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TR#180: Double Contest!

In this episode, the Tank Team discuss IT by Stephen King, Apple's new releases, DACA bull, bicycles, Pokemon, climate change, hurricanes, and more. We have a local Wizard World Madison contest and world wide contest focused on Jerry Lewis.

Duration: 01:32:43

TR#179: The Quadrumvirate Destroys Fascists!

The team is joined by the Viking Prince to review Dunkirk, Atomic Blonde, and other movies! We discuss losers and murderers with Tiki torches, and the losers in the White House that support them!

Duration: 01:48:49

TR#178: Kakistocracy!

We discuss adventure tourism, Kakistocracy, FCC vs. Net Neutrality, Tor Test Cinema, Okja, Spiderman: Homecoming, To the Bone, obligatory Star Trek rants, Grand Canyon and Quebec vacations, Vikings, Sherlock, Fargo, Armada, Ready Player One, Daemon, Freedom, governmental corruption, fireworks, and more!

Duration: 01:59:36

TR#177: Signal Test Thank You!

In the first show after our audio equipment collapse, the team conducts an elaborate audio test of new equipment by discussing driving music and we send sincere thanks to all of our Executive Producers who sent donations! We move on to talk about The Red Turtle, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, Alien: Covenant (Lord Buckethead would have made the film better!), North Korean vacations, Florida beachfront speculation, alligator petting, and a new term that could explain a lot...

Duration: 01:23:46

TR#176: Prancing Ponies and Mountain Monsters!

Through mounting technical difficulty, our heroes tread from Prancing Ponies all the way to Mountain Monsters! We had stops along they way like: Harmontown, Pabst Mansion, Kong Skull Island, Ghost in the Shell, Bill O'Reilly, MST3k, One More Time With Feeling, and more! We welcome donations for new equipment.

Duration: 02:04:03

TR#175: Drumpf's War on Science!

The team reunites to talk TV and politics. In this episode we discuss Counting Cars, Logan, Legion, Vikings, The Expanse, March Madness, and a splash of Douglas Adams. We also discuss North Korea and Drumpf's preliminary budget.

Duration: 02:00:40

TR#174: Whoopee Toupee!

We take a strong hard look at Whoopee cushions and the Moon Fun Shop! We enter the world of movie and TV analysis. And as no surprise we discuss Trumps first few weeks. Whoopee cushions in the White House, anyone?

Duration: 01:29:00

TR#173: The Search for Hope!

We discuss Rouge One with Spoilers and curse out 2016 for the loss of Carrie Fisher. Also, In Order of Disappearance, Big Thinking, Mailbag, and more!

Duration: 02:04:11

TR#172: You Want It Darker!

We discuss the US election tire fire, voter suppression, fake news, Leonard Cohen, Doctor Strange, Black Mirror, New York City, and more!

Duration: 01:36:23

TR#171: October Surprises!

We discuss the 2016 U.S. elections using our new system: Record Analysis of Nonplussing Trump Statements, or R.A.N.T.S! Also Computer failures, Luke Cage, Konquest and other games, Outlander, Game of Thrones, Fez Petting Zoo, and more!

Duration: 01:12:53

TR#170: Kubo and the Two Suicide Sausages!

In the latest installment, from best to worst, we discuss: Mailbag, A Contest, Stranger Things, Kubo and the 2 Strings, Sausage Party, Star Trek, NSA Hack, DRM, Suicide Squad and other things like the ongoing saga of a doofus named Lochtke!

TR#169: Stanger Things: GOP, CFAA!

We discuss the Republican National Convention, Stranger Things, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, statistics that prove you are safer now than in the 90s, and more Stranger Things! So Good!

TR#168: Eugene V. Debs!

We discuss Eugene V. Debs; plus Batman v Superman, Civil War, Socialism, elections, Last Days in the Desert, Blue Ruin, Green Room and more!

TR#167: Video Games, Buddhism, Politics!

In this episode, we discuss the Dalai Lama's visit to Madison and protests by Dorje Shugden proponents. We discuss the joys of being a generation behind in the world of console gaming, including Viktor's new favorite older game, Destiny. Also we update the status of the FBI's case against Apple. We ask, why was Lawrence Lessig attending a hush hush meeting at Sea Island with a group of Republican insiders and CEOs? We look into the trailers for Ghostbusters as well as Captian America:...

TR#166: To Bowie and Apple on Encryption with Love!

We discuss the loss of David Bowie, Star Wars 7, The Hateful Eight + Martin, The Revenant, Bone Tomahawk, The Expanse, Apple vs. FBI, Electioneering and Politics and, to top it all off, Love. Also, go see Deadpool!

TR#165: Sacred Baby Fest!

Sacred Baby Fest! We talk holidays, plus Hitler! Egg Nog! Jessica Jones! Tanks! Star Wars! Star Trek! Hateful 8! White Tiger! Breaking Bad! Doctor Who! Exclamation Points!

TR#164: Spectre!

We discuss Spectre, the latest James Bond film and veer off into politics, CITIZENFOUR, Snowden, Surveillance, Elections, U.S. Foreign Policy, mailbag, a contest and more!

TR#163: Back to the Future Mars!

We discuss The Martian, NASA, Mars, life beyond Earth, Back to the Future, Over the Garden Wall, Star Wars, US Elections, mailbag, and more! Listen to the show to find out how it all ties together.

TR#162: Music, Nuclear, Iran vs. I Ran!

We discuss Iran, Mike Krol, Cribshitter, Ahmed Mohamed, Scott Walker Update, Politics, I Dream of Wires, The Wrecking Crew, Muscle Shoals, and more!

TR#161: Pope Francis's Global Warming Encyclical!

Laudato si'! We discuss the newest Encyclical of Pope Francis and the buzz about the new Pope and the environment. Also Ant-Man, Under the Skin, Trailer TV, Maggie, Bernie Sanders, Beware of Mr. Baker, and more!
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