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Season 3, Episode 13 – With Honors

After a lengthy absence, Brecklyn returns, and on the verge of graduating with honors! She and Pete discuss the angst that Luke Gregerson is giving Cardinals fans right now, the return of Addison Russell, the Zobrist divorce, the Cubs' turnaround, and the Cardinals recent struggles. Watch this week's episode on Facebook or on YouTube.


Season 3, Episode 12 – Rarer Than Bigfoot

It's starting to look like a two-team race in the NL Central as the Cardinals and Cubs face off for the first time this season with a three-game set at Wrigley Field. But who cares about that, when we've got a Ron sighting! Pete and Ron have a quick chat about life, the NL Central, and the upcoming series in this week's episode.


Season 3, Episode 11 – We Don't Watch Your Team If We Don't Have To

It's CubsTalk with Pete and Elliott! With Brecklyn out working on her thesis, the resident Cubs fans make a game attempt to discuss the First Place Cardinals' recent hot streak, led by their suddenly resurgent offensive attack. They then dive into a detailed discussion of all things Cubs, on the heels of their recent series wins over the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers. And with Addison Russell's imminent return to Chicago, the Cubs Front Office has some difficult decisions ahead… Watch...


Season 3, Episode 10 – Three Out of Four Ain't Bad

Yes, Ron's still on hiatus, but Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete continue to soldier on. Things are starting to tighten up in the NL Central, as the Brewers have cooled off just as the Cubs and Cards have started to heat up. The injury bug starts to bite in St. Louis, and Big Z is making a comeback. Plus – spurred on by the live viewers – The Three get pretty hot and bothered about bat flips and purpose pitches. You can watch this week's episode on Facebook: ...


Season 3, Episode 9 – They Kidnapped Elliott!

With Ron still on hiatus and Pete attending Star Wars Celebration, the WDIIA crew shanghaied Elliott for this week's show. They discuss a good week for the Cubs, a bad week for the Brewers, and a great week for the Cardinals. The Jason Heyward Bandwagon heats up again, Brecklyn wants Marcell Ozuna off her team, and the Brewers are due for regression. Or are they? The crew also chats about the best broadcast teams and the difficulty of making the playoffs from the NL Central. Watch the...


Whose Division Is It Anyway? Episode 2

Blake Root, Jacob Foote, and Brecklyn Carey get together to discuss the first week of the 2019 season. They discuss the demotions of Carl Edwards, Jr. and Alex Reyes, and the very different 2019 Brewers bullpen before turning their attention to the surprising potential of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the shockingly bad play of the Cincinnati Reds. They also project how the Central Division matches up with the rest of the National League, before turning to the inconsistency of today's MLB...


Season 3, Episode 8 - The Doom Boners Strike Back

We're one week in… Is it too early to panic?! Friend of the Show Aaron Mullins joins Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete to discuss the first week of baseball in the NL Central, what's good for the Cardinals, what's bad for the Cubs, and how quickly this season can get away from them if they don't light the fire. Watch this week's episode on Facebook:, or on YouTube:


It's All About the Setup [Pop Culture Bonus Episode]

Guest host and friend-of-the-show Adam Maurer sits down with Elliott and Pete to discuss what Marvel/Disney gets right and what DC/Warner Bros. gets wrong in their respective superhero universes. Adam provides the kind of Hollywood insider knowledge that you normally wouldn't expect from a baseball podcast.


Season 3, Episode 7 - Baseball. Is. Back!

Ron's still off on walkabout, and Brecklyn is studying for her LSATs, so our good friend Adam Maurer joined Elliott and Pete to talk Opening Day, demotions and designations, the Kyle Hendricks extension, and 2019 season predictions. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Pop Culture Bonus Episode on the Marvel and DC film franchises. Watch the complete episode, along with bonus Marvel vs. DC content on Facebook Live: On...


Season 3, Episode 6 - Goldmine

Captain Ron is taking a hiatus, but he left the keys in the ignition, so Brecklyn, Elliott, and Pete are taking the pirate ship out for a joyride. This week, they discuss Mike Trout's massive contract extension, the pros and cons of extending Paul Goldschmidt through age 36, Ichiro's retirement, the final week of Spring Training, and the approach of Opening Day.


Season 3, Episode 5 - Brecklyn Builds an Ark

With Brecklyn heading for higher ground, Ron, Pete, and Elliott discuss the thawing of relations between the MLBPA and owners, Carlos Martinez, and the new rule changes that will be implemented in the years to come.


Season 3, Episode 4 - Game of Rivals/Team of Thrones?

Ron takes a week off and Brecklyn is studying for an exam, so this week's episode of ToR is very Cubs heavy. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Elliott and Pete steer the ship into the choppy waters of Bryce Harper's contract, baseball's toughest division, spring dreaming, and the possibility of a Kris Bryant contract extension. From the Athletic: How Bryce Harper and the Phillies came together for a deal From Buster Olney: The toughest divisions in baseball for next season


Season 3, Episode 3 – Cuz It’s a Pun

Pete was out on this episode but Ron, Elliott, and Brecklyn covered the opening of Spring Training games by discussing the Cardinals flurry of activity covering Carlos Martinez's shoulder, the Miles Mikolas extension, Ozuna's shoulder status, and options for filling the Cardinals’ starting rotation before shifting over to Cubs camp and Yu Darvish's big start today. They wrapped up with Nolan Arenado's surprising extension and – of course! – the Bryce Harper situation.


Season 3, Episode 2 - Thank You for That Question

Braden hijacks the start of the show with a tribute to his love, MLB The Show. The Team then turns to discussions of the Manny Machado signing and the free agent market, the pitch clock, CMart's injury, Dallas Keuchel, and the start of Spring Training games. If you think this podcast sucked, Pete would like to take responsibility for taking a joke way too far. Link to Pete’s Polar Plunge donor page:


Season 3, Episode 1 - Sunglasses at Night

Ron, Pete and Elliott get together to discuss the start of Spring Training, the new (?) free agent reality, and the triumphant return of the Stomping Grounds Post of the Week!


Season 2, Episode 57 - There’s No Timestamp on Racism

The Team fights through Brecklyn's internet issues for the season's last episode to discuss Racist Ricketts, Hunter As Prey, The Phillies Phlop, the Luke Hagerty Comeback Story, and a very disappointing NL Central Stomping Grounds Post of the Week.


Season 2, Episode 56 - Change My Mind!

The full crew is back in business this week and with the free agent market colder than Chicago's weather, they're left to speculate on which teams have improved themselves the most in the NL Central and what – if anything – needs to change to bring back the Glory Days of free agency. Plus, the NL Central Stomping Grounds Post of the Week, and Brecklyn Shuts Down a Troll.


Season 2, Episode 55 - "Boring" Topics

Brecklyn has gone full-on Typhoid Mary, leaving Ron and Pete to do a show with Droolin' Elliott, who was high on life after major oral surgery. They discuss the 2019 Hall of Fame class, predicting success based on Triple-A performance, what happens if the Cardinals miss the playoffs AGAIN, and the most boring topic of the week. Plus, the debut of the NL Central Stomping Grounds Post of the Week!


Season 2, Episode 54 - Pete LaCock!

The Four Are One! Elliott's awake and Ron is barely hanging on, but the Team of Rivals got together to preview the Cubs Convention and the Winter Warmup. What question would you ask? Whose signature would you want most? Who would you want to have a drink with? All that and more on this week's episode.


Season 2, Episode 52 – The Phone Lines Are Open!

The full Team of Rivals crew is back! Brecklyn, Elliott, Pete, and Ron discuss Andrew Miller signing with the Cardinals, the ongoing Addison Russell saga, and Bryce Harper's interminable free agency. Ron also answers this offseason's most pressing questions: What does signing with the San Diego Padres say about a player's career, and are Kris Bryant's ocean-blue eyes too beautiful for mere mortals to behold?