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Tagata o te Moana

RNZ New Zealand

A weekly Pacific magazine programme features New Zealand and regional Pacific news, issues, information and music.

A weekly Pacific magazine programme features New Zealand and regional Pacific news, issues, information and music.
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Wellington, New Zealand


A weekly Pacific magazine programme features New Zealand and regional Pacific news, issues, information and music.




Pacific news, features, interviews and music.

Tagata o te Moana for 23 December 2017

Incoming Tongan govt expects challenges from across the floor; Vanuatu minister says cabinet reshuffle creates more 'solid' government; Pacific to benefit from global climate finance summit; Huge Solomons airport development set for completion; Media freedom at risk in Samoa; Historical Pacific films part of a US project; Pacific sporting highlight all about the Tongans.

Duration: 00:31:45

Tagata o te Moana for 15 December 2017

Anti-nuclear advocacy from Pacific Islanders helped lay the groundwork for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons that is gaining momentum globally; Just over four weeks after the election of the new Tonga parliament, MPs will gather on Monday to choose a new prime minister; peak medical bodies and development workers raise concern over Australia's treatment of Manus Island refugees; Pacific Island MPs have been learning about how to deal with the challenges of government spending and...

Duration: 00:32:00

Tagata o te Moana for 9 December 2017

A New Zealand parliament select committee has heard there's currently no pathway for Indonesian-ruled Papua region, known as West Papua, to be put on the UN decolonisation list; French PM takes initiative for New Caledonia's independence referendum; An opposition MP has criticised Fiji's unions for not doing enough to boost bus driver conditions and prevent foreign workers coming in; Scientists are warning Japan's plans to dump treated water from the Fukushima power plant into the Pacific...

Duration: 00:30:26

Tagata o te Moana for 2 December 2017

Doctors say poor healthcare on Manus Island damaging Australia's reputation; Pacific emphasised in Australian foreign policy white paper; Justice sought for child accused of sorcery and tortured in PNG; Fiji Police concerned about increase in child suicides; Tonga to trial 24 hour helpline for victims of violence; Environmental and economic risk unknown in Cooks deep sea mining; Fiji's NFP says the govt's sugar figures are fraudulent; And Tahiti athletes under neutral banner at Mini Games.

Duration: 00:33:25

Tagata o te Moana for 25 November 2017

All remaining refugees removed from closed Manus detention camp; Tribal violence and unrest surge in PNG's LNG Project hub; Climate change could kill 50-80% of Pacific fish species - study; Tongan women celebrate post-election political progress; New Caledonia debates future institutions; Australia urged to do more to meet expectations as Pacific leader, and; Pacific aid agencies are encouraged to take the lead.

Duration: 00:31:38

Tagata o te Moana for 18 November 2017

The Democratic Party emerges victorious from Tonga's snap election; The new Solomons Prime Minister commits to anti-corruption; SPREP hopes to see more ambition at COP23; Surprise at Bonn launch of major Fiji plan; Advocates say ill Manus refugee being neglected; Samoa PM calls for revenue-sharing to solve rugby money woes; Environmentalists support call for Cooks tourism curb; 20 dolphins saved in Solomon Islands; Claims of bias coverage of Tongan and Samoan league fans.

Duration: 00:31:40

Tagata o te Moana for 4 November 2017

Manus Island detainees beg for help; residents from Vanuatu's Ambae return to their island, but their problems are far from over; Solomons government on the verge of collapse; and New Zealand points to Zero Carbon Act to curb emissions.

Duration: 00:31:46

Tagata o Te Moana for 28 October 2017

A journalist's death shines the spotlight on violence against women in in Papua New Guinea; The state of emergency declared for an erupting volcano in Vanuatu comes to an end; The Catholic Church in Guam, besieged by lawsuits, says it does not believe abusers remain in the clergy; And court action could delay the closure of the Australian run detention centre on Manus Island; A young New Zealander is walking the length of the country in support of a women's refuge in PNG; We meet a man...

Duration: 00:31:11

Tagata o Te Moana for 21 October 2017

Doctors warn of more asylum seeker deaths on Manus Island; Samoans say they're in the dark over the health of their prime minister; New Zealand mum about Fiji expulsion threat; What does the Taiwan presidential visit mean for the region?; Better mental health care urged in Tonga; NZ unveils new mobile hospital for disaster zones; PNG police force struggles with instability and under-resourcing; There's a sense of urgency among New Zealand based Niueans to preserve their threatened native...

Duration: 00:30:42

Tagata o Te Moana for 14 October 2017

Evacuees in limbo as Vanuatu emergency extended; Manus Island to Nauru transfer offer 'shameful'; Tongan govt still wants seat on Royal Privy Council; Niue moves from fishing to marine conservation; Fight continues over giant Hawaiian telescope plan; Samoa's inquiry into domestic violence wraps up; Economist says PACER-plus benefits for small states too; An emphasis is placed on Fijian language as the population grows in New Zealand.

Duration: 00:31:48

Tagata o te Moana for 7 October 2017

The state of people displaced by the volcano in Vanuatu is yet to be determined; The lack of psychiatric care outside PNG's Manus Island detention centre raises fears of more deaths; Indonesia has disputed the veracity of a West Papuan petition to the United Nations seeking self-determination; Niue announces a new marine sanctuary; Tuvalu language week celebrates for the fifth time in New Zealand with the focus on staying true to the culture; 15 of the 86 candidates who have put their...

Duration: 00:28:52

Tagata o te Moana for 30 October 2017

Authorities in Vanuatu are evacuating the entire island of Ambae - about 11,000 people - as the island's volcano continues to erupt; A petition to the United Nations with the signatures of 1.8 million West Papuans seeking self-determination could be a watershed moment for the independence movement; the Pacific has presented a united front at the UN General Assembly in New York in calling for global action on climate change; the president of Bougainville, John Momis, says the Papua New...

Duration: 00:31:52

Tagata o te Moana for 23 September 2017

Mixed feelings on Manus Island as 54 refugees are accepted for US resettlement; Several government departments in Papua New Guinea locked out of their offices because of unpaid rent;Australia is to allow more Pacific Island workers into the country under a new labour scheme; Child sex abuse scandal continues to plague Catholic church in Guam;Women in the Marshall Islands are being recruited for illegal US adoptions; Pasifika products feature this weekend in Auckland's Chocolate and Coffee...

Duration: 00:31:34

Tagata o te Moana for 16 September 2017 (LONG)

Papua New Guinea politics is reeling after the move by a main opposition party, the Pangu Pati, to join government; This year's Pacific Islands Forum Summit, held last week in Apia, was heavily influenced by a meeting of foreign ministers last month, which helped shape the agenda; Confrontation between media and Indonesian officials at the Pacific Island Forum Leaders summit in Apia last week turned sour when the topic of West Papua was brought up; The governor of Hawaii has signed into...

Duration: 00:33:17

Tagata o te Moana for 9 September 2017

Reactions in Tonga to the king's dissolution of parliament; West Papuans petition the UN for a supervised independence vote; Call for Bougainvilleans to look at independence options; Manus financial settlement no protection from future harm; Pacific fisheries agency urges caution over new tuna data; NZ's Pasifika voters talk about election issues, and; Prominent Tongans on how their culture and language shapes their work.

Duration: 00:31:45

Tagata o te Moana for 2 September 2017

Tongan's interim prime minister's ok with dissolution of Tongan parliament; Climate change, sustainable development, conservation and possibly West papua will be items on the agenda of a newly expanded Pacific Forum leaders summit line-up in Samoa next week; First Pasifika poet selected for prestigious NZ Poet Laureate award; Gay detainees fear for their lives and future if Australia close the detention centre on Manus Island; Fixing an ailing economy and a broken health system, as well as...

Duration: 00:31:34

Tagata o te Moana for 26 August 2017

Tonga's King Tuupou VI has dissolved parliament and called for fresh elections to be held by November 16th this year; As Yazaki winds down its operation in Samoa, a union is working to ensure employees receive all entitlements and new opportunities; Anti-nuclear and climate change activists have paid tribute to a man descirbed as a giant of history and an elegant climate warrior; A New Zealand Catholic lay missionary working in Papua New Guinea says he wants to raise concerns about the...

Duration: 00:32:00

Tagata o te Moana for 19 August 2017

More deaths in election related violence in Papua New Guinea; people on Guam rally for peace amid the tension between North Korea and the United Sattes; Pacific foreign ministers discuss building a collective foreign policy for the region; a suspended official from Tokelau speaks out about the atolls' controversial helicopter purchase; it's hoped wiping anti-gay laws from the Cook Islands lawbooks will encourage other Pacific islands to follow suit; the PNG government's called on to rein...

Duration: 00:32:04

Tagata o te Moana for 12 August 2017

Guam a pawn in US - North Korea confrontations - Academic; Manus detainees resist attempts to force them from camp; Resurfaced arrest warrant overshadows PNG PM's re-election; New Zealander who had been deported is now back at work in PNG; Uncertainty over New Caledonia Vale's nickel plant fuels fear of mass lay-offs; New Zealand examing PACER-Plus before final ratification; Samoa PM reflects on life as he promotes memoir.

Duration: 00:31:53

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