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The Aidan Project blog looks at a multitude of topics, but history is the Project‘s raison d’être.




#48 - Project Extra: Atlantis Reimagined

On this bonus edition of the Aidan Project, Christopher Hale, freelance executive producer, producer/director and writer, explains the curious 19th century reimagining of the story of Atlantis. This revival of the idea of a lost advanced civilization owed less to an interest in folklore or the works of Plato, but was instead inspired by something altogether less innocent, as Christopher explains. For Aidan’s full-length episode with Christopher, check out episode 46, ‘The Emergency: Empire,...

Duration: 00:12:55

#47 - Notes on North Korea

In this edition of the podcast, Aidan is back with everything you need to know about the ominous stand-off between the United States and North Korea. This potentially-catastrophic conflict focuses around Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities, such as they are. In these 'Notes on North Korea', Aidan explains how this crisis has evolved, and addresses the potential outcomes of this long-running narrative, including a look at the unpredictable ‘Trump factor’.

Duration: 00:24:59

#46 - The Emergency: Empire, Massacre, Duterte

The British Empire, and other European powers, began to leave South East Asia in the aftermath of World War 2. The region has changed dramatically since this era; a period when British troops were fighting communists in Malaya, several years before the US attempted its own communist supression in Vietnam. It was during the British Empire’s response to Chin Peng’s insurgency that the colonial rulers committed an atrocity that could be called ‘Britain’s My Lai’. On this edition of the Aidan...

Duration: 01:14:51

#45 - De-Platformed: Challenging Bad Ideas

On July 21, the noted evolutionary biologist and author, Richard Dawkins, was de-platformed by a ‘progressive’ radio station in California because of comments he had previously made about Islam. This decision - powered by the moral confusion that maliciously designates fair criticism of religion as hate speech - is yet another example of the left’s deeply dishonest, nonsensical, virtue-signalling and outlandish apologising whenever Islam is discussed. In this episode, Aidan is joined by...

Duration: 01:02:45

#44 - The New Cold War

Russia has signalled its intent to demand a reduction in the number of US diplomats in the country, following US Congress approving fresh sanctions against Moscow over interference in the 2016 US election. What is driving this new Cold War? Dan Kovalik is a human rights, labour rights lawyer and peace activist. Dan’s new book is called ‘The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia’. Dan argues that the real threat to US democracy does not...

Duration: 01:14:08

#43 - Project Extra: Genetic Revolution

In this edition of Project Extra, Ran Levi explains the hugely exciting developments in gene editing, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR), which has the potential to transform human biology as we know it. CRISPR (pronounced "crisper") is a biological gene editing system for reconfiguring DNA. The concept was discovered in 2012 by molecular biologist Professor Jennifer Doudna of the University of California, who told the BBC last year, “I never want to...

Duration: 00:11:23

#42 - Notes on Dunkirk

In this edition of the Aidan Project, Aidan looks at the glorious myths and gloomy realities of the real Dunkirk, and examines how accurately Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster addresses the bittersweet events of Operation Dynamo. Is the movie mere flag-waving or a true account of the disastrous chaos on the beaches of the French town of Dunkerque in 1940? Did the French receive fair treatment in the film? How does the script handle the German’s costly halt, which allowed so many men...

Duration: 00:14:00

Westminster Briefing

In this edition of the Aidan Project, Aidan is joined by John Ashmore, chief reporter for PoliticsHome, to discuss the latest developments in British politics. Is Theresa May on borrowed time? How relevant is Tony Blair? Plus a look at Grenfell, Brexit, terrorism, Donald Trump potentially visiting the UK, and much more. PoliticsHome describes itself as the most viewed and valued specialist online news source in Parliament. You can find the web site at www.politicshome.com. You can find...

Duration: 00:22:35

Downloading a President

The United States Intelligence Community concluded with high confidence that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In this edition of the Aidan Project, Aidan is joined on the line from Israel by Ran Levi, an accomplished technology expert, science author and podcaster. In this episode, Aidan and Ran discuss the Russian hacking and/or cyber-meddling, and whether this type of outside interference can be stopped or whether it will also affect the 2020 U.S....

Duration: 01:17:30

Animal Liberation: Ethics and Speciesism

The name of this podcast was inspired by the influential 1975 book, Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals, by Peter Singer, an Australian philosopher. Singer argued that the interests of animals should be considered because of their ability to experience tangible suffering. Are we, as a society, guilty of speciesism? What is the reality of factory farming in the United Kingdom? How humane is the dairy industry? How does the UK compare to the rest of the world with...

Duration: 00:37:46

Notes on Making America Great Again

Donald Trump is indeed the pro wrestling president. In this edition of the podcast, Aidan looks at President Trump and the entirely surreal manner of his presidency. We have an emerging problem now of a dangerous new normal. Trump must be the mistake, the anomaly, the Chernobyl. We must push back at Trump’s vile online ranting, but not at the expense of challenging his policies. You can tweet Aidan with your thoughts @theaidanproject.

Duration: 00:10:57

Dogmatic Silence: Abuse in the Church

In this edition of the podcast, Aidan talks to David Greenwood, Chairman of Stop Church Child Abuse. The Catholic Church has a history of abuse cover-ups, scandals and unscrupulously moving priests between countries once abuse has taken place. What are the current attitudes emanating out of the Catholic Church in respect of child sex abuse? Furthermore, the Church of England has its own shameful story to tell, or rather, a story that requires activists such as David to tell, for the Church...

Duration: 01:03:11

Project Extra: A.C. Grayling

In this edition of the Aidan Project Podcast, enjoy exclusive, previously unreleased, audio from A.C. Grayling’s Q&A session, following his ‘Fighting for Europe’ speech, held at the University of Suffolk, England, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. In this podcast, Grayling comments on how good a deal the United Kingdom currently has with Brussels, ‘pusillanimous MP’s’, the lack of knowledge within the UK about the European Union, and more. Aidan would like to thank A.C. Grayling...

Duration: 00:11:32

Notes on Belief

Tim Farron has announced his intention to resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats, citing unfair media coverage surrounding his Christian faith. In this podcast, Aidan argues that beliefs matter and that religion does not exempt anyone from reasonable scrutiny.

Duration: 00:04:30

Notes on Mrs. May

Strong and stable leadership, indeed. Theresa May can surely not long survive this debacle. The votes have been cast and the results are in. In this edition of the Aidan Project Podcast, Aidan offers his thoughts on the 2017 UK General Election. What does this result mean for the United Kingdom? What happens next? Will Nigel Farage answer the hard-line Brexit distress call and return to frontline politics? Tweet Aidan with your thoughts @theaidanproject.

Duration: 00:09:35

A.C. Grayling: Brexit Can Be Stopped

In this edition of the Aidan Project Podcast, enjoy an exclusive recording from A.C. Grayling’s impassioned ‘Fighting for Europe’ speech, held at the University of Suffolk, England, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. A.C. Grayling says that Brexit is not a done deal and that it can be stopped, or at the very least, reversed. Grayling also offers his thoughts on the UK General Election, the British press, David Cameron, Theresa May, and much more. Anthony Grayling MA, DPhil (Oxon) FRSL, FRSA is...

Duration: 01:02:26

AMA: UK General Election

In the very first Aidan Project AMA (Ask Me Anything) episode, Aidan is joined by journalist, podcaster and activist, Joshua Thomas, to answer your listener questions on the forthcoming 2017 UK General Election. For more information on Joshua, you can find Joshua’s YouTube channel, Disputandum, at http://bit.ly/2spdKaO. Aidan will be back the day after the election with thoughts on the results and what it means for the United Kingdom. From the inbox: Is Jeremy Corbyn an IRA...

Duration: 00:56:26

Aide-Memoire: The General Election

Theresa May called an early election in an attempt to shore up support for her government’s position on Britain’s exit from the European Union. But where do the parties stand on this issue? Or on social issues? Voter apathy is alarming, but this is often the result not simply of an absence of interest in politics, but because of the confusion inherent in the abundance of mass political coverage across the various media platforms. The news outlets produce endless political news content, but...

Duration: 00:15:41

Notes on Manchester

Aidan talks about the Manchester bombing, which took place at Manchester Arena, England, on 22 May 2017. Aidan feels we need an honest debate on the issues which led to this latest outrage, and that liberals need to attend to a problem of their own: moral confusion. What do you think about the modern, virtue-signalling, ‘liberal’ reaction to any criticism of Islam? Aidan is on Twitter @theaidanproject Links to items discussed on this...

Duration: 00:22:10

Project Extra: Under Siege

In this bonus edition of the Aidan Project Podcast, enjoy previously unreleased audio from Aidan’s conversation with Jared Miracle from the episode, ‘The Great Cat Massacre’. In this ‘Project Extra’ episode, Jared explains the curious case of one Steven Seagal, the famed actor, producer, screenwriter, director, martial artist and musician. Seagal is not quite the famous action movie star he once was, but he has nevertheless found his way into the news on a regular basis since his ‘Under...

Duration: 00:14:54

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