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The Blind Side Podcast 58, Mushroom FM and the fun guys who make it happen

Mushroom FM is one of those Internet radio phenomena you’ve almost certainly heard about. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to check it out and never have, or maybe you haven’t checked in for a while. Staffed by a team of blind volunteers, and with a strong commitment to high-quality, personality-based Internet radio, Mushroom FM now plays music from the 1950s through to the 1980s, with a few specialty shows thrown in for good measure. With its classy JAM jingles and engaging people, it’s a...

Duration: 01:03:31

The Blind Side Podcast 57, Apple’s VoiceOver design inconsistencies, and Jim Fetgather, the former phone phreaker

Jonathan Mosen begins by announcing the return of the accessible phones for the blind email group, where comparisons of phone types and operating systems are welcome. Subscribe to the Blind Phones list here. In a call to action, Jonathan expands on his blog post, Cupertino, we have a design problem. If you’ve found since upgrading to iOS 11 that you’re deleting emails by accident, it’s not a bug, it’s a new idea from Apple. Jonathan describes why we should care, and encourages you to...

Duration: 00:59:33

The Blind Side Podcast 56, Deja Powell, blind cane travel instructor

For some people who’ve never been given travel instruction by a blind person, the idea seems proposterous and downright dangerous. How can a blind orientation and mobility specialist keep their students safe and monitor their technique? And yet, there are many capable, successful, and totally safe blind people teaching other blind people how to get around. Deja Powell is a blind cane travel instructor based in Utah. She talks with Jonathan Mosen about her journey to acceptance of her...

Duration: 00:55:28

The Blind Side Podcast 55, Unboxing of, and a first look at, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3

Thanks to the wonders of time zones, New Zealanders get new Apple tech before the rest of the world. Today, a new iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3 landed at Mosen Towers. Jonathan and Bonnie Mosen demonstrate setting up the iPhone 8 plus with the help of the new phone migration feature built into iOS 11. They take a listen to the improved speakers, describe the feel of the new phone, and look at how responsive it is thanks to the new A11 Bionic chip. Jonathan then sets up his new...

Duration: 01:16:10

The Blind Side Podcast episode 54, Jonathan Mosen’s iOS 11 Tek Talk Presentation

Just ahead of the official release of iOS 11, the new software to power iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Jonathan Mosen was invited to deliver a Tek Talk presentation to Accessible World. For many years, Tek Talk presentations have been held every Monday at 8 PM US Eastern time. Guest speakers have showcased a wide range of technology for the blind and visually impaired. Jonathan speaks about iOS 11 in the context of VoiceOver, the screen reader built into iOS. He discusses Siri’s new...

Duration: 00:56:36

The Blind Side Podcast 53, recap of Apple’s September 2017 event

At its first ever event at the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple unveiled an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, a 4K Apple TV, and three new iPhones. One of those iPhones is a radical departure in some key respects from anything we’ve seen before. Jonathan and Heidi Mosen, David Woodbridge and Allison Hartley got together the moment the curtain came down in Cupertino to offer their instant reactions to the event, and provide analysis from a blindness perspective. We can also report that “iOS...

Duration: 01:04:08

The Blind Side Podcast episode 52, Nicky Wagner, Minister for Disability Issues, National Party

We conclude our series on New Zealand’s general election by hearing from the current Minister for Disability Issues, National’s Nicky Wagner. Minister Wagner discusses what she considers to be National’s most significant achievements for disabled people over the last nine years, and argues that re-electing National to lead the government will represent continued progress for disabled people. We discuss education, employment, access to technology, whether there is a need for accessibility...

Duration: 00:42:23

The Blind Side Podcast 51: upcoming Apple coverage, Marama Fox, Co-leader, Maori Party

We’re preparing to go into top gear on The Blind Side, with comprehensive coverage of Apple’s new hardware. Mosen Consulting is also ready to go with “iOS 11 Without the Eye”, our most comprehensive iOS book to date. Learn more in the podcast. Blind people using telephone dictation voting can cast their ballot any time from now. Our comprehensive coverage on New Zealand’s disability issues continues ahead of the election. This time, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Marama Fox, co-leader of...

Duration: 00:38:41

The Blind Side Podcast 50, more on our podcasting course, how blind New Zealanders vote

On this, our 50th episode, we say thanks for your listenership. It’s been amazing. Our podcasting course begins just days from now, and we’re excited by how many people have already joined our community of intrepid podcast explorers. There’s still room for you though. We tell you about a very special guest joining us for part of our first webinar. Our series on the New Zealand general election continues. This week, we’re looking at how blind people in New Zealand vote. Jonathan Mosen...

Duration: 00:37:36

The Blind Side 49. Our podcasting course, iOS 11 book, Ria Bond from New Zealand First

Responding to many requests, Mosen Consulting is offering a thorough podcasting course, comprising four webinars, a discussion forum, a resource guide and more. Jonathan discusses what the course covers, and how you can register. Note, since the course starts in September, registrations close soon. We then give you an update on the latest in the popular “iOS Without the Eye” series. It’s our largest eBook yet. We explain how you can get it before iOS 11 comes to your iDevice. And we...

Duration: 00:39:50

The Blind Side Podcast episode 48, Poto Williams, NZ Labour Party

Our series on New Zealand’s general election continues. Poto Williams is Labour’s spokesperson for Disability Issues. She joins Jonathan Mosen for a wide-ranging discussion on public policy from a disability perspective, including answering questions sent in by listeners.

Duration: 00:58:34

The Blind Side Podcast Episode 47, Mojo Mathers, NZ Greens

This week, we begin a series of interviews with representatives of New Zealand political parties, ahead of the 23 September general election. Jonathan Mosen speaks with Green MP and Disability Issues spokesperson Mojo mathers. Mojo, who is Deaf, is New Zealand’s only member of Parliament with a significant disability. She discusses what it’s like to be the only disabled MP, some issues of significance facing disabled people in New Zealand, and how the Green Party would tackle them.

Duration: 01:03:02

The Blind Side 46, Steven Lockley on blind people and sleep

It’s a problem many blind people are all too familiar with. We’re wide awake in the middle of the night, and have an uncontrollable urge to sleep in the middle of the day. It can make life utterly miserable, in terms of maintaining a schedule in sync with our friends and family, and performing at our best on the job. We now call this phenomenon non-24, and there are things you can do about it. Even if you’re lucky enough not to be affected by non-24, most of us could do with more, and...

Duration: 01:00:36

The Blind Side Podcast Episode 45, Seeing AI, Aira

This week’s podcast focusses on technology that gives blind people easier access to visual information. The hot topic in the blind community on social media since its release a couple of week’s ago is an iOS app from Microsoft called Seeing AI. It’s a Swiss army knife of visual tools, offering some functions available in some other apps, but also breaking new ground in the use of artificial intelligence to give blind people descriptions of people and scenes. An app like this has been the...

Duration: 01:07:23

The Blind Side Podcast 44, Kelly Ford

In the early days of accessibility-related email lists, Kelly Ford was a vocal, articulate advocate who wasn’t hesitant to hold companies to account for accessibility issues. Then he became an insider, still making the world a better place in a quieter, more effective capacity. Having just completed a 16.5 year stint at Microsoft, where he held various roles, Kelly joins Jonathan Mosen to talk advocacy and accessibility, and share a few memories.

Duration: 01:01:33

The Blind Side 43, Controversial Proposed Standards for Canadian Service Dog Teams

On Friday, submissions close on a standard that has been drafted by the Canadian General Standards Board CGSB. It stipulates with exceptional detail what constitutes a service dog team, including the behaviour and abilities of both members of the team, the human and the dog. Critics of the proposed standard accuse the CGSB of a paternalistic, big brother-style encroachment into the lives of disabled people, and many guide dog handlers are concerned that the proposal seems to take no...

Duration: 01:17:29

The Blind Side 42, Greyhound Lawsuit, “Go Where You Wanna Go” by Judy Dixon

A group of blind people in the United States are frustrated by their inability to book travel independently using the Greyhound website and apps. When they’ve sought help from the call center, they were charged a convenience fee. They’ve filed a lawsuit which is supported by the National Federation of the Blind. Jonathan Mosen speaks with Chris Danielsen from NFB about this specific suit, and looks at case law on web and app accessibility. “Go Where You Wanna Go” is Judy Dixon’s latest...

Duration: 01:03:32

The Blind Side 41, hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson

From time to time on The Blind Side, we like to look at self-care issues from a blindness perspective. This time, we look at perhaps one of the most misunderstood methods for achieving positive change in your life, hypnosis. Many people think of hypnotists as slightly creepy people who dangle a watch in front of your face and make you do weird things. Is that true, and is it even possible for a blind person to be hypnotised? Jonathan Mosen speaks with hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson. Andrew...

Duration: 01:09:24

The Blind Side 40, job hunting when blind, free job club, Meet Me In The Cloud

Bonnie Mosen has a popular book in the Mosen Consulting Store, “It’s Off to Work We Go”, offering tips and tricks for blind job seekers. People who purchase that book have had access to a job club. Bonnie talks about the challenges of being a blind job seeker, and we announce that the next meeting of the job club is open to all. There’s a new audiobook in The Mosen Consulting Store on Zoom Cloud Meetings, called “Meet Me In the Cloud”. We give you a free sample of the book that demonstrates...

Duration: 00:54:39

The Blind Side 39, Yet Mmore Airline Discrimination, Paul Mugambi

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Kliphton Miller about Frontier Airlines, who turned what should have been a pleasant flight with his 18-month-old granddaughter into a day of discrimination and frustration. Paul Mugambi is a Kenyan advocate and musician. Currently studying on a scholarship in Australia, Paul talks with Jonathan about some of the advocacy triumphs and challenges blind people in Kenya are facing. We conclude the podcast with a great song from Paul.

Duration: 00:59:58

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