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Hosted by Timothy Roxbury the President of Butler Paranormal Research Society. Supernatural Realm is a show that discusses various paranormal investigative techniques and methods (science the supernatural, spiritual) how it all fits together. Topics including spirituality, psychic, intuitive, empath abilities, grounding and shielding technques, near death experiences, string theory, physics, quantum mechanics, dark matter, worm holes, parallel universes, general relativity, and the bending of space time. Is there divine order in the cosmos? What causes paranormal events? Are there parallel universes? Is time travel possible and does it exist? Is it possible to transfer(positive or negative) energy to one individual to another? What is a human aura? What do the various aura colors mean? What about someone who has premonitions? Discussing and these and other questions on Supernatural Realm.



This show will be available on Fri, Apr 26 at 8PM.