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BTS TBSP - The Making Of "Intruder"

Due to a lot of moving around, we weren't able to bring you a new episode this month; there'll be more on that in a few days in an Announcement before getting into the next episode. Thank you all for your patience at this time; since many of you listeners seemed to enjoy the fourth episode, I think you'll really enjoy this. We had a lot of fun making "Intruder", and stoked for this next episode which will feature four new voices! If you want insider access to cool stuff, check out the...


005 Garbage Day

The Bug-Eyes Boutique missed Garbage Day, and it's looking like for good reason. Try not to forget next week, Nik! JAMMED SIGNAL: Melt by Vivian Aladren ★★★ The Featured Artist is Blythe, AKA Babyhands Bel ★★★ Jammed Signal Artist


004 Intruder

Wow... This is a pretty straight forward episode for once. Mostly anyway. Who's that guy with the spoon taped to his claw though? Whatever. Good luck, Shooting Star! JAMMED SIGNAL: Dependency by Vivian Aladren ★★★The Voice of Manaia is Carro ★★★The Voice of Babyhands Bel is Blythe ★★★ The Featured Artist is...


003 The City Deer

Sounds like Nik, but might not be Nik. Whoever you are, good luck! JAMMED SIGNAL: Stuck by Vivian Aladren ★★★The Featured Artist is Carro, GoddessInGreen TWEET THEM! ASK ABOUT COMMISSIONS! READ THEIR COMIC! CHECK OUT THEIR PATREON! ★★★ Vivian Aladren's new Album is out now!


002 Soy Product

On this broadcast, Nik encounters the wonders of retail... Can they really be considered wonders? And just who is Owl? In any case, good luck, Nik! JAMMED SIGNAL: ASMR Cat Purring ★★★The Voice of Owl is Riley Levi Stein TWITTER: BLOG: TAPASTIC: The Voice of Nikau Iona is Cecil-Marie Graham Musa ✩TWEET ME!✩ ✩PATREON✩ ✩REDBUBBLE✩...


001 Chasing WiFi (PILOT)

PLEASE CHECK CONTENT WARNINGS!!! JAMMED SIGNAL: Colder by Vivian Aladren ▶▶▶ This is the Black Sea. Welcome to the pilot episode. The Bug-Eyes Boutique has run out of WiFi… Is WiFi even a thing you can really run out of? Oh… There’s also a black hole. Good luck, Nik! The Voice of Nikau Iona is Cecil-Marie Graham Musa ✩TWEET ME!✩ ✩PATREON✩ ✩REDBUBBLE✩...