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Episode 117: The APS Show! Special Report! Austin Bomber is dead! 3-21-18

according to, The Austin Bomber is reported dead! I was doing a special podcast on the bomber and just as I was done I read the headline!


Episode 8: APS Unedited Mon-Thursday News Headlines Podcast for Wednesday 3-21-18

On this podcast, I cover some news headlines from various sources!


Episode 7: APS Unedited Mon-Thursday News Headlines Podcast 3/20/18

On today's unedited I read headlines from Infowars, CBS News, and Michael Savage! Plus Robert Mueller should be fired!


Episode 6: APS Unedited Mon-Thursday News Headlines Podcast 3-19-2018

Episode 6 of APS Unedited: New bombs go off in Austin Texas coverage provided by Infowars and The APD Twitter feed. Plus I cover News headlines from Infowars & Drudge Report! Is it the end for the Clinton Criminals? and What will the Dems do without Mueller?


Episode 116: The APS Show! Sunday Edition Podcast! 3/18/18

Episode 116 Notes for Sunday's edition of the podcast. I continue a discussion I had on witchcraft and I tell when I was praying and saw some demons!is Hillary Clinton a witch? plus history of 1985 & 1995! book of acts ch3


Episode 115: The APS Show! Podcast for Friday 3/14/18

this is Friday's episode. sorry folks I'm having issues uploading to podomatic lately


Episode 4: APS Unedited Mon-Thursday News Headlines Podcast! 3/14/17

I will review some news headlines for today!


Episode 114: The APS Show! [Free Speech Special] 3/13/18

The globalists are coming! [not the Russians] Free Speech Under Attack! By: Anthony Stone 3:03 PM 3/13/2018 Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have filmed/recorded a VERY SPECIAL APS Show where I point out that free speech is under attack! I'm calling for everyone that hears my voice and understands the dark hour we are in? stand up and support independent media! Weather its Infowars, The Hagmann Report, Michael Savage or Drudge Report! we MUST support free speech! Gone are...


Episode 2: APS Unedited-News Headlines Mon-Thursday

notes for ep 2 I read some headlines, report on a mexican town known for being the sex trafficking king pen town in the world, Michael Savage stands up for the wildlife! and more...


Episode 113: The APS Show! Sunday Edition! Podcast!

Ep 113 notes On this Sunday's podcast, I discuss fun stuff, music stuff, rock n roll birds, Alex Jones, Ted Nugent, Axl Rose and Jesus! Are promoters paying rock stars being paid to be anti-trump? Axl Rose talks about "immigration" 30 years after "One In A Million" and then I cover The book of Acts! Short version: Rock N Roll, Jesus, False Prophets & The book of Acts! I also address false accusers! This will be another long one so sit back!


Episode 112: The APS Show! Podcast! 3/9/18 Friday Edition

Episode 112 notes: News wise: Trump agrees to meet Kim Jung Un, Obama wants Netflix shows? and PROOF there was a stand down in Florida! Plus my plans for Sunday! I intend to start on the book of acts! Plus I won't back down! You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won't back down! We CAN'T roll over to the Romans 13 pastors! keywords: Christianity, The United States, Infowars, Billy Graham, The US Constitution, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George H. W. Bush, G.W. Bush, Gun...


Episode 1: "APS Un-Edited" A NEW Podcast Starting Next Week! [TEST EPISODE]

"APS Unedited" Test show/Episode 1: Here is a podcast that will Air Mon-Thursdays of me covering the news.. Then on Fridays & Sundays will air the original podcast, "The APS Show!" In my 1st episode, I discuss DACA, Sanctuary Cities, and a letter to my local paper calling for Congress to act on Assult Rifles...


Episode 111: The APS Show! Podcast! Sunday Edition, 3-4-2018

Warning: This podcast MIGHT SEEM a bit too religious for most: Though I do NOT consider myself "religious"? I do believe in Jesus Christ. That is also how I judge a Christian based on what he believes as a Christian. I don't judge based on our works or "the speck" as most do. That's how I came to my views on Billy Graham. Yes, he had a huge platform, but he denied Jesus twice in public. Was he a Christian? I cannot judge that and don't. My prayers are with his family because either way,...


Episode:110-The APS Show! Podcast! Friday Edition 3/2/18

Episode 110 notes [First Friday weekly edition] On this first twice a week podcast I discuss.. The 25th anniversary of Waco, TX, Gun Control, Was the Broward Co. Sherriff's Dept. told to stand down? and What is the real question we should ask? Like what can be done to secure people while in public places? Gun Control is NOT the answer! Security is...We need address this situation with common sense non-intrusive pro constitutional rights security measures... I also discuss how David Koresh...


Episode 109: The APS Show! Podcast 2/23/2018 for Friday

Ep109 notes this one is another long one! 55mins and is a continum of Thursdays podcast but mainly focus's on the gun control issue! I discuss the kids being led by George Soros like lambs to the slaughter.. the conspiracy to grab the guns and how the young people are being decieved! I also continue more about my talks on the church being used to tell Christians to roll-over! all that and more.. Next week is the anniversary of Waco on Feb. 28th so i will continue that discussion as well!...


Episode 105: The APS Show! 2/18/2018 for Monday

Notes for 105: I discuss my NEW! On my new site I explain the new format of this show! Please join my new forum at


Episode 104: The APS Show! 2/16/2018-for Friday

Notes from #104. Here are a few notes from ep 104! On this podcast I discuss the INSANE left running wild on their latest High School Shooting! Plus I put parts of the unposted Feb. 14th show! I didnt get to all of Wednesday's podcast but the rest will be in Mondays issue #105 #FloridaSchoolShooting, #Terrorism,#ISIS,#Communist,#WhiteSupremist,#TheAPSShow,#RockNRoll100FM,#APfnS,#APSRocks,#Podcast,#Podcasting


Episode 103: The APS Show! Podcast! 2/15/2018 for Thursday

3:06 AM 2/15/2018 #103 notes.. Due to illness I didnt have a Wednesdays edition..but here is Thursdays. I will TRY to have mon-fri show? but we'll see.. This episode is mainly about the school shooter. I also added 1 segment of the Feb. 14th episode.. fridays will most likely be parts of these clips.. plus.. Ep 103 notes on this episode i want to discuss illegal aliens who cross over from mexico get better healthcare than i do! an american citizen! woman crosses mexican border, fall s off...


Episode 102: The APS Show! Podcast! 2/13/2018 for Tuesday

Episode 102 notes: This podcast is late but better late than never.. On this episode I discuss Sen. Warners paranoia over Russians, The Pope praises Communist China, The return of the KGB, Waco week 3, sling tv, plus some historical stuff and more.. 44 mins #apsrmusic, #apfns, #apsrocks, #rocknroll100fm, #russiancollusion, #popefrancis, #communistchina, #Waco, #paramountnetwork, #theKGB, #fbi,#atf, #hillaryclinton,#news,#currentevents, #TheAPSShow, #Podcast, #Podcasting, #slingtv,


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