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MJ Nixon, 2018 Predictions, Best of 2017: 1/6/18

Intro TOPIC- Nobigdyl- Shakira Zanuntee- God Bought Me ET Report NF-Let You Down WhatUPRG-Aquafina Deraj- Hold You Down ChrissyLane ft Surf Gvng- All For Me Top Of The Hour Social Club MSFTS-Pop Out Revenge TOPIC- Throwback Song Of The Day- 4th Avenue Jones- Its Over Now L4L- Best Of 2017 Lecrae- Blessings End Of Show

Duration: 02:02:47

Byron Juane, Secular Music, Rush to Marriage: 12/9/17

Byron Juane, Secular Music, Rush to Marriage: 12/9/17 by Trackstarz

Duration: 01:06:08

Mase vs Camron, Pregnant Ex Friend, Showdown 13: 12/2/17

Intro Sound Off - Mase vs Camron (new song) Byron Juane- Not The One (new song) Ricky Taylor-Sheep ET Report (new song) Angie Rose ft Ty Brasel- Welcome To Heaven Top Of The Hour (new song) GAWVI-High Note Noteworthy - Pregnant Ex Friend Throwback Song Of The Day- Ambassador- A Girl Name World L4L- Showdown 13 DeAndre-Get On End Of Show

Duration: 01:51:31

Tedashii, Pornography, Chance the Rapper, Cyhi The Prynce vs Mouthpi3ce: 11/18/17

Intro Interview - Tedashii and Ace (new song) Tedashii ft KB- Way Up (new song) Sean David Grant ft Roz-Justice League ET Report (new song) Capital Kings Ft Aaron Cole -Rip It Up Noteworthy - Pornography Top Of The Hour (new song) Joey Jewish-Position (new song) Surf Gvng & Zauntee- Nintendo Derek Minor ft Anesha Birchett-This Morning (new song) Canon-Round'em Up (new song) Whoz Meech-Walls Sound Off - What Chance the Rapper does that we dont do. Throwback Song Of The Day- The Procussions-...

Duration: 02:03:59

WHATUPRG, Young Saint, Greatest Crews, Big Sean vs KB: 11/11/17

Interview- Whatuprg Interview (new song) Corey Paul- Pipe Dreams (new song) Zaydok The Godhop MC ft Breana Marin -Forgive My Sins ET Report (new song) Whatuprg ft Phay- Where U Been? Review - Young Saint - Transition (new song) Young Saint- Ring Top Of The Hour (new song) Fedel- Betty Crocker Sound Off - Greatest Crews in Hip Hop History Throwback Song Of The Day- Dwayne Trumf- I Don't Pack A Matic L4L- Big Sean vs KB KB ft Andy Mineo- Not Today Satan End Of Show

Duration: 01:45:13

Misogyny, Male Privilege, SZA vs CASS: 11/4/17

Misogyny, Male Privilege, SZA vs CASS: 11/4/17 by Trackstarz

Duration: 01:58:31

Bonus: DeVon Franklin Interview

The Trackstarz interview author DeVon Franklin about his book, upcoming film, and future endeavors

Duration: 00:34:55

Sessions Tour, Unequally Yoked, Greatest Passion, Yo Gotti vs Benjamin Broadway: 10/28/17

Intro Sound Off - Sessions Tour (new song) Datin- Bout Dat (new song) Kaleb Mitchell ft Aaron Cole- Espanol ET Report (new song) Deraj- Hold You Down Noteworthy - Unequally Yoked Top Of The Hour Aaron Cole ft Tobymac-Right On Time (new song) Konata Small-Hold Some Sound Off - Greatest Passion in Hip Hop Throwback Song Of The Day- Corey Red- It's My Turn L4L- Yo Gotti vs Benjamin Broadway Benjamin Broadway ft Shope- I Rememeber End Of Show

Duration: 01:57:42

Loso vs BDot, The Interim, Showdown 12: 10/21/17

Intro TOPIC- Loso Interview (new song) Quote Jones-The Dedication (new song) Bridgewater- No Regrets ET Report (Commercial) (new song) Mission ft Bravndon P- Go Like That (new song) Sherrod White-Aiim High (new song) Derek Minor-This Morning Top Of The Hour (Commercial) (new song) Dee-1- For The Stars TOPIC- Adam Da Beginning Album Review (new song) Adam da Beginning- 30+ Summers Throwback Song Of The Day- da Truth- South Street L4L- Showdown 12 KiddGotiT-No Limit End Of Show

Duration: 01:50:54

Eminem Cypher, Sexual Harassment, Move Back In, Kendrick Lamar vs Lecrae 2: 10/14/17

Intro Sound Off - Eminem's BET Cypher (new song) S.O ft Json & Mission- All Day (new song) Angie Rose- Cafe Noir ET Report (new song) KB ft Andy Mineo- Not Today Satan (new song) Dee Black ft Mission-Rock Sound Off - Sexual Harassment Top Of The Hour (new song) Trip Lee-Forever Charlene Nash & Cortes- Real Love Noteworthy - Should I Move Back In? Throwback Song Of The Day- Lil Raskull-One Love L4L- Kendrick Lamar vs Lecrae 2 Lecrae ft Tori Kelly- I'll Find You End Of Show

Duration: 02:03:47

Piper, Perception, Lil Uzi Vert vs Jarry Manna: 10/7/17

Intro TOPIC-Lecrae & John Piper (new song) Benjamin Broadway ft Shope- I Remember (new song) Aaron Cole ft Toby Mac- Right On Time ET Report (new song) C-Micah-Ready (new song) Blanca ft Redimi2 - Give It All 1K Phew- Fettuccine Top Of The Hour Nobigdyl ft Aaron Cole- Poster TOPIC- NF Album Review (new song) NF-Let You Down L4L- Lil Uzi Vert vs Jarry Manna Jarry Manna ft Nobigdyl- Blessings OTW End Of Show

Duration: 02:16:25

#ATWT, All Men Cheat, #FrenchMontana vs #DoubleATL: 9/23/17

#ATWT, All Men Cheat, #FrenchMontana vs #DoubleATL: 9/23/17 by Trackstarz

Duration: 02:05:10

BONUS: Sean David Grant - Addicted ft. FMG

Sean David Grant - Addicted ft. FMG by Trackstarz

Duration: 00:03:50

Weird Hip Hop, Love Sick, Drake and Future vs Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed: 9/16/17

Intro Sound Off - Weird Hip Hop (new song) Social Club Misfits- Dive (new song) KB ft Aha Gazelle- Monster ET Report (new song) Lecrae-Broke Noteworthy - Love Sick Top Of The Hour (new song) Joey Jewish-Poison (new song) NF-Let You Down (new song) Hollyn- All My Love Throwback Song Of The Day- Richie Righteous- Who U Represent? L4L- Drake & Future vs Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed- Dunk Contest End Of Show

Duration: 01:57:46

Joel Osteen, Church Dress Code, Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobbs, Line 4 Line Showdown 11: 9/2/17

Intro Sound Off - Joel Osteen (new song) Mehlek Pfisha- Coup D'Etat (new song) J-LIL-4 Minute Mele ET Report (new song) DJ Myakael V ft WhatUPRG Victor Cornelius, Parris Chariz- Diamonds Noteworthy - Church Dress Code Top Of The Hour Derek Minor ft Ty Brasel, KB, Canon- Take Off G.I- Winning Dissect - Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj Throwback Song Of The Day- Flame- Money L4L- Showdown 11 KiddGotIt- Back Now End Of Show

Duration: 02:07:45

Greatest Producers, Surf Gvng, Thornz, Logic vs Loso: 8/26/17

Top Lists - Greatest Producers in Hip Hop (new song) Fedel-Drop Dance (new song) CASS- Silhouettes ET Report (new song) Nobigdyl ft Aaron Cole- Poster Interview - Surf Gvng Top Of The Hour Surf Gvng- I Know Album Review - Brinson - Thornz (new song) Brinson ft Big Fil- So Wishful L4L- Logic vs Loso LOSO ft Fee- Lo - Work It Out End Of Show

Duration: 02:03:01

White Nationalism, How to get Placed, Bruno Mars vs Tauren Wells: 8/19/17

Info Sound Off - White Nationalism (new song) Surf Gvng- I Know (new song) Japhia Life-Before Sunset ET Report (new song) Reconcile ft Lecrae- Woke Top Of The Hour Sound Off- How to get your music placed in movies (new song) Loso ft Fee-Lo- Work It Out (new song) NF- Green Lights Sean David Grant ft Eshon Burgundy- Good Enough L4L- Bruno Mars vs Tauren Wells (new song) Tauren Wells- Hills and Valleys End Of Show

Duration: 02:00:26

Beef With CHH, Bachelorette, Cardi B vs Angie Rose

Intro Sound Off - Beef With CHH ft. Pastor Damian L Boyd (new song) Kevi ft Joey Jewish- The Plug (new song) Zauntee- God Taught Me ET Report (new song) NF- Outro (@nfrealmusic) (new song) Derek Minor ft KB, Canon, Ty Brasel- Take Off Top Of The Hour Sound Off - Bachelorette Throwback Song Of The Day: Mars Ill ft Sev Statik- Touch N Go L4L- Cardi B vs Angie Rose Angie Rose & On Beat Music- For The Love End Of Show

Duration: 01:53:01

Greatest Flows, Glorious, Comics, Showdown 10: 8/5/17

Intro Top List - Greatest Flows in Hip Hop (new song) Sherrod White-Ride (new song) Charlene Nash & Cortes- Real Love ET Report (Commercial) (new song) Derek Minor ft Deraj & Byron Juane- Astronaut Dissect - Macklemore - Glorious Top Of The Hour (Commercial) Joey Jewish- 64 Noteworthy - Is it Wrong to watch Comic Movies? (Commercial) Throwback Song Of The Day: Knowdaverbs- What You Rock Now L4L- Showdown 10 Torey D Shaun- Walmart End Of Show

Duration: 02:00:50

Submission, Transgender Ban, In Love, Travis Scott vs Kaleb Mitchell: 7/29/17

Intro Sound Off - Author Russelyn Williams talks Submission (new song) Joel- Average (new song) Christon Gray-New Hesitation ET Report (new song) Thi'sl ft DJ Mykael V, Eshon Burgundy, Bizzle- Bar Cave Sound Off - Trumps Transgender Ban Top Of The Hour Jor'dan Armstrong-So Much Luv Swoope- All The Time Sound Off- Saying it in Love Throwback Song Of The Day: Mark J- National Anthem Remix L4L- Travis Scott vs Kaleb Mitchell Kaleb Mitchell- Get It End Of Show

Duration: 01:57:32

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