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BCNC #9: How to start your journey to health

Most people know that in order to live a healthy lifestyle they must exercise and eat better. This of course is common sense. But, what stops people from taking the first step in this process, and why is the first step often the hardest? In this podcast Dr. Bradley shares practical, easy to do advice on how to take that first step to living a healthier life. If you are a person who wants to change their current lifestyle to a healthier more active lifestyle, then listen to the practical...

Duration: 00:12:03

Bradley Chiropractic Nutriton Center Podcast #4 | Overtraining

Learn how to take control of your health through diet, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic and massage therapy. We will discuss a variety of topics each week from using laboratory testing to develop specific nutritional protocols, to corrective exercises involving ways to balance your musculoskeletal system, to chiropractic, massage, and spinal decompression. We offer a truly holistic approach to balancing structure, biochemistry and psychological well-being. With this approach our goal is...

Duration: 00:19:21

BCNC 03: Thoughts on Chiropractic

Dr. Bradley from Bradley Chiropractic Nutrition Center located in Bakersfield California shares his thoughts on philosophies in chiropractic that he thinks gives the practice a bad name, and what his unique take on chiropractic practices is.

Duration: 00:10:54

BCNC 02: Stress

In this podcast I discuss the natural function of stress, how our modern lifestyles disrupt this causing exhaustion among other problems, and what natural things you can do to feel less stressed and be healthier.

BCNC 01: Nutrition and Degenerative Diseases

In this podcast I dicuss the benefits of treating common degerative conditions with Nutritional plans developed through the use of laboratory testing.