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Ep 99 - Hardware 2.5, really?

So much talk this week in Talking Tesla Nation about the confirmed existence of Hardware 2.5! As you can imagine, the guys have some thoughts. Also discussions about how Tesla sold $1.8 billion of eight-year unsecured bonds at a yield of 5.30 percent. Lots of other news, including more Model 3 details, Bollinger's B1 electric utility truck, the new Leaf, and Mel drools over a story about the Model Y. The guys manage to squeeze in plenty of energy and Solar, Space X, and AI talk this week too.

Duration: 02:00:32

Ep 98 - Burning Cash For 3 And Y

This week is all about the Tesla 2017 2Q Earnings Call. Mel, Tom and Robert unpack all that was said. There is also some more discussion about who is placing their orders for the Model 3, and we received an anonymous letter from a Tesla employee, explaining some misunderstandings about the Model 3 Delivery Event. Keep sending us your letters, and please go write us a review on itunes!

Duration: 02:19:35

Ep 97 - All Model 3, All The Time

Join Mel, Tom and Robert as they talk through every detail of the Model 3. After the big Model 3 there is a lot to unpack. This week the guys take you through Elon's presentation and then discuss all of the aspects of the Model 3. Who in the Talking Tesla team will be buying the 3?

Duration: 02:20:12

Ep 96 - Model 3 Launch: T Minus 3 Days And Counting

The week has finally arrived! Model 3 Launch this Friday and the guys are seriously excited. Lots of news this week, including Smart Air Suspension now being standard in all Tesla Models S & X! Lots of other Tesla, EV, renewable,supercharger, Tunnel and Space news. Mel and Tom will be Live Streaming their viewing and some post-game commentary of the Model 3 event (from the comfort of the studio). Come join them at https://www.youtube.com/c/TalkingTesla this Friday evening.

Duration: 01:53:30

Ep 95 - Elon's AI-nxiety

Saturday in Rhode Island at the National Governors Association meeting, Elon Musk described artificial intelligence as “the greatest risk we face as a civilization” & said that regulators must reign in AI developers. The guys unpack the meeting in detail, including Elon's discussion about the future of autonomous vehicles, Space, Gigafactories and the Tesla stock price. There is also all of this weeks EV, renewables, Space X and supercharger news to discuss!

Duration: 01:39:53

Ep 94 - Any Color, As Long As It's Black

A huge week in Talking Tesla Nation! The Model 3! SN1 arrived on Saturday, Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis was in line to receive the first car, but passed its rights to Elon Musk as a 46th birthday present. Other big EV news is that Volvo announced that all Volvos will have some electric motor, hybrid or full EV from 2019. In Battery news, TESLA energy is about to install the world's biggest battery backup in the world, by a factor of 3 (130 MWH) in 100 days...or forfeit about 50...

Duration: 01:48:18

Ep 93 - Model 3 Has Arrived

The Model 3 has arrived and Mel is back in town! Its a big week for EV's with Elon's very exciting tweets on Sunday about the Model 3 production schedule, also Tesla introduces new performance enhancements to the Model S and X, Porsche plans 50% of its production to be electric within 6 years, and a Model 3 was spotted in New Zealand!

Duration: 01:27:44

Ep 92 - Elon's Double Double

Tom Wolfson and Robert Rosenbloom bring you all of this weeks Tesla Nation news! Before they get to the exciting double header Space X news, they bring you some encouraging EV and renewable news from around the planet. There are some new Model 3 photos which are pointing to 300+ mile range and a lot of interior details. Also, conference organizer, "Forth", recently helped to launch an electric car-sharing program for a low-income community in Portland, The Queen of England has made some...

Duration: 01:30:18

Ep 91 - Crash That X

Another news filled week in Tesla Nation.The happy Tesla news this week is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded the Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category, making it the first SUV ever to earn the 5-star rating across the board. Tom and Robert talk about the pre-owned Model S' on the Tesla site right now and the Model 3 counter. The Model3Counter is using a new algorithm (2.0), and the guys discuss Tom's place in line....

Duration: 01:44:48

Ep 90 - Who Needs Mel?

Tom and Robert are in the studio, holding down the fort and bringing you all of the Tesla Nation news from the past week. Lots to talk about this week, Tesla Surpasses BMW to Become the 4th Most Valuable Car Company in the World, plenty of discussion about Autonomous driving, solar & batteries and Space X has a launch coming up this weekend.

Duration: 01:34:16

Ep 89 - Robert's Model 3 Encounter

Robert returns from his fourth Factory Tour, and has stories to tell! He went up to Fremont as a participant in the Tesla Owners Clubs Leadership forum. Obviously the guys address the news about the United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, and Elon Musk's departure from the presidential councils and the usual Tesla, renewable energy, and Space X news for the week.

Duration: 01:39:56

Ep 88 - S vs. 3

Tom is BACK! Tesla came out with a Model 3 vs. Model S comparison chart, which brings up a lot of questions. Also lots of Model 3 sightings lately, which is ramping up the excitement in the studio. Lots of other autonomous driving, Space X, and renewable energy news to talk about. Also, we have been receiving some lovely gifts from listeners lately. Keep up the letters, we love hearing from our listeners.

Duration: 01:52:58

Ep 87 - Robert Talks To Elon

News this week that existing owners can give free, unlimited Supercharging to up to five friends by sharing their referral code seems to have caused confusion, and mixed reactions. Meanwhile, our most exciting news this week is that Robert got into a little tweet exchange with Elon Musk about the Tesla Autopilot Software. Also lots of talk of gigafactory, solar and supercharger news.

Duration: 01:26:19

Ep 86 - Drag Racing Your Tesla Loaner Car

Robert and Mel are back this week, sans Tom, to discuss all of your Tesla news. Mel clears the air about his Model X's Wavy lines, and they discuss the sad news this week involving the Gruber Motors fire and the loss of the TZero, a rare EV that inspired Elon to make EV’s. Mel tells of his Tesla Solar Roof plans, and talks real costs. Robert reports that the Tesla P100DL loaner program cars are limited to a top speed of 85 mph. Discussions ensue about the Model 3 margin, The Boring...

Duration: 01:29:04

Ep 85 - Junk In The Frunk (Q1 Earnings Call)

The guys are all together. Kind of! Robert is trying out the new vocal booth for us in the new studio. There is a LOT to discuss about the earnings call, but also other Tesla, Space X and The Boring Company news from the week.

Duration: 01:41:52

Ep 84 - Elon, Ted, Boring!

This week's big focus is on Elon Musk and The Boring Company, after his conversation at the 2017 TED conference. So much to discuss! Tunnels! All three of the guys are back in the new studio this week. Lots of talk of the Semi-truck, Space X & Mars, the Model 3, solar roof tiles, batteries, and gigafactories! Also, they talk about the Tesla market surge. They cover the whole gamut this week.

Duration: 01:33:04

Ep 83 - Superchargers For Everyone

Tom & Mel are in the studio this week, reporting on all things Tesla. Including the safety of the Model S, after a Californian Tesla driver was unhurt last week, after rolling down a 500 foot hill in his S! The guys discuss an infographic which shows how autopilot sees the world, Elon's current status with his milestones, and some battery and renewable energy news for the week. Robert chimes in with the breaking supercharger news, and also a few secrets from the inside, about the Model 3!

Duration: 01:25:24

Ep 82 - The Trucks Are Coming

Also, they have a few complaints this week. Mel has another injury from the Falcon Wing doors, and Robert talks about his Autopilot, and all the things to be careful of when cruising in Autopilot. Meanwhile, the California DMV granted Apple clearance to start using autonomous vehicles, and VW have announced EV plans. And in sad news this week, The Tesla Parking Lot instagram has been removed.

Duration: 02:02:44

Ep 81 - Model 3 Loaner Car

It seems Tesla have been listening! Mel got a call last week from the Tesla Service centre, suggesting all this talk of his wavy lines was getting embarrassing for them. So, he tells us how it all went down. Including his Tesla loaner. Meanwhile, Robert went up north to visit the Tesla Factory for his 3rd tour! He reports about the tour and also, the Gen 4's first big trip. He talks all about autopilot and how the trip went. Big discussions about A.I. and the demise of civilization, some...

Duration: 02:04:18

Ep 80 - Launch, Land, Repeat

This 80th episode is our first Talking Tesla recorded in the new studio! Mel talks about plans to go 100 % solar in the studio, and his ongoing efforts to "go zero".This weeks excitement focuses mainly on the big Space X news! A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with a used first stage launched the SES-10 communications satellite from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. And they stuck the landing! More discussion about Update 8.10, including regenerative breaking and Mel's wavy lines. Also....Robert...

Duration: 01:59:49

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