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Ep 39 Jukebox Fish


Duration: 00:41:06

Ep 38 Shadow Nut

Back in person again!, vanilla ice human centipede, Guelph Griffins, monkey the dog is gnarly, bar paratrooper, Kevin’s lost disc, Joe Rogan goes dark, endo board audio, shadow nut, Bill’s lost wheel, rescue rangers, waffle survey

Duration: 00:47:14

Ep 37 Hilly Don't Play That

Ask your local librarian, target cashiers, Harry Potter murdering, sexy library wednesday, covered topics system, Bill’s birthday, Alaskan fishing, bonkers on strawberry water, delicious salmon love anal fondling, naming plants, Canadian talk, Hilary and Bernie fooling around, Schlafly Double Stout Shoutouts Ice and the Face, Cole Sportz, Tell Me Stories, Sushi Jackknife

Duration: 00:48:49

Ep 36 Moosesemensburg: Population Paula Allen

HUGE thank you to Paula for talking with us this episode! Whose show is this?, Gerbiled noise, Bill needs silence to get hard, Canadian Super Fans, Paula knows Judy and Ashley, Trudeau is Canadian Bond, what is boxing day?, Canada; expensive Michigan, cell phone service up a moose’s butt, one liner battle with Florida is Sinking, the original show name, super shady Boston diner, Paula almost was a tattoo artist, Captain Planet of penises, Molson or Mounties, octocock, outhouse pooping, does...

Duration: 01:33:52

Ep 35 Wilson Glory Hole

Garage creepin, Tamagatchi feeding time, vodkasicles, super fan t-shirt, Judy Russell is the devil?, Sarah McLachlan’s two hearts, what animal would you hollow out for a beer fridge?, Samsquatch, Founders All Day IPA, Guinness IPA, Home Improvement’s Wilson, foot fetish videos, new Gallagher, sovereign nation of Chitty chitty tank tank and the Principality of Sealand. Shout outs: Drunken dork podcast, Kung fu drive in, Masterdebaters

Duration: 00:41:10

Ep 34 Puntin Pugs

Beautiful double rainbow, Podcast Radio Network, enjoying Heineken and Arrogant Bastard, helmet hair, Locks of Love for Bill, squirrel distractions, new Lome Togo email, pub neck punching, erotic follower story, Moses Henrydo is dead, Jesus Bees, Jinguizzi, and Puntin Pugs Promos: @truthisoutthurr, @kungfudrivein, and a special shoutout to Quest for Magic and Steele

Duration: 00:56:38

Ep 33 Face Burrito

Yard work, delicious Everclear cocktail, Fruity Bomb, Heineken energy drink, ‘America Poops’, new Joe Dirt, favorite yard work tools, lawn goat, Bill’s new wood chipper, giving out sticks, wood chipper fire, krupnik recipe, worst way to die, face burrito, Stanley Kubrick’s daycare, animal spies, dick burrito, musical garbage truck, Ricky Williams weed gym,

Duration: 00:50:16

Ep 32 Banana Slapple

Lome Togo adventure, Comedic podcasting forums, Luxemburg Syndrome, This is your baseball,Pizza hut national sponsor, Hammock time, Hail, God’s kidney stones?, Joe Dirt 2, Another Judy Russell and Ashley Doust shoutout, Brain Boner, Buddy Day, Snapple Go Banana, Minions Banana bubble bath, Banana Runs, Soupy poopy, Fresh caught swedish fish, Soggy disc golf, Banana Slapple the game, Chinchilla pillow hotel, Burmese python factoids, Python day care, Squirrel sweatshops, Penis gratuity, Do you...

Duration: 00:41:26

Ep 31 Poop Houdini

Episode 31: Bill Sits down for this episode with special guest co host Big Hank aka Poop Houdini. In this episode we talk about Big Hanks love life, apartment living with two beautiful motorcycles, working as car fixing dude, Porsches, gross car habits, dog sitting, being the alpha dog, crapping your pants while driving to work, and much much more.

Duration: 00:23:34

Ep 30 Purple Angel Tears

The Banana Boat keeps cruising as Bill odoowod, and his guest co host Jenny break down the Best of the best TV shows, mix in a little backyard play, go over their takes on the Finnius disappearance, Judy Russel, cat podding, Buffalo, Niagara Falls heart shaped hot tubs, mourning the loss of Prince, S/O to @guyswefucked @broadcity, and special thanks to @Adamofshades for the intro/outtro music. Brews of choice for this episode were Church Street Brewing Co Tale of the Shony Scottish Ale, and...

Duration: 00:21:21

Ep 29 Where is Finnius?

Episode 29 Where is Finnius? In this episode Bill takes the reigns in a surprise solo episode. Mysterious disappearance of Finnius, P.A Throckmorton back from the grave, Africa, 3.5 Million dollars, new intro from our man Adam E by way of the band Nevada Rose.

Duration: 00:05:43

Ep 28 Nutscape Luxembourg

Otter creek couch surfer and Guinness on this episode, PLUS: What’s in your will?, Water park FUNeral, More shout outs to Canadian Superfan Judy Russell, Another impersonation from Finnius, Interpersonal conflict, Send a cat dick pic, Terrence loves bob’s burgers, Dairy queen theme song, Thanks Mountain View California, Get to know Luxembourg , Nutscaping Luxembourg, Nicest City, What does NYC's dick look like?, Everyone still with a foreskin, get on the dance floor!

Duration: 00:40:54

Ep 27 Late Night with OJ

Coney island cream sicles, Noodle futon, the Man Skirt brewery tour continues,8 inches of steel,trapped in a safe, lego prison, Late Night with OJ, Glovie, Nickelback house band, I like a moustache on Tom Selleck. Macgyver's glutes, and Trailer park boys.

Duration: 00:33:33

Ep 26 Chad Pennington Erotica

We record this episode inside Bill's updated home studio, have some delicious Man Skirt beer, talk some pogs, discuss foot sweat flip flops, pollute our stream of consciousness, talk a little Joey Fatone, and completely ruin our fond memories of Chad Pennington as Jets QB. And we talk about our favorite fan, Judy Russell and her lovely friend Ashley. Shoutouts to Off in the Weeds @oitwpod and Man Afraid of Everything @getafraid. Great shows, go check them out!

Duration: 00:31:55

Ep 25 Butt Truffles

New episode day! We had some great beers for this one: Rogue chocolate stout Butternuts Porkslap farmhouse ale We play a lovely round of Would you prefer?, Bills award winning impressions, Bill fixes the worlds tupperware fart catching problem, hipster Mr. Potato Head, Rachel ray eating flesh, celebrity death match, What would you eat for an eating contest, and so much salami gotta call my mommy! Promos from our pals: The Krysies vs Blut Show The Kung Fu...

Duration: 00:51:55

Ep 24 Quid Pro Meow

Judy Russell, Lenny and Carl over the pants stuff, Slinglet the Movie, Sandwich Man, Cat Clown Astronauts, Cats aren’t scared of vegetables, What animal would you nail?, Beaver Pizza. And some sweet promos from Secret Transmission and The Mr. BS Show! Go listen to them. They're our friends.

Duration: 00:49:38

Ep 23 Fred Durst Likes Mustard

Bed sharing, foot dangling, too many cats, cats in pieces, tri-states, clown fears, mind-bottling, lost toenail, Limp Bizkit Wikiepedia, Fred Durst trivia, quaffing, Dr. Feel Good, gas station bar butcher, Felix and John trapped in an igloo, Bill doesn't like mustard, swiss cheese, or rye, and we don't like salt water taffy. Delicious beers samples for this show: 2 Roads Brewing Route of all Evil Cricket Hill Fall Festivus Ale

Duration: 00:53:34

Ep 22 Action Hole

Big thanks to @ThePaperLights for sharing their music in this episode. Please go check them out and show them some love. And another thank you to @stories_podcast for having them on the show and introducing us to Paper Lights. Lost igloo recording, high altitude ping pong, waxing stations, poop curses, haunted bars that used to be brothels, our best impressions, Dr. Pill, Rutgers Grease Trucks, and some sweet monopoly background noise. Also, look for Bills new single off his mixtape, 'Throw...

Duration: 00:31:09

Ep 21 Shart Tank

Python hunt, Shart tank, ridiculous news stories and more!

Duration: 00:50:01

Ep 20 Nate Dogggg

Taco Bell meet and greet, Minion rush, ping pong hustle, buffalo club history,and building a sandcastle with Revis.

Duration: 00:45:03

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