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Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.

Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.
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Mohegan Lake, NY


Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.






Episode 361: The Super Secret Star Wars Show

#GetExcite! Hyping up and theorizing Star Wars: The Last Jedi with fellow geek Andrew Martini / Life Day: Red saw the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time / Watch This: Rian Johnson’s power as a writer and director / A Star Wars Signature: The importance of wipe transitions -

Duration: 01:22:56

Episode Xbox 360: Come On, Get Horny!

Xbox One X S One: Microsoft seems to be offloading their Xbox One S stock in favor of the Xbox One X / Television for Bitches: Jack and Mike know the pain of sitting through episodes of “Four Weddings” / Sex, Wheels, and… Babies: Washington couple busted for having sex while driving, with an infant in the backseat / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Arkansas couple names their daughter after the Olive Garden / This Week In…: RIP David Cassidy, and Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is good, nostalgic...

Duration: 01:10:14

Episode 359: Pay-to-Whine

Philan-Fro-pist: Fro has a new business venture, guaranteed to either make him thousands and/or put him in jail / An Interview, kind of: “Deep voice guy” Aadam Clegg is promoting his band’s show – Chase the Past, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA – November 25th, 2017 / This Week In…: RIP AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, and Stone Temple Pilots introduce their new frontman / Pay-to-Whine: Lootboxes and micro-transactions are ruining video games, while classics, rehashes and Skyrim...

Duration: 01:29:10

Episode 358: We Care a Lot

The Red Wedding: Recapping the marriage and honeymoon of Big “James Park II” Red / Toot-toot: Kansas City detective bails on interrogation after suspect keeps farting / This Week In…: A Perfect Circle’s “no photo” policy at shows causing controversy, Rian Johnson gets a new Star Wars trilogy for himself, and RIP to a well-known musician / Bad Timing: Boston radio host Mike Felger under fire due to his comments about Roy Halladay’s death / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Florida woman attempts to...

Duration: 01:16:01

Episode 357: Laugh Track

My Mother the Car: Jack and Fro play audio from a 1960s show considered to be one of the worst television programs ever made / This Week In…: The CBS-Entercom merger causes a big shuffle in Boston radio, Danny Tramp’s Twitter account was briefly deactivated by an outgoing employee with brass balls, and the greatest bands are all going on tour together next year / Kevin Spacey Fiasco: In the growing list of Hollywood dirtbags, Kevin Spacey loses everything and then some / TRM Free-for-All:...

Duration: 01:22:27

Episode 356: Hair/Ass

Sexual Harassment-a-palooza ’17: George H.W. Bush accused of sexual assault because he’s confined to a wheelchair / This Week In…: Stranger Things 2, #OneChipChallenge fails during a morning newscast, and Fred Toucher goes on an explosive rant about Twitter / Mister Presidumb: 45 himself, Danny Tramp, reminds the media that he is “very intelligent” / Nerdgasm: Resident wasteland wanderer Mike Tarara advises Jack on how to properly play Survival mode in Fallout 4 -

Duration: 01:33:54

Episode 355: Hey Man, Nice Sauce

Red’s Bachelor Party: Big Red is getting married, and he kind of remembers what happened at his bachelor party / The Las Vegas Massacre: Discussing the shootings in Las Vegas and the messed up mind of Stephen Paddock / This Week In…: Remembering Tom Petty and AOL Instant Messenger / The Schwifty Szechuan Sauce Power Hour: Recapping the second half of season 3 of “Rick and Morty,” plus the Great McDonald’s Szechaun Sauce Debacle of 2017 -

Duration: 01:31:05

Episode 354: Straight to Hell

Dead People: RIP Hugh Hefner and David Henneberry (aka the guy who found one of the Boston Marathon bombers hiding in his boat) / The People vs. Donald Trump: Pretty much everyone is displeased with the response to the Puerto Rico crisis by 45 himself, President Ronald Thump / This Week In…: Recapping the fall television premiers, figuring out what’s going through Megyn Kelly’s mind, and nerding out over the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 / “It Was a Ruff Flight” (Thanks for the dad...

Duration: 01:24:43

Episode 353: The World Ends with You

Celebrity Deaths – RIP Charles Bradley, a soul singer with a terrific voice / Pen15 – Angry mother finds a penis hidden in an episode of Netflix’s “Maya the Bee” / This Week In… – Linda Hamilton returns to the Terminator franchise, and Linkin Park’s upcoming concert honoring Chester Bennington’s memory / The End is Nigh – The world supposedly ends today (September 23) and the Emergency Alert System gave California residents the heads up / How Fucking Dumb Are You? A Texas woman flips her...

Duration: 01:15:17

Episode 352: Boobs

Clay Travis from FOX Sports proclaims his two beliefs on CNN: The First Amendment, and boobs / This Week In, mourning the deaths of three entertainers, dissecting Apple’s newest devices, nerding out over Star Wars Episode IX’s new director, and wondering why the “Cash Me Outside” girl even exists / Nerdgasm, a new segment dedicated to geeky personal interests, featuring Kate and her love of anime -

Duration: 01:16:37

Episode 351: Irma Gerd, It's a Reboot!

Reboot - An explanation behind Talk Radio Meltdown's hiatus and new format / "TRM Hurricane Update" - Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, plus "Rick and Morty" creator Justin Roiland pranks calls the Joel Osteen prayer line / "Ask a Dad," featuring parenting advice from new dad Mike Tarara / "This Week In," celebrating the anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, the release of Destiny 2, and new music from U2 and St. Vincent / "What Would You Do?" A woman caught her mechanic joy-riding in...

Duration: 01:24:22

Episode Tree-Fiddy: Richard Horvitz

As part of this program’s 350th mild-stone episode, enjoy an hour-long interview with voice actor Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, Power Rangers, The Angry Beavers!) / “Working with a One-Upper,” as read by celebrity guests / #FireColbert / Catching up with “The King of CB Radio” / Flashback to 2012, when Jack eloquently prank called “Can Man Radio” -

Duration: 02:12:22

Episode 349: We Didn't Start the Fyre

This episode was streamed on Facebook Live, giving listeners the chance to watch four hillbillies talk to one another about their one-sided interests / The 2017 US Air Guitar Championships are upon everyone except Jack / All the cool kids are posting on Facebook their “9 bands I’ve seen live, 1 is a lie” lists / Fyre Festival, probably one of the biggest music festival disasters in recent history / Reading Google reviews of the ADX Florence supermax prison / Alex Jones admits his shtick is...

Duration: 01:59:13

Episode 347: Szechuan Sauce

Bipolar New England weather hindered previous attempts at recording this episode / Someone on this show is going to be a dad (or, the worst-kept secret on Talk Radio Meltdown) / Ghost in the Shell is getting polarizing reviews / Jack highly recommends watching the new season of Samurai Jack / The age of cartoon revivals: Invader Zim is returning in movie-form / Adult Swim’s 2017 April Fools Day prank: Premiering Season 3 of RICKANDMORTYRICKANDMORTYRICKANDMORTY / Alice in Chains frontman...

Duration: 02:08:33

Money Shots: 2015 - 2016

Remember these moments from the past couple of years? Neither do we! / 2015: Kate vs. Red vs. Pokemon Snap / The problems with procreation and social media / The Beauty and the Beast debate / Building a wall around Cuba / From 2016: Fro proposes to Jack at Chik-fil-A / Speaking with an upper inflection / Kate is an Asian porn star / Kate describes her favorite shower ritual of Jack’s in detail / Miley Cyrus joins the show / Kate details “the black blood” / Christopher Walken does...

Duration: 00:53:28

Episode 346: Brad's Wife

Puppies vs. children, or why Jack wants his bits snipped / Donating sperm apparently comes with an insane education requirement / Red is gaming for 24 straight hours in November for Extra Life / Obamacare is here to stay / Social media at its finest – The saga of Brad, his wife, and Cracker Barrel / White people rap / JJ Abrams’ new film Overlord is supposedly Cloverfield 4 / Worcester businessman buys restaurant property with drug money -

Duration: 01:40:07

Episode 345: Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down

“St. Patty’s Day” vs. “St. Paddie’s Day” / Winter Abomination Stella / The ridiculous folk you encounter at restaurants / The best types of Narragansett beer / Jack, Kate, and a bunch of basic bitches / When your family cares more about your dog than about you / Internet weatherman Frankie McDonald warns everyone about Stella / Guest co-host Abby started his own podcast / Jack breaks the studio desk / Target attempts to name Boston neighborhoods, fails miserably -

Duration: 02:11:03

Episode 344: Shake Your Blood

15 seconds of fame: Guy’s kids crash his BBC interview / Mike Tarara has split personality disorder / British morning news break shows the chestburster scene from Alien, during a kid’s show / Red highly recommends Get Out / Marvel’s Iron Fist is getting horrific reviews across the board / Disney needs to cut back on the live-action remakes / Dave Grohl needs to resurrect Probot / Whatever happened to Uwe Boll? / We spoil ALL of Logan – if you want to see this movie, stop listening here /...

Duration: 02:41:25

Episode 343: La-La-Land vs. Moonlight vs. The Terminator

RIP Bill Paxton / Mike thoroughly enjoyed John Wick / Suicide Squad won an Oscar / The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting unanimous praise / The Great Awards Show Mishap of Aught Seventeen / For the first time since Episode 41, the weekly “Fuck You!” / Recapping the 2017 Great American Party / A terrible drummer for an Aerosmith cover band tried to defraud Nickelback’s drummer / Arnie quits The Apprentice, much to Danny Tramp’s delight -

Duration: 02:48:31

Episode 342: Man-Eating Jackrabbits and Killer Cacti

The band Editors, aka the poor man’s Interpol / Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band: Battle for the crappy plastic instruments / The best kids show theme songs / The stuttering “Have you ever had a dream” kid / Keith Partidge has dementia / The disaster that was the 2017 Grammy’s / Some idiot thought a Walking Dead Negan/Lucille shirt was “racist” / Good Guy Eminem can joke about himself / Jack just recently watched the masterpiece that is Cowboy Bebop / Danny Tramp vs. BBC / Comedians stealing...

Duration: 02:47:32

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