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Wholesaling Investing, Realtors who Invest, and those interested in the Art of Selling is who this is for. Sales Skills taught with a twist to Realtors who are also Wholesalers! If a Wholesaler, you will appreciate a Wholesaling, REO, Shortsale Broker's opinion!

Wholesaling Investing, Realtors who Invest, and those interested in the Art of Selling is who this is for. Sales Skills taught with a twist to Realtors who are also Wholesalers! If a Wholesaler, you will appreciate a Wholesaling, REO, Shortsale Broker's opinion!
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Wholesaling Investing, Realtors who Invest, and those interested in the Art of Selling is who this is for. Sales Skills taught with a twist to Realtors who are also Wholesalers! If a Wholesaler, you will appreciate a Wholesaling, REO, Shortsale Broker's opinion!




Episode 498- 7 Tips To More Sales!

In this week’s episode, I share 7 Tips to More Sales! If you are looking for more closings, more contracts, and more deals, then this podcast will help! I share the following 7 tips and powerful advice learned from over 21 years in the field of sales. 1. Knowing Your Fundamentals 2. Developing Positive Motivation 3. Master Your Environment 4. Execute Your Plan 5. Look for the Wins 6. Practice Makes Improvement! 7. Honor What You Do. Listen in with me as I share these fundamental...

Duration: 00:32:03

Episode 497- Ten Productivity Tips!

Get More Done In Less Time! These tips are designed to help Realtors as well as Wholesalers get the most out of their limited time! If you are looking for some hard won advice from over 20 years in the field, then this is a must listen!

Duration: 00:23:06

Episode 480- Flipping Houses Like Burgers! With Nasar El Arabi!

Flipping Houses Like Burgers! That’s how easy today’s guest makes it seem like! After grueling it out, and making it work in his town of Charlotte NC, Nasar has taken the time to share his knowledge with those who needed it. Always exemplifying the “Pay it Forward!” attitude! In today’s podcast, you will hear Nasar, author of“Flipping Houses Like Burgers!”share his 7 Step Plan of Real Estate Success, plus hidden gems that you have never heard before!

Episode 472- Listed for 149k Sold for 65k!

Mad Skills… That’s the ONLY way you can describe today’s Interview with Dennis Jenkins! A man who has got some MAD Skills! In today’s podcast, you will hear me interview my Executive One on One Client and friend Dennis Jenkins who always has the BEST Real estate stories to tell. Today’s stories are NO exception! Ripped From The Headlines! Dennis shares with us the real life troubles, and tribulations of a modern day wholesaler, and how he has managed to turn his business into a...

Episode 470- Why Your Sales Funnel Crumbled!

What To Do When Things Aren’t Working! There is a reason why the traditional forms of marketing you are doing are less effective in a 21st Century world. More importantly, it is an important fact that sales itself has fundamentally changed in the last ten years. There is a reason why you are having problem! It’s not too hard once you understand that the way BUYER’S have bought property in the last 10 years! Three Reasons Why Sales Itself Has Changed There are three reasons why things in...

Episode 465- Wholesaling While Licensed! The ULTIMATE Guide!

A Licensed Wholesaling Agent? There simply aren’t any resources out there for those of us agent/investors in the world. The truth is, as an Investing Realtor®, you are going to have a hard time finding clarity as far as what you should do. In today’s podcast, we take a listener’s question from Washington State about disclosure, being licensed, and taking a perfectly good business and screwing it up! Powerful Links! Washington State Department of Licensing Website regardingdisclosure of...

Episode 463-The Easiest Way To Eliminate Seller Complaints

Want To Give Better Customer Service? Of the top six problems people have with real estate agents, being unresponsive is first on the list. Likewise with investors. This inability to simply “get back to the client” is unacceptable in a modern society! Enter The “Weekly Call” There is one way that I’ve discovered to give excellent customer service. It’s called weekly communication! In this podcast, you will discover the three elements that weekly communication will bring to your business....

Episode 460- The Ultimate Insiders Guide To Interviewing Realtors®!

Interviewing A Realtor®? Chances are, if you are needing to interview an agent for a particular reason, you have questions. You want to give a great first impression. You want to sound educated, and knowledgeable about the process. However, where do you begin if you are new? In this LIVE Recorded episode simulcast on Periscope (Follow me @karlkrealtor) you will hear me share with you ten powerful questions that I as a real estate broker would ask a agent who was seeking to represent me....

Episode 460- The Fastest Way To Sell A Wholesale Deal!

You Have It Under Contract, Now What? Chances are, now that you have your A-B contract signed, you are wondering what to do next! In todays’ podcast, I share with you four points that I will use to sell the property yousaw me put under contract on Periscope! If you need to sell your wholesale deal quickly, you don’t have a lot of time. You have precious little time and very few resources, so I am going to share with you the specifics of what I am going to do to sell this home… take a few...

Episode 459- What To Do When The Seller Calls Back!

It Rarely Happens… Believe it or not however… sometimes…people just have a few questions before they sign! I know it probably only happens to me right? In today’s episode, I share with you a “behind the scenes” view of a deal in progress! In this short 15 minute podcast, you will discover a few key points… What to do when there is another owner…

Episode 458- He Short Saled His Home To Buy WHAT?

I’ve Heard Some “Fish Stories” Before… Unlike a fantasy, this story actually happened. I can personally attest to the truthfulness of this story! Listen in as you learn the principles of handling the Three Biggest Problems you face with property in your market!

Episode 457- How I Find Motivated Buyers And Sellers.. A Sneak Peek!

How Do You Find Motivated Sellers? I get that question all the time. As a podcaster, Investor, Realtor®, Broker and Coach, I’ve got limited time. In order to keep my “pipeline” full all the time without spending an arm and a leg to do it is the $64,000 question! Finding sanity in a world where you may not know how to generate buyers and s [...]

Episode 456- Be A Better Closer

Want To Be A Better Closer? It’s not that difficult, if you know what you are doing! Chances are, you probably know the major part of what you need to do, it’s just “filling in the gaps.” In this episode, I share with you a few ideas that will help you become a more effective, powerful closer…without the need of nasty, unpleasant closing techniques! Easy, Effortless, Enjoyable.. That’s what My mentor taught me. That’s how I’ve tried to live my real estate life. When it comes to closing,...

Episode 454- Actual Negotiations With Real Seller!

Live Negotiations With Real Seller! Ever want to sit on the shoulder and just be a “fly on the wall” on a real negotiation? In this super power-packed episode of The Red Pill Investor, you will hear exactly that! Listen in as I conclude a transaction that you’ve been listening in on. Listen in as she makes her decision between Wraparound Financing, and an All Cash Offer… or does she accept ANYTHING at all? There’s Just No Telling What Will Happen… Let’s jus [...]

Episode 453- The Three Steps to Effective Confrontations!

Sometimes The Client Gets The Best of You! When they do, it’s important to know how to handle yourself! In this episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast, we go over the three steps you need to know to handle the situation! No matter the situation, if you are with a Buyer, a Seller, or any other kind of customer relationship with [...]

Episode 452- Actual Wholesale Presentation Over The Phone!

Ever Want To Sit In On A Wholesale Presentation? Listen in as I share with you an actual call, my response, my dealings with the tenant, and the homeowner! Listen in as I go over pricing, CAP Rates, and much more to present a great offer to a highly motivated Seller! As you can tell, I am using a lot of techniques throughout the presentation… You will hear the following techniques.. The “Poison the Waters” Technique [...]

Episode 451- How To Win At Everything!

Developing The Mindset Of A Winner! That’s the focus of today’s powerful episode of The Red Pill Investor Podcast! In 15 short minutes, I will share with you three powerful secrets to gaining the UNFAIR advantage in life! Are you tired of being kicked around? Beaten up by life? Then these three ideas are guaranteed to change your life if you apply them. Trust me when I tell you, It seemed silly to me too… at first… Mindset Of A Champion! Take these 3 tips, and just TRY not to win! The...

Episode 449- Five Things To Know To Crush Content Marketing!

Content Marketing For Real Estate! It’s not often talked about. However, in today’s podcast, we will dive deeply into the five things I feel you must absolutely know to CRUSH it in Content Marketing for Real Estate Leads! It’s not difficult… anyone can learn! However, it does require that you know a few basic facts in order to be successful at it! The Internet Itself Is Evolving As it evolves, the Internet Marketing industry itself is changing to meet the demand! People respond to content...

Episode 448- The War Against Wholesalers!

Danger On All Sides! If it’s not people taking your leads, or getting squeezed out by competition, or worse, the threat of technology based companies like “Opendoor.com” taking even the smallest business from you, its something else! In todays’ podcast, we will discover how to overcome the three biggest challenges you will face as an Investing Wholesaler or Realtor®.

Episode 447- Three Reasons Why You Can’t Get Ahead!

Having Trouble Getting Ahead? Who isn’t! However, in today’s action packed podcast, we will be covering 3 very specific reasons why you aren’t getting the results you want, and more specifically, how to fix them! There is no surprises anymore after 19 years of doing this business. There are very few situations that I’ve not seen, or experienced myself in the world of residential resale, and wholesale. The emotional rollercoaster of being a Real Estate Entrepreneur do not go unnoticed! I’ve...
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