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Dornbirn, Austria




Cleveland, an industrial city in the Midwestern United States, once the fifth largest metropolis in the country, took the end of the sixties a more just 48th rank. Decline began to spread on the shore Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, the dirtiest of the USA The broth from oil, animal waste and chemicals on its surface was the one time or another already start to burn. Here, in the working class town developed in the seventies an underground scene who wanted to have nothing to do with bombastic love songs or styled Disco hoppers. Existential questions of life, doubts and fears were the focus here, and formed, together with the metallic towers of the steel industry, under a chemically discolored sky, the basis for a then unique screeching sound that is not wrongly called one of the roots of the American punk.



This show will be available on Sun, Feb 24 at 12PM.