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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle

Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle
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Thought-Provoking Insights from the Left Side of the Political Aisle







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Trump's Shutdown Continues

We begin the week with Day 3 of Trump's Shutdown. When will it end? Will Democrats actually trust McConnell and the GOP? We analyze it with Rep. Dan Kildee from Michigan. Plus, it's officially been one year of President Donald Trump. We talk about it with Capri Cafaro and Joe Cirincione looks at the year of Trump's foreign policy.

Duration: 01:50:47

The Shutdown is in Sight

Will the government shutdown? That's the question America is waiting for Donald Trump to answer. We talk about it with Tom Jawetz from the Center for American Progress and Steven Shepard from Politico. Plus, the #MeToo movement continues to grow with allegations against Aziz Ansari. We discuss them with Jessica Raven.

Duration: 01:51:03

Donald Trump Doesn't Understand The Wall

Republican lawmakers are having to BEG Donald Trump to give them some guidance on DACA to avoid a government shutdown. And Chief of Staff John Kelly says Trump isn't going to build the entire wall AND Mexico isn't going to pay for it. Who is running the country? The Women's March is happening again this weekend. We talk to Jacqueline Ayers from Planned Parenthood about some of the details. Plus, has Donald Trump lost his mind? We talk to Michael Tansey, a doctor and author who makes the...

Duration: 01:50:54

Donald Trump: Health Nut

We got the results of Donald Trump's physical and, to our surprise, the doctor says he's actually pretty fit. Do you believe it? We talk about all things White House and the latest on Steve Bannon with Asawin Suebsang from The Daily Beast. Plus, Jessica Schulberg from HuffPost gives us more scary details on the Hawaii fake missile launch along with a Gitmo update. And, can we actually end Citizens United and get money out of politics? Perhaps! Tiffany Muller from End Citizens United tells...

Duration: 01:51:14

Trump Golfs While US Government Faces Possible Shut Down

MLK Jr. Day is usually a day of service, reflection, and community building, but not for Trump, who spent the day golfing on one of his properties. Add this news to the fact that the Government faces a shut down on Friday, and you have an accurate picture of the chaotic Trump presidency. Bill Press (TYT Network) sits down to discuss the latest news on VP Mike Pence with Tom LoBianco (AP News), what the future of the Dems looks like with Karen Finney (Democratic Strategist), and the...

Duration: 01:51:13

Semantics Matter: Incoming Missile Fail and White House Vs. WSJ

People in Hawaii were greeted with a damning message: take cover, a missile is headed your way. The mishap is fitting in a time where nothing quite seems to make sense, including the Republican-led White House taking on the Wall Street Journal over a potential misquote. Bill Press is joined by guests Jon Allen (NBC News), Alexi McCammond (Axios), and Eliza Collins (USA Today) to discuss the latest headlines including DACA, government shut down, and 2018 elections.

Duration: 01:51:10

Latest Outrage Over Our Shithole Presidency

Donald Trump leaves no doubt that he is a white supremacist. In a bipartisan meeting, he referred to Haiti and other countries as "shitholes." We discuss is with Niall Stanage from The Hill. Plus, FISA has made it through the House. Lisa Rosenberg from Open the Government explains how the government might have the power to spy on you. And with a wave of GOP resignations, can Democrats ACTUALLY take back the House? We talk to Politico's Elena Schneider.

Duration: 01:51:00

The GOP Exit Strategy is Just Getting Started

Darrell Issa announces he will not be seeking re-election and this is JUST the start of the GOP afraid to run with Trump in the midterms. We talk about the latest on DACA and Immigration with Vox's Dara Lind, all things White House with Bloomberg's Justin Sink and go around the news cycle with Cate Martel from The Hill.

Duration: 01:50:56

Where Does Trump Stand on DACA?

Where does Trump stand on DACA? Depends on when you ask him. Bill examines the wild meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday afternoon.

Duration: 01:51:23

Bill Returns to Trump's America

Bill is BACK to recap what he missed over the break. Trump's America is as bleak as ever, but Bill is focusing not on HOW Trump became President, but how we get him out of office. Plus, will there be a DACA deal? We talk with Rep Dan Killdee and Matt Gertz gives us a preview of the Fake News and Dishonest Media Awards hosted by Trump.

Duration: 01:51:51

The Very Stable Genius Presidency of Donald Trump

Amid reports that Trump is losing his mind, and has lost the confidence of his Cabinet, he wants us all to know that he's a "very stable genius." Guest host Sabrina Siddiqui walked us through the wacky weekend of Trump with guests Andrew Restuccia from Politico, Pema Levy from Mother Jones and Igor Bobic from HuffPost. Plus, could we be looking at President Oprah?

Duration: 01:51:09

Wolff of the White House (1.5.18)

Bill Press is out so Cameron Joseph (Talking Points Memo) is filling in. He welcomes Ian Russell, Elise Foley & Erik Altieri to discuss the release of Michael Wolff's gossip-fueled Trump book, state races to watch over the next few months, the possibility of a new year deal on DACA and how NORML is responding to Jeff Sessions' marijuana directive - the entire Friday edition of the Bill Press Show!

Duration: 01:52:25

The Bannon Breakup (1.4.18)

Bill Press is out so Jason Dick (Roll Call) is filling in. He welcomes Brandon Wetherbee, Bridget Bowman and Charles Allen to discuss Donald Trump's public breakup with Steve Bannon, Trump's ties to the wrestling world, all the state races to watch in 2018 and a D.C. council member's resistance to Trump...and rats - the entire Thursday edition of the Bill Press Show!

Duration: 01:52:31

Nuclear War is Nigh (1.3.18)

Bill Press is out so executive producer Peter Ogburn is filling in. He welcomes Jennifer Haberkorn, Nikki Schwab and Marina Fang to discuss Donald Trump's latest jab at Kim Jong Un, the end of the repeal of Obamacare, Michelle Bachmann's possible Senate run and Orrin Hatch's retirement opening for Mitt Romney - the entire Wednesday edition of the Bill Press Show!

Duration: 01:52:25

Welcome Back to Hell (1.2.18)

Bill Press is out so executive producer Peter Ogburn is filling in. He welcomes Sara Fischer, Emma Roller and Clare Foran to discuss Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago vacation, the worldwide 'fake news' crisis, Trump's decision to fire to entire White House HIV/AIDS council, and the Democrats' strategy for taking back the House in 2018 - the entire Tuesday edition of the Bill Press Show!

Duration: 01:52:25

Bernie's Revolution (12.29.17)

It's our final podcast of 2017 and this one is a doozy. In the first half, we give you the round table we taped with Clare Foran (The Atlantic) and Alex Seitz-Wald (NBC News) on what it was like to cover Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election (a segment previously only available to our Patreon subscribers). To close out the hour, it's our January 2017 sit-down with Senator Sanders - taped just days before Donald Trump's inauguration. It's kinda eerie how many of the doom-and-gloom predictions...

Duration: 00:50:40

The Sports and Politics Round Table (12.28.17)

Peter Ogburn may currently be at home prepping for Alabama's likely loss in the Sugar Bowl, but he made sure to tape a year-end special on sports and politics before he skipped town. Our favorite sports reporters - Lindsay Gibbs (ThinkProgress), Tyler Tynes (SB Nation) and Travis Waldron (HuffPost) - joined Peter to discuss the anthem protests, Colin Kaepernick, and white America's fundamental misunderstanding of social injustice.

Duration: 00:30:04

The #MeToo Round Table (12.27.17)

Before we left for our holiday break, executive producer Peter Ogburn sat down with Jocelyn Frye (Center for American Progress) and Lucia Graves (The Guardian) to discuss the emergence of the #MeToo movement in 2017. They cover everything from Donald Trump's sexual misconduct allegations to the everyday occurrences of harassment in the workplace. A heavy topic, but an important one to break down at the end of what has been a truly insane year.

Duration: 00:32:06

The Weed and Beer Holiday Special (12.26.17)

We may be away from the studio for the holiday break, but we didn't leave you - our valued listeners - without fresh content to maintain your BP fix. Today's podcast features interviews with NORML's Erik Altieri + Neighborhood Restaurant Group's Greg Engert. Executive producer Peter Ogburn talks to Erik about all the big gains for marijuana legalization in 2017, and Greg gives the BP Show team some tips on the best beers to drink during the holiday season.

Duration: 01:01:52

A Look Back at Our Year in Hell (12.22.17)

Bill Press welcomes Graham Vyse, Brad Woodhouse and Evan McMorris-Santoro to discuss the biggest political stories of 2017 including Donald Trump's Charlottesville press conference, Democratic wins in key states, Mike Pence's creepy worship of Trump and Sean Hannity's attack on Bill Press - the full Friday edition of the Bill Press Show!

Duration: 01:52:16

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