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Athens, Greece


Blank consists of people who consider Techno to be something more than a music genre. People who really believe in the significance of this music and its influence in every aspect of our lives. With the spirit of a strong and united team and the open mind of a modern society, Blank invites you to join its community, to change “yours” to “ours” and reversely and share with others whatever your techno lifestyle is about… Do you have a pure and authentic love for techno? Then this is the place. Blank is us, Blank is you, Blank is techno.






Mental Distortion Podcast 04: Softcore

On episode 4, we host one of the most respectable djs and producers in Greece, Softcore. Softcore is creating his own musical pieces based on electronic-dance music with a mixture from old style house, new tech beats, minimalistic techno and dark atmospheres! He is considered by more than a few a "perfectionist" regarding the quality of the final production and he is well known for his extended use (and abuse) of MIDI - OSC controllers as parts of his performance routines. //TRACKLIST// 1....

Duration: 01:04:47

Mental Distortion Podcast 03: Svarog

On episode 3, we are happy to host Svarog, representative of Ukrainian techno scene. This name for the project was inspired by ancient mythology. He prefers undeground techno sound in their work. Svarog combines saturated timbres, industrial sound and atmospheric textures, often uses broken rhythms. He inspired by mountains and architecture. //TRACKLIST// 1. Cl?tur - The Healing Energy [Warok Music] 2. Luigi Tozzi - Attis [Mental Modern] 3. Evigt Morker - Epikles [EVIGT] 4. Cl?tur -...

Duration: 01:00:24

Mental Distortion Podcast 02: NUEΛ

//TRACKLIST// 1. Tensal - Forma 2 [Tensal] 2. Christian Wunsch - Chemical reactions [PoleGroup] 3. Andrea Belluzzi - 75 [Synewave] 4. Cirkle - Tension [Float Records (NL)] 5. Flug & Miki Craven - Signals [Nonlinear Systems] 6. Reeko - Barcelona 3.00am [Soma] 7. Slam - TGV 8. Teste - The Wipe Revisions (Terence Fixmer Revision 2) [Edit Select] 9. Savas Pascalidis-Shot In The Dark [Invite's Choice Records] 10. Pfirter - Closer to the truth [MindTrip] 11. Petter b - Extrovert [BOND] 12. DJ...

Duration: 01:03:34

Pre-party Xclusive

This Saturday, 21 October, Steam Athens presents the Spanish duo Los Pastores along with Gus 'n' Bonso, Tolis Q and Fragk & Gi.

Duration: 01:36:55

TSL Podcast 060 | dwaal

TSL Podcast 060 | dwaal by Blank

Duration: 00:44:36

TSL Podcast 059 | Jojo & Stark

Jojo & Stark are two high quality artists, resident djs of Symposium Athens. They usually play solo, but you can listen to both of them playing a blend of hypnotic and melodic electronic elements on this set, with Jojo first and Stark following.

Duration: 01:05:26

CRB Podcast 004 | Mike Larry

With releases on great labels, such as Unity Records and gigs alongside artists of the highest caliber, like Joseph Capriati and Carlo Lio, Mike Larry has a bright future ahead! Enjoy his amazing dark tech house set!

Duration: 03:55:38

TSL Podcast 050 | Qash

Probably one of the most magical sets in TSL till now. London-based Qash stands out for her unique style, which can vary from aetherial house to dark techno music.

Duration: 02:09:51

TSL Podcast 049 | Summi

Groovy basslines and sexy tech house rhythms are the elements Summi never forgets to use while mixing his sets. And the result is wonderful - enjoy!

Duration: 02:08:43

TSL Podcast Xmas Special | SeTH

A special dj to celebrate a special period of the year. SeTH is one of the best jockeys out there and one of the greatest persons as well. When the sound speaks, words are useless. So... just enjoy his set!

Duration: 02:03:28

TSL Podcast 048 | Anna V.

Anna V. is one of those artists who love the strong kicks and banging basses of techno but cannot resist the magical melodies and vocals of progressive. Her sets always consist of both, as well as her tracks,

Duration: 02:01:27

TSL Podcast 046 | Nick Devon

TSL Podcast 046 | Nick Devon by Blank

Duration: 01:02:30

TSL Podcast 045 | Antony Pl & Paul S

TSL Podcast 045 | Antony Pl & Paul S by Blank

Duration: 01:05:27

TSL Podcast 044 | Romylos

With nearly thirty years of experience and a career speaking for itself, Romylos was one of the most anticipated artists of our podcast. So, here he is, with a bomb techno set, originally recorded at "Athens AfteR Hours", at Skull Bar Athens. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:09:59

CRB Podcast 001 | David Gtronic

The first episode of our new Podcast Crossing Beat. Gtronic with a dub techno set for exclusive 90 minutes More on Gtronic here :

Duration: 01:31:43

TSL Podcast 043 | Always Late

This week, we're introducing to you a tech house duo known in Athens' scene for their unique groovy and exotic way of warming up the dancefloor - just as they do in this exxxclusive set, as well. More of Always Late:

Duration: 01:54:28

TSL Podcast 042 | Viton

TSL Podcast 042 | Viton by Blank

Duration: 01:26:31

TSL Podcast 040 | Metaxa aka S.G.

Magic releases and exotic sets are what make Metaxa aka S.G. special and unique. If you close your eyes and devote yourself to his sounds, we are sure you'll get what we're sayin'! Enjoy. Listen to more of him here:

Duration: 02:02:18

TSL Podcast 039 | Stathis Lazarides

TSL Podcast 039 | Stathis Lazarides by Blank

Duration: 01:00:52

TSL Podcast 038 | Duke

TSL Podcast 038 with Duke on decks. Blending dark and groovy sounds in a perfect way, Duke has established himself as one of the best tech house djs in Athens. His recent remix of Radioslave's Don't Stop, No Sleep proves there's more to come in terms of production, too. Keep up with his latest sounds here: @

Duration: 00:59:46

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