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Super Hoopers - Predictions and Surprises

Jon takes over hosting duties as the gang review opening night in the league and make predictions for the season. Jon also talks about how he became real life best friends with an NBA player. • Opening night reactions• Prediction game• Jon’s BFF• Special Surprsie• Get @me, Dog (JJJ, Aaron Holiday, Nick Young)• Shout Out and Beefs (Reunions, Jaylen Brown) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Western Conference Preview

The Hoopers preview the Western Conference as only they can. Which of these teams can f**k off and which teams will the Hoopers f**k with? Get @me, Dog (Allonzo Trier @ISO_ZO) Shout Out and Beefs (Open Floor Podcast) Get@me,Dawg tweets-- Follow us on the...


Super Hoopers - Eastern Conference Preview

Joe Borelli joins the Hoopers to preview the Eastern Conference as only they can. Which of these teams can f**k off and which teams will the Hoopers f**k with. • Eastern Conference Preview: Off or With?• Get @me, Dog (Miles Bridges)• Shout Out and Beefs (Bronny, Brett Cavanaugh) Get@me,Dawg tweets-- Follow us...


Super Hoopers - Butler Trade Reaction and Breakdown

The Hoopers break down the Jimmy Butler situation. Who looks the worst: Wiggins, KAT, Butler or Thibs? Then Matt offers some unsolicited dating advice to women before welcoming a very special guest. • Jimmy Butler• Dating advice• Special Guest• Get @me, Dog (JaVale McGee)• Shout Out and Beefs (Kawhi, AD, American Vandal) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Durant to Lakers, Butler to who knows, and Kanter to the Supreme Court

The Hoopers open the mail sack and answer listener queries. What’s up with Jimmy Butler? Who will the Lakers sign next, Bynum or Durant? And which NBA player should serve on the Supreme Court. Plus a very special Get @ me Dawg. • Mail sack• Get @me, Dog (Swaggy P)• Shout Out and Beefs (Ben Simmons, Elton Brand) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - NBA Conspiracy Theories

Former Rick and Morty writer and conspiracy theory expert Wade Randolph joins the show to examine famous NBA conspiracies: did Pop sabotage the AC in game 1 of the 2014 finals, did Nike push KD to the Warriors and what really happened to LeBron in the 2010 Celtics series? • Conspiracy theories• Get @me, Dog (Isaiah Thomas)• Shout Out and Beefs (Lakers, Mac Miller, Ozark) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - The Hoopers Save America

The Hoopers talk politics for the first 15 minutes before turning to the NBA. The Hoopers answer a host of burning questions: Who is the White House leaker? Are Jon’s politics takes as bad as his NBA takes? Which star will be traded first? What is the real reason for the Lakers wacky off season signings? Which team will be brought down from the inside? Then, in a very special shout out and beefs, Dave tells us about his early sexual experiences. • White House Leaker/ Politics talk• Which...


Super Hoopers - Second Favorite Team, Sixers Offseason, Cheating

The Hoopers go low key to discuss all the low key offseason news, and Matt unveils his second favorite team for the upcoming season, which team is lucky enough to merit Matt’s ever loyal fandom. And is Manu a top 50 player of all time? How bad is the Sixers offseason? Should you take your girl back if she cheats? • Jon complains about Twitter• Manu legacy• Houston-Phoenix trade• Matt unveils his second favorite team• Sixers off season• Get @me, Dog (TJ Warren)• Shout Out and Beefs (the...


Super Hoopers - Trivia Showdown, Jokic v. Embiid, Quantum Leap

It’s a trivia showdown! Quizmaster Brian Lee determines who will reign supreme in NBA trivia knowledge between mortal enemies, Matt and Jon. Then Brian lends his expertise to help Matt determine if his friend is a secret spy. Then there’s Get@Me,Dawg, and Matt and Jon debate Jokic v. Embiid with predictable results. Stay tuned after the end song for a special overtime where the Hoopers discuss movies and TVs and Matt recounts his failed TV show pitch to LeBron’s company. • TRIVIA Showdown•...


Super Hoopers - Best recent NBA drafts, Ben Simmons future wife, etc.

Mail Sack! The Hoopers open the mail sack and address all the listeners important questions: who should Ben Simmons date? Where will this draft class rank? Can VC bring back Freaknik? Then the Hoopers break down the Harden club drama in shout outs and beefs. • Mail Sack• Get @me, Dog (Andrew Harrison)• Shout Out and Beefs (Harden, MPJ/IT, Best white guy hair in the league) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Losers and Winners and more Losers

RUNDOWN The gang break down the Draymond/Tristan Thompson fight before declaring the winners and loser of the offseason before revealing the biggest loser of the off season: the Super Hoopers. • Dray/Tristan fight• Winners and Losers (Knicks, Celtics, Ben Simmons)• Hoopers take a L in the beef with Fastbreak Breakfast• Get @me, Dog (Jack Cooley)• Headlines• Shout Out and Beefs (KD, Somebody Feed Phil, The Expanse, Last Chance U) Get@me,Dawg tweets--...


Super Hoopers - Kawhi in Toronto and KD is mad online

Jon and Matt are back from vacation! They run through all the NBA news they missed, apparently Kawhi was traded? Then the last ten minutes get really weird really fast. • Vacation takes• Kawhi Trade• Matt and Jon fight about the Spurs again• KD mad online• Get @me, Dog (Georges Niang)• Headlines• Shout Out and Beefs (LAFC Falcon, Flight vs. Invisibility) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Paul George's revenge and Summer League Spice

Jon confronts Matt about Paul George and then the boys overact to Summer League. Jon also debuts his newest terrible take: Meryl Streep is bad. • Jon pulls the tape on Matt’s Paul George takes• Jon reacts to LeBron to the Lakers• Summer league stories• Get @me, Dog (Lonnie Walker IV)• Shout Out and Beefs (More Lakers) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Down with LeBron and a MASSIVE special guest

The real Hoopers break down all the big free agent moves and Matt reveals his new mission in life. Then a GIANT guest comes on the pod to talk Celtics, the Vegas odds, and Mount Rushmores. • LeBron James, Matt declares WAR on the Lakers• Boogie Cousins triggers the Casuals• PG, the coward• HUGE GUEST calls in• Get @me, Dog (Josh Okogie)• Shout Out and Beefs (Kawhi Leonard, Daniel Rowley, KP, @Killakow) Get@me,Dawg tweets--


Super Hoopers - Debating LeBron with Harrison Faigen

Jon and Matt confirm with their sources (aka logic) that LeBron and PG are coming the Lakers. Then Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen and Roll comes on to explain to Matt why the Lakers should sign LeBron. The Hoopers also review the moves made at the draft. The future of Markelle Fultz is also discussed. • Paul George and LeBron to the Lakers confirmed• Harrison Faigen explains to noted moron, Matt, that LeBron in good• Draft review• Get @me, Dog (Gary Trent, Jr.)• Headlines• LeBron...


Super Hoopers - The Monster Draft and Kawhi Episode

It’s a monster episode. Skip to the 35 minute mark for the best part: an interview with draft expert, Sean Derenthal of TheStepien and Ode to Oden. Start at the beginning for an absurd argument about the Kawhi situation and then stick around for LeBron speculation. Also the Hoopers unveil their patented approach to drafting. • did the Spurs mishandle Kawhi and Kawhi landing spots • Who should the Sixers draft at 10? (19:50) • Sean Derenthal interview (35:41) • LeBron destinations redux...


We Were Right About Colangelo The WHOLE Time + LeBron to Lakers

Colangelo got fired! And he did exactly what we thought he would. - Why were we the best at covering the Colangelo saga? - Anyone left on Colangelo Island? - Was the Ringer right in their reporting? - Should we trust Gary Payton as a SOURCE? - LeBron to the Lakers is happening - Get@me,Dawg (Jordan Bell) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (LaVar Ball) Get@MeDawg...


Super Hoopers - Forget the finals, More Colangelos! w/ Brian Jacobs

Who cares about the finals, we’re all about that Colangelo burner saga! Featuring hero of the process Brian Jacobs who interacted frequently with the burner account Eric, Jr. - Colangelo updates- Matt and Jon tell Sixers fans to relax, they’re going to fire BC- Brian Jacobs interview- Brief NBA finals talk- Get@me,Dawg (Evan Turner)- Shout Outs and Beefs (Kids these days, Hamptons 5 oral history) Get@MeDawg Tweets— Matt: Jon:...


Super Hoopers - All Colangelos, All the time

The Hoopers spend almost 2 hours discussing the amazing Colangelo burner account story. God bless the NBA. Follow us on the Gram-- us on us on…d1053263719?mt=2Cop some Washed brand Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Super Hoopers - Jon Hosts and It's the Best Episode Ever - Where does a Psychic Think LeBron will End Up? The Bill Walton Song and Fixing our Racist Past

It's a Jon episode this week! After losing a bet, Jon has to host and he does an incredible job. Some say the best episode ever. Matt has to monitor the audio so blame him for any mistakes. - Boston beats the LeBrons Recap - Warriors still winning it all? - We hired a psychic to tell us where LeBron will end up - Get @ Bobby Portis - Fixing our racist past - Bill Walton song - Shout Outs and Beefs (Boners) Get@MeDawg Tweets Jon:...