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Super Hoopers - EP 73 - w/ "Game of Zones" creators Adam and Craig Malamut

Adam and Craig Malamut, creators of Bleacher Report's "Game of Zones," join us to discuss the originals of their hit NBA show. Then the Hoopers discuss the disrespect of Hoodie Melo and the struggles of pooping at work. - Headline! - Get@MeDawg (Ekpe Udoh) - Shouts/Beefs (Zack Lowe, NBA lottery reform) Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt: Jon: Follow us on the...

Duration: 01:10:10

Super Hoopers 72 - NBA Conspiracies with Wade Randolph

Wade Randolph, from the conspiracy podcast, Real Life Sci-Fi, joins us to discuss the biggest NBA conspiracies in history, and then Matt gets Wade’s take on few conspiracies he cooked up. - Big NBA conspiracies (Jordan Retirement, Rigged Playoff Series, Ewing Lottery, PEDs)- Small Conspiracies (Otto Porter/Wilt, Morris Bros, Paul Pierce shat himself)- Matt Conspiracies (Bullets/Wizards, Butler/Frylock, New Jersey doesn’t exist)- Get@MeDawg (Sean Kilpatrick)- Shouts/Beefs (Blue Apron,...

Duration: 01:00:26

Super Hoopers - More Kyrie, Big 3, Ball in the Family, and Nas

It’s a late August and nothing is happening! We pick over the final bits of the Kyrie trade. Jon tells a bunch of marginally interesting stories from the Big 3. We review the Facebook Lonzo Ball show and debate Nas for some reason. - Kyrie Trade final pieces- Big 3- “Ball in the Family”- Get@MeDawg (Trevor Booker)- Headlines- Shouts/Beefs (Fultz, Pacers) Follow us on the Gram-- us on us on...

Duration: 01:02:04

Super Hoopers – Kyrie, a million dollar deal, and a cautionary tale

All time episode. Matt and Jon argue about the Kyrie trade! A historic Get@me Dawg! Dave gets a million dollar deal, and Matt literally stops the podcast cold with a harrowing tale. – Kyrie Trade – August Takes – Get@MeDawg (Damien Wilkins) – Top 5 Kyrie Irving reactions to the eclipse – Guerilla Marketing (Dave signs for a million dollars) ...

Duration: 00:55:06

Super Hoopers – Ep 69 #Nice – With Ricky and Morty Writer Tom Kauffman

Tom Kauffman, Writer/Producer of Rick and Morty, joins us to talk about writing for the show, loving the 2004 Pistons, and the many crimes we’ve committed. – Tom Kauffman interview – Get @MeDawg (Kaminsky) – Headlines – Shouts/Beefs Follow us on the Gram– Like us on facebook: Rate us on iTunes:…d1053263719?mt=2 Cop some Washed brand gear: ...

Duration: 01:05:46

Super Hoopers – Viral Videos and You Might be Kyrie Irving with CJ Toledano

CJ Toledano made videos for the Pistons and Bleacher Report. He joins us to talk about working with athletes, Andre Drummond’s movie tastes, and Stan Van Gundy Night. – CJ Toledano interview – Get @MeDawg (Lou Williams) – Headlines – You might be Kyrie Irving – Shouts/Beefs (Steph Curry, Matt Hill, Nike) Follow us on the Gram– Like us ...

Duration: 01:05:36

Super Hoopers – Kyrie, Shaq Diss, and Nudie Pics

Futernick joins us to talk about the Kyrie Irving situation. Then the boys swap embarrassing stories, and Matt shares a rap he wrote for Lavar Ball. – Kyrie Irving situation – Get@me, Dawg (Sindarius Thornwell) – Headlines – Shaq Diss Track – Guerilla Marketing (Fiverr) – Shouts/Beefs (Steph Curry, James Harden) Like us on facebook: Rate us on iTunes: ...

Duration: 01:02:09

Super Hoopers – Update – With Special Guest Barack Obama*

Just a quick update while Matt’s in Hawaii. *May be alternative facts Like us on facebook: Rate us on iTunes:…d1053263719?mt=2 Cop some Washed brand gear: Follow us on the Twitter:

Duration: 00:06:42

Super Hoopers – Hot Nights, Cool Dudes

Super Hoopers - Hot Nights, Cool Dudes Super HoopersSuper Hoopers - Hot Nights, Cool DudesSuper Hoopers iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play Rundown: Futernick joins us to wrap up the hot nights of Summer league and talk about a bunch of cool dudes. – Summer League Wrap-up – Mail Sack: Ugly Players, LeBron future, Giannis v. Embiid – Get@me, Dawg ...

Duration: 01:04:25

Super Hoopers – Lil’ Summer League Boyz

Super Hoopers - Lil' Summer League Boyz Super HoopersSuper Hoopers - Lil' Summer League BoyzSuper Hoopers iTunes Android RSS TuneIn Stitcher Google Play Rundown: – Summer League Recap – Get@me, Dawg (Alex Caruso) – Headlines – Shout Outs/ Beefs (Joel Embiid, Durant, Philly Boyz) Like us on facebook: Rate us on iTunes:…d1053263719?mt=2 Cop some Washed brand gear:

Duration: 00:37:48

Super Hoopers – Ep 64 – How to Survive Summer League w/ David Futernick

Super Hoopers - Ep 64 - How to Survive Summer League w/ David Futernick Super HoopersSuper Hoopers - Ep 64 - How to Survive Summer League w/ David FuternickSuper HoopersRundown: – The offseason keeps being crazy – Will Lonzo be the ROY? – Will the Clippers be any good? – What about the Knicks? – Colangelo’s plan for Okafor – How ...

Duration: 01:06:29

Super Hoopers – Ep 63 – The Clippers Will Never Rebuild

Breaking news! We recorded this pod before everything happened! What a great idea!!! Rundown: – LaVar is a WWE star – The NBA Awards were chill – The Draft happened – Kings overrated draft – THE CLIPPERS WILL NEVER REBUILD – Get@me, Dawg (Kevin Durant) – Headlines – Shout Outs/ Beefs (Brad Clapper) Like us on facebook: Rate us ...

Duration: 00:55:19

Super Hoopers – Offseason? More like ON-season!!!

Breaking news! The offseason is lit! Rundown: – Breaking News: Dwight Howard is hated by another team – Lakers trade D’Angelo “The Snitch” Russell – Welcome to Colangelo Island! – Our Big Board! – Get@me, Dawg (Both Justin Jacksons) – Headlines – Shout Outs/ Beefs (D’Aaron Fox’s dad is team Eat a Booty Gang) Like us on facebook: Rate ...

Duration: 01:00:04

Super Hoopers – What can Cleveland do? and special guest Stephen B. Smith - Super Hoopers

Futernick is back to break down the finals and draft, plus Stephen A. Smith’s brother, Stephen B. Smith comes by! Rundown: – Finals reaction, what can Cleveland do? – Who will be better remembered, KD or Westbrook? – Matt freaks out about the Lakers maybe not taking Ball and promises to eat Cow Balls if they don’t take him. – ...

Duration: 00:55:58

Super Hoopers – LeBron has given up, and draft busts and locks - Super Hoopers

Dave Futernick is back! We talk finals and NBA draft. Rundown: – NBA finals talk (LeBron gave up and lit a blunt) – Matt reveals his guaranteed draft Busts and Locks – Get@me, Dawg (Jamal Crawford) – Headlines – Shout...

Duration: 01:05:15

Super Hoopers – Brickhouse crossover

It’s a joint episode with the guys from Brickhouse! Rundown: – We breakdown the prices for Ice Cube’s 3 on 3 league – We tell which teams to PANIC – We announce the Disses of the week – Get@me, Dawg (Dion Waiters) – Headlines –...

Duration: 00:57:17

Super Hoopers – This Draft Might Suck with guest Dan Carson

Rundown: – Did the Cavs really lose to the Celtics? Did they though? – Does this draft suck? Matt thinks so. – Breaking down why Fultz is overrated (it’s his round face) – Why draft “experts” are bad at drafting – Get@me, Dawg (De’Aaron Fox)...

Duration: 00:54:04

Super Hoopers – Pop ’em up

Rundown: – reaction to lottery results, Lakers and Lonzo! Pick Swap! – the dirtiness of Zaza and the Spurs chances – Wizards postmortem, Fire Brooks! – Harden fading – Get@me, Dawg (Hamidou Diallo) – Headlines – Shout Outs/ Beefs (Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson, Barkley’s Race...

Duration: 00:56:22

Super Hoopers – Kevin Durant is the Ewoks

The Hoopers discuss the lackluster playoffs (and how Kevin Durant is like the Ewoks), KP’s mysterious tweet, and whether the Sixers should go after Lowry. All that plus headlines, Get@me, Dawg, and Matt tries to sell Jon and Dave on pro surfing as the best...

Duration: 00:53:07

Super Hooper – Dear Hoopers

We dole out advice to all the recently eliminated teams, plus NBA Ronin rankings and more!

Duration: 00:59:52

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