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Why Racism Is Genius w/ @wendi_c_thomas

In this episode, Gabby, KT, and Joy are joined with the lovely Wendi C Thomas of Topics discussed: -How does economics play a role in racial inequality -How important is it for black people who have "made it", to help fellow black people -The correlation between poverty in crime in America -Why White poor people continue to vote against their best interest -Joy and KT discuss their different run-ins with racial discrimination in education and the professional environment -How to...

Duration: 01:10:44

Is Society Too Sensitive? w/ @blkpaco and @boeknowzz

Content Warning: 18+ Language and Sexual References In this episode, Gabby, KT, and Joy are joined with Blk Paco from Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts Podcast ( and Boe from the Zoe ViewPodcast( Topics Discussed - Is Political Correctness destroying America - What constitutes as homophobia - When is the right time to call out terrible behavior - Is Blk Paco the sensitive one? And more Blk Paco social media...

Duration: 01:24:03

Why Millennials Are the Worst Generation

More In this episode Gabby and KT discuss - is this generation more violent than others? -why this generation is so disrespectful to authority -how the school to prison pipeline affects them - decriminalization of drugs and more Thank you for listening. Share with a friend if you enjoyed it! Social Media: FREE MERCH

Duration: 00:36:08

How Evangelicals Destroyed America w/ @justinruff

In this episode Gabby, KT, and Joy are joined with the wonderful Justin Ruff ( They discuss - how the conservative movement became the “Christian/moral Party - Why more Christians are loyal to party than Christian Values - How Trump was able to win the evangelical vote - Purity culture and how that plays a part in the pro-life movement and, Justin shares some stories on how purity culture affected him as a man. Justin twitter:...

Duration: 00:57:39

The Dangers of Fitness Culture

In this episode, Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss fitness culture, why gyms are intimidating, and how people with "good intentions" can do more harm than good. They also talk about their own fitness journeys and the people that helped or deterred them from pursuing good physical health. They also discuss body image issues, and what can be done to help obtain better self-love. Win free merch!!! Social media:

Duration: 00:58:34

I'm Not Rooting For Everyone Black

More social media: In this episode Gabby and KT discuss how all skinfolk ain't kinfolk, Prince Harry's new bae, and Russel Simmon's TRASHness. They then critique Rihanna's comments on using transwomen, and end the episode responding to some comments on soundcloud. Win free merch! All you have to do is follow us on social media:

Duration: 00:39:29

Why Men Hate Feminists w/ @kilo_righteous

In this episode Gabby, KT and Joy are joined with Kilo from The Regular Podcast ( They start the conversation with a lightning round of controversial yes or no questions, they then discuss why men hate feminists, and Gabby and Kilo debate if "Women are Trash" is a common sentiment in the media. They also discuss if catcalling is a big deal and gender roles. KIlo Social Media Our...

Duration: 01:02:23

All Black Girls Are Fast w/ @vj_burton

In this episode, Gabby and KT are joined with VJ to discuss the hypersexualization of black girls. They discuss when they first realized they were being objectified, rape culture, if nice guys finish last, and why a lot of black families protect predators. VJ social OUr social media

Duration: 01:05:39

Should White People Adopt Black Children?

In this episode Gabby, Joy, and KT discuss "interracial" adoption and if they think it's a good idea. They then begin discussing why millennials resort to social media for help with their mental illness. Joy and KT get into a heated debate about if people go on there to seek attention. ...They made up later all is well.... social media

Duration: 00:45:46

Are Men Trash Because of Their Mothers?

In this episode Gabby and KT are joined with Flaw 700 ( and Danny ( They discuss why black boys are hyper-sexualized so early, at what age they started objectifying women and why, if nice guys really finish last, and if having a mother influenced the way they treated women. They end the episode with a debate on this article ( "Black Women Create the Men They Complain About" and discuss why...

Duration: 01:18:44

Why All Women Should Be Polygamists

IN this episode Gabby and KT discuss some of their issues with the #metoo campaign, if they would defend a loved one accused of sexual assault, nature boy and polygamy and why it's good for women, and black trauma porn and why black folks need to stop begging white folks for sympathy. social media

Duration: 00:44:14

Feminism Pt 5: Rape Culture

TW:rape In this episode Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss a recent developing story about a Memphis college student being raped twice by two different male "friends" and the lack of urgency by the school to do anything about it. KT and Joy get into a heated debate on if the woman's story is inconsistent or not. They then discuss the Harvey Weinstein situation and Yvette Carnell's problematic statement about some of the victims. They wrap it up discussing why Nelly's accuser backed down, and what...

Duration: 00:46:18

Why Black Women Are Jealous of Woke Becky

In this episode, Gabby, Joy, and KT discuss Tiffany Jolene and her comments about anti-black black men and if the backlash she is receiving is justified. They also discuss the new law that allows companies to not cover birth control, as well as if pads and tampons should be free. They wrap it up with a new discovery that the FBI is now starting to monitor BIEs "Black Identity Extremists" and what that means for us. ((Share the episode with a friend)) social media:...

Duration: 00:40:51

Are Black Feminists A Tool Of White Supremacy

IN this episode Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss if regretting sex the next day means you've been raped, Black Saviors, Stacey Patton saying black feminists are sex-deprived, bitter, victims, racist "multi-cultural" pastors, more hypocritical Christians and more. ((Share)) social media

Duration: 00:43:48

Are Women's Standards Too High?

In this episode, Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss "PICK ME"s, if women's standards are too high in dating, if straight black men are the white people of black people, and wrap it up with the NFL fiasco. Video: Article: social media

Duration: 00:53:23

TRUMP: The First HipHop President w/ @Charneilb

In this episode Gabby, KT and Joy are joined with Charneil from What About Your Friends Podcast. They discuss why we don't take male DV victims seriously, if men should be able to hit women back, Floyd Mayweather supporting Donald Trump, why hip-hop has revered Donald Trump until now, the median wealth of black household predicted to be $0 in 2050, the racial wealth gap and more. Follow Charneil on Twitter Our social...

Duration: 01:05:27


In this episode, Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss celebrities that try to give "common folk" advice, if protesting is a waste of time ,if black people can invest their way out of poverty, and white washing in media. Thanks everyone for the support. Please share the episode with a friend!

Duration: 00:37:48

You Ain't Getting My Money

in this episode Gabby and KT discuss Jay-z and his feelings on black people and the “crab mentality”. They also discuss the video going around of TD Jakes taking Paula White to task and why TD Jakes is hypocritical . They end the episode discussing Floyd Mayweather and how no one can call themselves pro-black and defend him. Thanks for listening to our episode! Please share! social media

Duration: 00:32:29

The NFL is anti-Black Woman

In this episode Gabby, KT, and Joy discuss the hypocrisy of the NFL boycott, and if boycotting is necessary. They then discuss the body positivity movement and the pros and cons of it, and Joy talks about her struggle being "overweight" in her family. thanks for listening to the episode. Please share! social media

Duration: 00:45:55

White Liberals are Worse than the KKK w @thegreatjayden

In this episode Gabby and KT are joined with @TheGreatjayden from They discuss women proposing to men, dating while broke, the charlottesville protests, why white liberals are worse than the KKK, why Black Lives Matter movement will take forever to get anything done, and Obama’s hypocrisy. Thanks for listening to our episode! Please share! social media

Duration: 00:57:07

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