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Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.

Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.
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Mohegan Lake, NY


Talk Radio Meltdown began in April 2009 by Jack Gill, as a two hour podcast that covered everything from current events to the hosts’ bizarre personal lives.






Episode 368: The Everlasting Gaze

Crestfallen: The Smashing Pumpkins (mostly) reunited, but the real news has been the non-stop shade throwing between Billy Corgan and D’arcy Wretzky / You’s Trollin’: Internet trolls on social media are attempting (and failing) to stir up controversy with the release of the Black Panther film / Nightmare at Sea: Passengers on a South Pacific cruise endured days of physical attacks and all-out mayhem -


Episode 367: Ho-Riffic

Irrational Pet Fears: Show-dog Cooper is afraid of random, household objects / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Woman alleges Spirit Airlines pressured her into flushing down a toilet her “emotional support” hamster / Red Previews a Movie: Big Red previews Solo: A Star Wars Story, despite having not seen its trailer / This Week In…: Recapping recent celebrity and music news, plus Logan Paul learned absolutely nothing from his Aokigahara controversy -


Episode 366: San Dimas High School Football Rules!

Scoreball: In an unprecedented move for Talk Radio Meltdown, Jack and Mike spend almost the entire episode discussing football and Super Bowl LII / What Would You Have Done? An angry father lunges for disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, and Jack and Mike question if they would have done the same in this situation / Rosemary and Thyme to Get Arrested: A crazed Lana Del Rey fan gets arrested at her gig in Florida after posting on Facebook his intent to kidnap her -...


Money Shots - The Best of the Reboot

Presenting Money Shots, the best (and worst) of the rebooted Talk Radio Meltdown, featuring things that were said, done, and goofed upon in late 2017 / Episode 351: “What Would You Have Done?” A woman caught her mechanic joy-riding in her limited edition Camaro, causing her taped confrontation to go viral / Episode 360: Jack and Mike know the pain of sitting through episodes of “Four Weddings” / Test Show 1: Woman born without a vagina crowdfunds surgery so she can have sex with her...


Episode 365: Unbreakable Kimmy Turpin

Shutdown: Danny Tramp previously put the blame of a U.S. government shutdown on the President, which is exactly what happened prior to recording this episode / Parents of the Year: Dissecting the curious case of David and Louise Turpin of California, who more or less held their dozen children captive in their own home / Vista-out-of-Print: Gay couple receives hateful pamphlets from Vistaprint instead of the wedding programs they ordered / This Week In…: Video of a “brace for impact”...


Episode 364: Rosemary and Thyme

Lust for Life: Jack and Kate recap the Lana Del Rey show at the TD Garden in Boston / FroZone: Fro-host Chris Froment offers his opinions on Tide PODS, Ugandan Knuckles, Net Neutrality, and Logan Paul / Not a Drill: Hawaii residents were awoken to an incoming ballistic missile warning, thankfully a false alarm / This Week In…: Sam Rockwell curses on SNL, Christian Bale regrets Terminator Salvation, and the Call of Duty swatter finally gets charged -


Episode 363: Aokigahara

Bombogenesis: At the time of recording, the weather in New England is stupid cold / The Fall of Logan Paul: YouTube star Logan Paul, who represents everything that is wrong with millennials, causes controversy after filming a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest” / Red Previews a Movie: Big Red previews Avengers: Infinity War, despite having not seen its trailer nor read up on any details about the movie / TRM’s Top Songs of 2017: The crew sample their favorite musical picks from the past...


Episode 362: The Room

In this "very special episode," Jack, Mike and Big Red watch the 2003 cult classic "The Room." The decision to dedicate an entire episode to this masterpiece was inspired by the film "The Disaster Artist" starring James and Dave Franco. The best way to enjoy this episode is by streaming the video version at -


Episode 361: The Super Secret Star Wars Show

#GetExcite! Hyping up and theorizing Star Wars: The Last Jedi with fellow geek Andrew Martini / Life Day: Red saw the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time / Watch This: Rian Johnson’s power as a writer and director / A Star Wars Signature: The importance of wipe transitions -


Episode Xbox 360: Come On, Get Horny!

Xbox One X S One: Microsoft seems to be offloading their Xbox One S stock in favor of the Xbox One X / Television for Bitches: Jack and Mike know the pain of sitting through episodes of “Four Weddings” / Sex, Wheels, and… Babies: Washington couple busted for having sex while driving, with an infant in the backseat / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Arkansas couple names their daughter after the Olive Garden / This Week In…: RIP David Cassidy, and Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie is good, nostalgic...


Episode 359: Pay-to-Whine

Philan-Fro-pist: Fro has a new business venture, guaranteed to either make him thousands and/or put him in jail / An Interview, kind of: “Deep voice guy” Aadam Clegg is promoting his band’s show – Chase the Past, Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA – November 25th, 2017 / This Week In…: RIP AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, and Stone Temple Pilots introduce their new frontman / Pay-to-Whine: Lootboxes and micro-transactions are ruining video games, while classics, rehashes and Skyrim...


Episode 358: We Care a Lot

The Red Wedding: Recapping the marriage and honeymoon of Big “James Park II” Red / Toot-toot: Kansas City detective bails on interrogation after suspect keeps farting / This Week In…: A Perfect Circle’s “no photo” policy at shows causing controversy, Rian Johnson gets a new Star Wars trilogy for himself, and RIP to a well-known musician / Bad Timing: Boston radio host Mike Felger under fire due to his comments about Roy Halladay’s death / How Fucking Dumb Are You? Florida woman attempts to...


Episode 357: Laugh Track

My Mother the Car: Jack and Fro play audio from a 1960s show considered to be one of the worst television programs ever made / This Week In…: The CBS-Entercom merger causes a big shuffle in Boston radio, Danny Tramp’s Twitter account was briefly deactivated by an outgoing employee with brass balls, and the greatest bands are all going on tour together next year / Kevin Spacey Fiasco: In the growing list of Hollywood dirtbags, Kevin Spacey loses everything and then some / TRM Free-for-All:...


Episode 356: Hair/Ass

Sexual Harassment-a-palooza ’17: George H.W. Bush accused of sexual assault because he’s confined to a wheelchair / This Week In…: Stranger Things 2, #OneChipChallenge fails during a morning newscast, and Fred Toucher goes on an explosive rant about Twitter / Mister Presidumb: 45 himself, Danny Tramp, reminds the media that he is “very intelligent” / Nerdgasm: Resident wasteland wanderer Mike Tarara advises Jack on how to properly play Survival mode in Fallout 4 -


Episode 355: Hey Man, Nice Sauce

Red’s Bachelor Party: Big Red is getting married, and he kind of remembers what happened at his bachelor party / The Las Vegas Massacre: Discussing the shootings in Las Vegas and the messed up mind of Stephen Paddock / This Week In…: Remembering Tom Petty and AOL Instant Messenger / The Schwifty Szechuan Sauce Power Hour: Recapping the second half of season 3 of “Rick and Morty,” plus the Great McDonald’s Szechaun Sauce Debacle of 2017 -


Episode 354: Straight to Hell

Dead People: RIP Hugh Hefner and David Henneberry (aka the guy who found one of the Boston Marathon bombers hiding in his boat) / The People vs. Donald Trump: Pretty much everyone is displeased with the response to the Puerto Rico crisis by 45 himself, President Ronald Thump / This Week In…: Recapping the fall television premiers, figuring out what’s going through Megyn Kelly’s mind, and nerding out over the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 / “It Was a Ruff Flight” (Thanks for the dad...


Episode 353: The World Ends with You

Celebrity Deaths – RIP Charles Bradley, a soul singer with a terrific voice / Pen15 – Angry mother finds a penis hidden in an episode of Netflix’s “Maya the Bee” / This Week In… – Linda Hamilton returns to the Terminator franchise, and Linkin Park’s upcoming concert honoring Chester Bennington’s memory / The End is Nigh – The world supposedly ends today (September 23) and the Emergency Alert System gave California residents the heads up / How Fucking Dumb Are You? A Texas woman flips her...


Episode 352: Boobs

Clay Travis from FOX Sports proclaims his two beliefs on CNN: The First Amendment, and boobs / This Week In, mourning the deaths of three entertainers, dissecting Apple’s newest devices, nerding out over Star Wars Episode IX’s new director, and wondering why the “Cash Me Outside” girl even exists / Nerdgasm, a new segment dedicated to geeky personal interests, featuring Kate and her love of anime -


Episode 351: Irma Gerd, It's a Reboot!

Reboot - An explanation behind Talk Radio Meltdown's hiatus and new format / "TRM Hurricane Update" - Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida, plus "Rick and Morty" creator Justin Roiland pranks calls the Joel Osteen prayer line / "Ask a Dad," featuring parenting advice from new dad Mike Tarara / "This Week In," celebrating the anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, the release of Destiny 2, and new music from U2 and St. Vincent / "What Would You Do?" A woman caught her mechanic joy-riding in...


Episode Tree-Fiddy: Richard Horvitz

As part of this program’s 350th mild-stone episode, enjoy an hour-long interview with voice actor Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim, Power Rangers, The Angry Beavers!) / “Working with a One-Upper,” as read by celebrity guests / #FireColbert / Catching up with “The King of CB Radio” / Flashback to 2012, when Jack eloquently prank called “Can Man Radio” -


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