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Episode 60 - All About Jennifer

Hey guys! This week, the podcast is all about Jennifer! If you ever wanted to know more about our show's lovable vegan, now is your chance!

Duration: 00:44:31

Episode 59 - What We're Watching

This week the Chicks talk about the shows they are watching right now. Mindhunter, Game of Thrones, and more! Lots of Mindhunter spoilers, so if you’ve seen it, what did you think? What shows are you watching along with us? Let us know!!

Duration: 00:51:16

Episode 58 - All About Lola

On today's podcast, you get to learn all about Lola as we pepper her with questions and give her no preparation time!

Duration: 00:41:57

Episode 57 - Alias Grace on Netflix

Do we talk about Alias Grace on Netflix? Yeah of course... but we also dive into the feminist kiddie pool where baby feminists hang out. It's pretty much impossible to discuss anything about Margaret Atwood without putting on a pussy hat. Links: Stabbing vs. Sexual Assault Ellen Page's Facebook Post John Cusack on Twitter

Duration: 00:33:40

Episode 56 - The Great Penis Thanksgiving

This week The Chicks are talking about being thankful! Get ready for a hilarious barrage of things we are (and are not) thankful for, TFTC-style. Also, we celebrate Amanda’s 21 birthday, discuss a few TFTC current events, and talk about our upcoming Thanksgiving plans. Oh and...

Duration: 00:49:16

Episode 53 - Stranger Things 2: Hot Guys With Mullets

This week The Chicks are talking about Stranger Things 2. Amanda has an adventure in an airport, and there's a little preview of how much Heather LOVES Mindhunter. (We promise we're going to be podcasting about it!!) Heather, Jennifer, and Amanda all have varying opinions on the new season and would love to know your thoughts on the plot line, new characters, and the direction they went with Eleven's story. And P.S. We still love Dustin. :)

Duration: 00:44:58

Episode 53 - Dating! This is not a drill!

This week, The Chicks are back and talking about their latest dating updates! Has Lola been out with anyone new? Sara signs up for a dating site, then has a first date and lays it all out there! Amanda, Jennifer, and Heather all join this week, so get ready for a major dating update and more on this week's episode of Tales from the Chicks.

Duration: 00:51:03

Episode 52 - Stranger Things Season One

This week, the chicks are talking about Stranger Things---and even STRANGER things! Like what the damn hell is in Amanda's headphones!?!, Teddy Ruxpin, scorpions, and Heather's talking doll. We also discuss how much we love the characters in Stranger Things, how Johnathan and Dustin stole our hearts, and what horror movies scare the bejesus out of us.

Duration: 00:44:27

Episode 51 - All About Sara

This week, The Chicks add another installment to the "Get to Know" series, and this week it's Sara!! Listen in for a sweetened condensed version of her life story, how much she loves her kids (it's a lot), and find out which celebrity she wants to take to dinner. (Side note: She loves him a lot, too.)

Duration: 01:03:58

Episode 50 - Alias Grace the book

Two of your favorite chicks try to stay on topic while discussing Margaret Atwood's novel: Alias Grace... they have a hard time staying on topic though! Check it out and stay tuned for their podcast about the Netflix series in a few weeks!

Duration: 00:52:19

Episode 49 - Travel

In this weeks episode, the Chicks discuss all of the places they have traveled to and the places they'd like to travel to someday.

Duration: 00:44:14

Episode 47 - Current Events

The Chicks are back this week to discuss current events! Touching on the NFL and the President, the St. Louis Protests, and the Invictus games hosted by our favorite adorable Naughty Prince. (Did you see him with the kid and the popcorn?) Join us as we discuss some of the latest current events together.

Duration: 00:58:02

Episode 47 - Get to know Amanda

This week's podcast is all about our youngest Chick: Amanda! Sit back, relax... and get to know Amanda!

Duration: 00:44:40

Episode 46 - Organization, kind of

BF season tweet A Slob comes clean Capsule Wardrobe The Chicks chat about Organization with topics, like email, making their beds, menu planning, closets, and capsule wardrobes. From Bullet Journals to Excel Spreadsheets, the chicks hilariously cover it all in this episode, but not before a not so quick dating update. (We try to keep that neat and organized too.) This is a really funny episode y'all. Links to A Slob Comes Clean, and Un-Fancy, who are not affiliated with Tales from the...

Duration: 01:14:04

Episode 45 - Voyager

This week The Chicks are discussing book three in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series: Voyager. They also check in regarding hurricane Harvey. Impact if Harvey hit other states.

Duration: 01:04:29

Episode 44 - Game of Thrones S07

The Chicks are chatting about Game of Thrones Season 07 on today's episode! Sorry for the slightly not fantastic audio as we had some technical issues - the new equipment is on it's way! This episode is dark and full of spoilers... Everything from Jon Snow's fine ass to potential happenings of season 08. Making of Episode 6 #GameofThrones #Thronesyall #GoT #JonSnow

Duration: 01:03:08

Episode 43 - Outlander Season 2

This week, while enduring #droutlander - The Chicks chat about Season 2 of Outlander on Starz. Dragonfly In Amber was a lot more fun to watch than it was to read! We loved the casting, we loved the costumes! We loved season two.

Duration: 00:40:28

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

This week The Chicks (and one cranky Baby Chick) chat their way through Diana Gabaldon's second book in the Outlander series: Dragonfly in Amber. #outlander #briannahate #teamroger #timetravel #france #spoilers (this could probably go on every podcast we do.) #booklovers #jacobiterebellion #battleofculloden #bonnieprincecharles #DFIA #dragonflyinamber #fergus #Scotland #droutlander

Duration: 00:42:57

Episode 41 - The Dobler-Dahmer Theory

Link to article "Stay Single Until You Meet a Guy Like This"

Duration: 00:46:23

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