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TNT 1856: Dr. Morrone: Heart Surgeon

Google's entire lineup of new hardware devices leaked by Droid Life all in one day. The for-profit online education program Udacity is now offering new nanodegrees in the study of self-driving cars and flying cars. CNBC released a new report saying that Sprint and T-Mobile might be near an agreement that could be announced in as few as two weeks. Plus, James Martin, Senior Photographer CNET, shows off the camera on the new iPhone 8 Plus. Hosts: Megan Morrone and Jason Howell Guest: James...

Duration: 00:39:29

TNT 1855: Tez Cash Dispensers

CCleaner for Windows, the popular antivirus and security app created by and hosted on Avast Software's site, was found to be tainted with a backdoor and served to millions of its users as an official update directly from the site. The malware was found to have sent detailed information about the infected computer to a server, including a fail-safe system called the Domain Generation Algorithm that would still transmit the stolen data in the event that the hacker's servers went down. Intel...

Duration: 00:38:21

TNT 1854: Rage Against the Uber Machine

Beijing is cracking down on Bitcoin by ordering a stop to trading as well as notifying cryptocurrency exchange users of the shut down. No new registrations will be allowed according to government notice, and platforms are required to report to the government as to how they will enable users to make risk-free withdrawals. Wisconsin state legislators approved a $3 billion tax incentive package for Foxconn's plans for a factory in the state. It would employ at least 3000 people. Equifax's...

Duration: 00:50:42

TNT 1853: Notch Half Full

Equifax finally updated its site to explain how the company was hacked, saying that criminals took advantage of the Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638 vulnerability. Ars Technica says this bug was fixed in March, but Equifax had not updated its Web applications. Facebook is feeling the heat with the Russian ads inquiry that aims to determine to what degree Russian campaigns were able to utilize Facebook's ad network to stir unrest in the United States ahead of the Presidential Election. The US...

Duration: 00:39:30

TNT 1852: Don't Mess with Our Bodega

Josh Constine from TechCrunch explains why Facebook won't let you advertise on your disaster videos. Serenity Caldwell from iMore has some thoughts on why the iPhone X is so expensive and who might need it. And Liz Segren, staff writer at Fast Company, is here to discuss her controversial article on the ex-Googlers who are coming for our bodegas. Plus, JacksFilms strikes again with the most amazing iPhone X parody ever. "It comes in two colors: You Can't and Afford It." Host: Megan...

Duration: 00:47:13

TNT 1851: iPhone X Richmoji

Apple held its big event in the Steve Jobs theater at the new Cupertino campus and showed off the Apple Watch 3, the Apple TV 4K, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and the premium iPhone X. Zack Whittacker of Zero Day says the Equifax site many are using to put alerts or freezes on their accounts is vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack, which could leave you vulnerable to malicious code. The Department of Transportation released new self-driving vehicle guidelines. The full...

Duration: 00:46:35

TNT 1850: The Eve of X

It's the moment Apple fans the world over have been waiting for, an event to see the launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone, the first event to take place at Apple's mega-spaceship campus in Cupertino in the Steve Jobs Theater. Expect a full refresh of the iPhone lineup, a new Apple TV, a new Apple Watch, and Airpods. Amazon has higher resolution video in its sights as well, and it looks like an upcoming refresh of the Amazon Fire TV lineup will bring 4K HDR 60 frames per second video to...

Duration: 00:50:18

TNT 1849: End Times for Privacy

Yesterday, Iain Thomson told us about the then-breaking news involving a historically bad leak of information after Equifax was hacked. A day later and that hangover feeling isn't gone. Thousands have taken to the streets in Togo to protest the West African nation's president. And now the Togolese authorities have blocked internet access and texting. Two factor authentication is key to protecting and securing your accounts online. 2FA via SMS is better than nothing but still has its...

Duration: 00:45:21

TNT 1848: EquiFAIL

A judge in Massachusetts dismissed the case against Techdirt that was brought by Shiva Ayyadurai, a man who claimed that he invented e-mail in the late 1970s. Techdirt had criticized Ayyadurai's claims on its site to the point that the non-inventor of email called it libel. The judge sided with the small but influential TechDirt in the 15 million dollar case. Amazon is on the prowl for a location to drop its second north american headquarters into. Amazon is looking to support up to 50...

Duration: 00:36:14

TNT 1847: Night Kings Mode

Starting in the summer of 2015, a Russian company began buying facebook ads to the tune of 100 thousand dollars to stir political uncertainty. As part of an investigation that started earlier this Spring, Facebook found 3,300 ads on its network that did this, all pointing back to the same Russian company. In other bad Facebook news, an analyst at Pivotal Research Group says Facebook is claiming to reach people who don't exist. The New York times reports that those sneaky Red Sox used...

Duration: 00:40:01

TNT 1846: CSI Essential Phone

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and other tech companies have responded now that our President has decided to rescind DACA protection. Apple's Tim Cook sent a letter to employees saying they will advocate for a legislative solution. WhatsApp will soon charge large scale businesses by offering ways to reach their customers with important and useful information, like flight times and delivery confirmations. Small and medium sized business will have access to a free app integrating similar...

Duration: 00:38:35

TNT 1845: Alexa's Curiosity Killed the Mood

Does Nest know when you've been sleeping? We'll find out on September 20. How small social networks helped Harvey victims. Mikah Sargent from iMore joins us to talk about our favorite Alexa skills. And pour one out for the $400 WiFi juicer. Hosts: Megan Morrone and Mikah Sargent Download or subscribe to this show at Thanks to CacheFly for the bandwidth for this show.

Duration: 01:01:23

TNT 1844:

Apple sent out invitations for its big event on September 12th. Let's Meet at Our Place, said the invites to the Steve Jobs Theater on the new Apple Campus. Robotics company Zipline has begun to use its drones to deliver blood to Rwanda's blood transfusion centers. the site allows pretty much anyone to upload any file to their site which can then be made accessible via the domain. The public API that literally anyone can get allows those who know what to do with it the...

Duration: 00:36:17

TNT 1843: The Revolution of Round

Uber's board of directors voted unanimously for Dara Khosrowshahi, longstanding CEO of Expedia, to be its new CEO. Former CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement that he wishes Dara well, saying that casting his vote was "a big moment for me and I couldn't be happier to pass the torch to such an inspiring leader." Microsoft and Amazon struck a partnership that will allow Cortana and the Amazon Echo to work together in perfect digital assistant harmony. The collaboration will allow users...

Duration: 00:45:27

TNT 1842: The ARms Race

Hurricane Harvey help on Twititer, Google Docs, Reddit, and more. 711 million email addresses are sending out malware. Ahead of Apple's expected September hardware event, Apple is apparently working overtime trying to secure deals with Hollywood studios to bring 4K UHD video content to iTunes. An updated Apple TV is expected at the event that will support 4K ultra high definition video content, and Apple wants to offer movies that support that format later this year at the $19.99 price...

Duration: 00:38:40

TNT 1841: Free Range Echos

Uber's replacement for CEO Travis Kalanik, according to Recode's sources, is likely to be Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia since 2005 whose grown that property from $2.1 billion in 2005 to $8.7 billion in 2016. A letter sent to Expedia employees by Expedia chair Barry Diller confirms that Dara has been asked to do so, but that nothing is finalized yet. Fitbit has a new smartwatch, the $300 Ionic. It's water resistant up to 50 meters and includes built-in GPS and heart rate monitoring. The...

Duration: 00:40:12

TNT 1840: Hard Out There for a PYMK

The Samsung verdict is in. A South Korean Court has sentenced chairman Jay Y Lee to five years in prison. Marcus Hutchins, the 23 year old security researcher charged with developing malware to steal banking passwords, has raised over $150,000 dollars to help pay for his legal fees. Now, Buzzfeed reports that his lawyer is refunding all of the donations because so many of them were made with fraudulent credit cards. Also, We discuss a $700 Smart Lock for your Mansion. Sam Machkovech...

Duration: 00:42:47

TNT 1839: No Khaki Spacesuits

Amazon is on the cusp of owning Whole Foods, the premium grocery chain that it is purchasing for $13.7 billion dollars. The deal is expected to close next Monday. Amazon says shoppers will see "lower prices on a selection of best-selling staples across the stores." The New York Times is here to confirm that the premium iPhone model that will debut at the unannounced hardware event next month will be priced right around the $999 mark. That gets you a larger screened device with minimal...

Duration: 00:48:12

TNT 1838: Free the Hashtag!

The Note 8 is here and it will cost you some serious cabbage. Attention Walmart customers, you can now buy stuff with your Google Home. Google Home has partnered with Walmart to compete against Amazon in the race to buy stuff with your voice. Starting in September, hundreds of thousands of Walmart products will be available to purchase using your Google Home device. DJI announced that it is issuing a firmware update for its new series of Spark drones to address a small number of...

Duration: 00:34:57

TNT 1837: CrashPlan B

We all know by now, contrary to logic, that unlimited rarely truly means no limits. Case in point is Verizon's announcement that those currently unlimited plans will have three different types of unlimited to choose from, each carrying their own unique limits of course. Not only do unlimited customers have to choose one of these plans, they have a days notice to do so. Medium has been working towards new ways for publishers on its platform to get paid. One new method takes the idea of...

Duration: 00:38:18

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