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Ep 06 - What You Value Most Is What You Don't Have

The Ten17newyork talk show returns with an episode that focuses on the difference between the Ghanaian and American educational system. Wabama (Maryland), Dada Pentoa (Florida) and Wenitallboilsdown (New York) take a look at some of the issues we face as Ghanaians and whether or not there is a need to restructure our educational curriculum in our elementary schools. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Duration: 00:47:34

Ep 05 The Entertainment Review Nov Wk 2 2017

In this episode, Prince Billy and Kryme touched on entertainment this week. They discussed some of the trending issues happening in the entertainment industry in Ghana. Trust me you are going to enjoy it.

Duration: 00:26:46

Ep 04 - Catch 22

Is Trump's rhetoric of canceling the diversity lottery on the basis of a terrorist act, far-reaching or within limits. Are recent killings by white civilians in the U.S. condemned enough or received the same reaction as the Islamist act of terror in NYC? Is there an element of the double standard? In this episode hosted by Nana Hemaa; the panel discusses the topic in question. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:35:28

Ep 03 - Cuffing Season

In this episode hosted by Kryme; we discuss “Is having sex better when you are single or in a relationship” P.K and Oware take stance on their preference. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:31:36

Ep 02 - Will you marry your sexual partner because you got her pregnant (Pm Kafman Ft Kryme and P.K)

In the case of having a baby with your sexual partner; which one comes first, love or responsibility? Is marriage the only solvable option? In this episode hosted by PM Kafman; we ask the question “Will you marry your sexual partner because you got her pregnant?” Nana (Kryme) and P.K defend their points as to what they will do if they were faced with a situation like that. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:31:27

Ep 01 - The Pilot - Is 7 US Dollars better than 29.39 GH Cedis

The launch of the ten17newyork podcast aims to present a typical dialogue that often comes up when Ghanaians congregate at social gatherings. Nana (Kryme) and P.K discuss some of the Pros and Cons of living abroad and Africa (Ghana). They also talk about some of the things most Ghanaians must consider before deciding to migrate abroad. We hope you enjoy it.

Duration: 00:35:24

Ten17newyork Official SoundTrack

The Official SoundTrack of the Ten17newyork Talk Show

Duration: 00:00:32