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Episode 38 - The Awkward Family Interview Show

There is no track listing for this show. We simply interviewed Kellys 3 children, and Michelle and Ians 2 children. The rest, as they say, is podcast gold.

Duration: 01:06:22

Episode 37 - Daniel Powter and Cannibalism: We take a hard stance on both!

Show listing 00:10 - Whatever happened to Daniel Powter 07:33 - Trump retweets violent videos 12:05 - Net Neutrality is a real thing, and you should be concerned 23:49 - Kelly is a sad panda 29:30 - Eleven from Stranger Things is getting sexualized, and it needs to stop 38:34 - We know what Kellys next drunk movie is 43:30 - We take a hard stance on a couple of important issues 48:16 - Nice Brains Finish Last

Duration: 01:10:40

Episode 36 - 2017 Holiday Special: The ADHD episode that is Trump free and ready to mingle; Now with 100% less structure.

Donate to the show - Like our facebook page - find us on twitter - Show content - 00:16 - Pickle parties are a thing 01:51 - We explain that this is a total freeform episode..and then try and do slam poetry..poorly 03:57 - We promise not to talk about trump, except where we explain that we’re not talking about trump. 04:40 - We break our Trump promise. 05:50 - Michelles story - The Flat...

Duration: 01:05:08

Episode 35 - A Justice League review that even Al Franken won’t touch.

PLEASE DONATE TO THE SHOW at Please review and subscribe on iTunes at Show content list 01:09 - Dr. Abbot betrays his own show 02:59 - Kelly and Ian fantasise about living together like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 06:00 - A portion of the voicemail that cost Kelly $10 08:35 - Al Franken gropes women, and we’re bummed 27:12 - It turns out, we’re...

Duration: 00:57:35

Episode 34 - America took giant steps forward; except Louis C.K.! He stepped in doodoo

Donate to the show at Big thanks to Spike from Too Grump Critics.. Listen to their awesome podcast here —-> Leave us a voicemail at 209-232-5807 Leave us an iTunes review (please please, prety please!!) at: Show track listing: 00:00 - The mary and joseph defense when it comes to sleeping with underage people 00:51 - Our friends at Too Grumpy Critics (...

Duration: 01:01:35

Episode 33 - Stranger Things 2 gave us all the good feels.. Not the Kevin Spacey kind.

More Show track listing: :00 We spend time making fun of Ians dog 02:45 - Muellers probe makes significant headway 08:20 - We really mess up our nations math 13:50 - We get our math back on track and collectively high five! 15:20 - Predictions - Does trump resign, get impeached, or finish his term? 17:15 - The list of hollywood celebs accused of sexual assault has grown 19:45 - George H.W....

Duration: 01:10:47

Episode 32 - We get all Halloweeny! Wait a minute, we just said weeny.

PODBROS TWISTED CON OF TERROR HALOWEEN SPECIAL - Yes, we talk trump, and we talk Russia, and we talk The Clintons. Our car was stolen, and then returned. We talk about that expereince. OH - The Podbros Twisted Con Of Terror - We are part 3 of the twisted con of terror, and you can hear our part at the 4:35 mark. ENJOY!

Duration: 01:03:08

Episode 31 - Trump grabbed us by the Weinsteins and we’re finally speaking up

Support the show by making a donation to Like us on Facebook at - Leave us an iTuens review at - Track Listing - 00:41 - We recap Dr Kelly Abbots drunken Dirty Dancing episode, and see how he’s feeling now 08:00 - What movie should we nominate for him to drunk narrate next? 11:25 - The Harvey Weinstein timeline 13:30 - Hollywoods fake shock and awe that...

Duration: 01:07:49

Episode 30 - We finally keep out Dirty Dancing promise, and have the time of our lives

The Dirty Dancing Episode Track listing - We spend about the first 5 minutes talking about dirty dancing And then we watch and recod dirty dancing… It got interesting.

Duration: 01:13:58

Episode 29 - Of course your AR-15 is for home protection, we said sarcastically

00:00 - We turn 29 episodes old. How do we celebrate the big 30? 00:25 - What if our podcast had a midlife crisis? 02:25 - Guess what we found on our driveway!! (hint, it made us a real somebody) 03:18 - All the things we promised to do, but never actually did 06:56 - We promise, we really will watch Dirty Dancing this weekend 16:09 - The Las Vegas Shooting 17:55 - Is the vegas shooter mentally ill? 19:43 - The Great Gun Control Debate 24:07 - What is a bump stock 28:32 - Ians...

Duration: 01:06:23

Episode 28 - The NFL just got you mad, but you’re still giving them your money

More @delightfulcast Show tracks - 0:30 - Kelly tries to add a Yoko Ono to the show 02:00 - The Beetles suck 05:19 - Shout out to 2 Grumpy Critics ( ) 09:33 - The 5 year old terrorist trilogy comes to an end 13:32 - Taking a knee in the NFL - What does it really mean? 14:30 - What viral anti-knealers are saying 15:42 - What the real issue about taking a knee is 36:40 - The best facebook post of all...

Duration: 01:04:41

Episode 27 - The Rucksack controversy. Americas most dangerous 5 year old.

TRACK LISTING - 1:05 - An update on our 5 year old son and his suspension from kindergartetn 16:40 - After national exposure, we read some of the more awful headlines pertaining to our child 26:00 - The school who was trying to include Transgender students, and now have to warn parents about sensative subject matter 44:33 - Emmys recap, and Sean Spicer review 56:05 - What we find delightful this week

Duration: 01:05:10

Episode 26 - That one time when a 5 year old boy was labeled a terrorist

Episode 26 track listing - 2:45 - We gush about our new Logo 4:22 - Single Payer Health Care 18:20 - The story about Michelle and Ians 5 year old getting suspsended and charged with terrorist threats 37:05 - National toy hall of fame nominees 51:14 - What toys would you nominate? 54:30 - What we find delightful - Lady Vikings and the movie IT 58:18 - Super Mario 14 is a real thing

Duration: 01:02:50

Episode 25 - Donald, DACA, and Dating: Warning - This Episode Gets Pretty Crappy

Support the show - twitter - @delightfulcast Track listing - 3:23 - Can you question authority, really? Alex Wubbles arrested for refusing a police officers request to draw blood 23:31 - DACA - Oh boy, is this a mess 36:03 - A tinder date got stuck in a window, retrieving her own poop 38:08 - Dating for adults in todays world 47:32 - What we find delightful Infomercial fails Getting gifts Little nightmares #podernfamily...

Duration: 00:58:35

Episode 24 - Pirate Jared Leto is a Complete Tool

More Track listing - 3:15 - The devistation of Hurrican Harvey 4:19- Joel Osteen is sort of a tool 6:17 - How Jim and Tammy Baker fooled us into buying a video 19:00 - We formally apologize to the people of the south for using a southern accent 21:18 - We get distracted from the Russia probe, and talk about Mrs. Trump 33:00 - Fall movie preview 42:45 - Kelly turns on Jared Leto #podbrosnetwork #podernfamily #podmosphere #trypod

Duration: 00:54:40

Episode 23 - The one where one of the hosts admitted to writing porn novels

Show topic lists and times :17 - Shout Out to Kate and Leopold 1:15 - Awesome show announement 4:52 - Trumps week at the whitehouse 10:31 - It’s OK to question what our troops are doing, and why 30:00 - Do your kids have to share? 37:02 - Find out who was in a greenday cover band, who went full Goth in high school, and who is writing a smut novel 49:09 - What we find delightful this week

Duration: 00:55:55

Dad jokes with a delightful bath bomb and crying Nazis

Topic listing - Feel free to skip ahead to what interests you most! 0:33 - We are not getting divorced 3:02 - Kelly admits he wants to take a bath with Ian 4:50 - Removing civil war monuments 12:54 - Why turning off social media is irresponsible during this violent time 21:35 - Chris Cantrell - The Crying Nazi 30:10 - The Dad Joke Challenge 38:03 - What fashion trends do you want to bring back? 48:00 - What we find delightful including Arbys Mountain of Meat, Lady Gagas concert,...

Duration: 01:00:27

Episode 21 - A binder full of neurotic women at work, wearing shorts

Episode 21 track listeing 0:30 - We get to announce that we are part of the Podbros Network 6:23 - President Trump has a fluffer 14:03 - The Google employees manifesto that got a guy fired.. Heads up, things get pretty raw here 32:55 - Are shorts OK in the work place? 38:41 - Kelly talks about scout camp when he was younger 42:00 - What we find delightful this week - Kelly and Wet Hot American Summer 43:29 - What We Find Delightful this week - Daid Lettermans return 44:56 - The...

Duration: 00:49:34

Episode 20 - When Clardic Fug met Turdly (nope, not a typo)

Track listing - 0:36 - Our podcast turns 21 next week. What would it drink, if it were real? 5:35 - Trumps new immigration legislation 17:28 - The ethics of diagnosing public figures from afar 27:14 - Navigating marital landmines 31:47 - Artificial intelligence came up with its own language at Facebook (this is a real thing) 36:40 - The Christmas song created by artificial intelligence 41:15 - What we find delightful this...

Duration: 00:55:18

Episode 19 - The Bastard Executioner wasn’t transgender, he was just a Perfect Stranger

Track Listing - 01:38 - Transgender ban in the military 15:33 - Mob mentality in not helping others or watching graphic real life videos 26:56 - What show or movie would you bring back from your childhood days 38:35 - What we find delightful, including Ed Sheeran, Youtube, and ComicCon 40:25 - We make a huge Game Of Thrones mistake

Duration: 00:53:03

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