldridge contract - Opening night- Hayward injury- NBA costumes- Is it tho?- Get@me,Dawg (Dewayne Dedmon)- Headlines- Shout Outs and Beefs (Klay, Jeremy Lin) Selected Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt: Jon: Dave:...


Super Hoopers - Predictions-Palooza

Jon and Matt talk the Embiid contract, Fultz immaturity. Then they reveal all their predictions: which player will block Futernick on Twitter next? Which fanbase will take a billboard to protest their GM next? And more! - Embiid Contract- Fultz’s brains- Predictions- Get@MeDawg (Kyle Kuzma)- Shout Outs and Beefs (Klay, White guy dreads) Selected Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt: Jon:...


Super Hoopers - Ep76ers - Biggest Bust: Lonzo or Fultz?

Who's a bigger bust: Lonzo Ball or Markelle Fultz? The Hoopers are joined by Dave Futernick to discuss the pre-season so far. Matt "buries" Carmelo Anthony and Jon goes off on William Hung, a.k.a Jeremy Lin. - Headlines! - Get@MeDawg (Dillon Brooks) - Shouts/Beefs (Jeremy Lin, Ball in the Family) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - 75 - Season Preview Part 2

We are previewing the season by going through each team and discussing why they are awful and no one should root for them. This is part 2, please check out part 1. - Previewing the teams (Miami-Washington)- Shout Outs and Beefs (North Korea solution, Back to the Future Conspiracy) Follow us on the Gram-- us on us on…d1053263719?mt=2Cop some Washed brand...


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