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The Buckeye SloopCast - An Ohio State Buckeye Podcast

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We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as National College Football & Basketball, and so much more. Just a couple geeks talking Buckeyes Join us at, Twitter, Intstagram, Facebook, and more! #GoBucks #BuckeyeNation #OhioState

We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as National College Football & Basketball, and so much more. Just a couple geeks talking Buckeyes Join us at, Twitter, Intstagram, Facebook, and more! #GoBucks #BuckeyeNation #OhioState
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We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as National College Football & Basketball, and so much more. Just a couple geeks talking Buckeyes Join us at, Twitter, Intstagram, Facebook, and more! #GoBucks #BuckeyeNation #OhioState








S3E43 – Return of The Buckeyes

S3E43 – Return of The Buckeyes The #OhioState offense returns a lot of talent. No word from Isaiah Prince. Is no news, good news? #OhioState loses few on offense, but in key positions. Dre’Mont Jones is returning, but to a new position? With most of the defense gone, who is #NextManUP? Will #OhioState have an all-new linebacker crew in 2018? Schiano to the NFL rumors still creating smoke With scholarships tight, are more transfers expected? If Tyler Friday chooses #OhioState, it...

Duration: 01:01:17

S3E42 – Ins & Outs

S3E42 – Ins & Outs We finally reveal the “January 8th announcement” Ins & outs… who is leaving, joining, and staying with the Buckeyes? Mike Weber is returning… if a 3 word tweet can be trusted Does a stacked RB depth chart mean a new offense? An offensive linemen transfers out… is he the last? #OhioState lands a big time DE, but misses on another The point everyone is missing regarding the Larry Johnson rumors Alex Grinch joins the coaching staff, but is he really the “10th...

Duration: 01:07:30

S3E41 – Firsts & Lasts

S3E41 – Firsts & Lasts #OhioState defeats USC and wins the #CottonBowl #OhioState’s defense puts forth their best performance of the year We share our thoughts on Denzel Ward’s decision to not play Ward out, #NextManUp The complete Sam Darnold, warts and all Turnovers and line-play decide games Take a moment today appreciate this DLine unit The future is bright for Jeffrey Okudah Tyquan & Holmes; often overlooked, never out-played Why is everyone SOOO convinced Haskins has the...

Duration: 00:55:24

S3E40 – Early Signing Recap

S3E40 – Early Signing Recap A tough day for a still great recruiting class UGA has its day #OhioState signs 21 in the early signing period Emory Jones finally decommits, but why? #OhioState signs an impressive WR trio Woodbey surprises most with a last hour flip Why #OhioState fell behind Georgia in the recruiting ranks Why this recruiting cycle is a big win, and why if it doesn’t feel like it Why is everyone trying to retire #OhioState’s coaches? How big did negative...

Duration: 01:03:13

S3E39 – #CottonBowl Teaser

S3E39 – #CottonBowl Teaser We preview the #CottonBowl as #OhioState takes on USC and the final #SlooPicks of the season #GoBucks iTunes:

Duration: 00:54:16

S3E38 – Music Special #2

S3E38 – Music Special #2 (3:17) Soul Monsters – “I Can Speak” (6:18) Friday Giants – “What You’re Made Of” (11:01)The FloorWalkers – “Up The Vine” (15:55) Playing To Vapors – “Switchblade” (19:55) McCafferty – “Dead Bird II” (23:25) Signals Midwest – “You’re Gonna Be Golden” (26:54) Absolute Hero – “We Are the Overcast Kids” (30:17) New Bomb Turks – “Sucker Punch” (33:50) Welshly Arms – “Ain't Supposed To Rain” (38:00) The Ohio Weather Band – “Bears & Bees” (43:05)Nine Inch...

Duration: 01:10:22

S3E37 – Early Signing Preview

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E37 – Early Signing Preview A preview of upcoming episodes… including a big announcement Jan 8th Would you like Urban, if he’s angry? Is #OhioState’s Texas-recruiting future, as good as its past? Where would you take your official visits? If an #OhioState commit doesn’t sign early, does that mean anything? The realities of negative recruiting, and its effect on #OhioState this year #OhioState reemerges in the mind of this #Ohio defensive player For one...

Duration: 00:58:47

S3E36 – Togiai & Babb

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E36 – Togiai & Babb Does #OhioState have the pieces to compete next year? What are our biggest concerns on #OhioState’s 2018 roster? Who plays at linebacker for the #Buckeyes in 2018? We keep you up to date on recruiting as the early signing looms. #OhioState gets a commitment at the WR position, is another coming? Is another #OhioState defensive commitment on #FlipWatch? We try to predict the final members of #OhioState’s class And Tommy Togiai makes...

Duration: 01:04:28

S3E35 – Mr. Jones & Me

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E35 – Mr. Jones & Me Too Many Bowls, It takes a lot to make a stew Recruiting updates since our last episode Brenton Cox decommits, #OhioState hold onto top spot #OhioState lands 3Star QB Matthew Baldwin from Texas What does Baldwin commitment mean for Emory Jones? Is #OhioState trending positively in Emory Jones's mind? If not Emory Jones, then who… are other options drying up? How the early signing period may hurt #OhioState this year BBall #Buckeyes...

Duration: 00:52:57

S3E34 – Recruiting Recap

S3E34 – Recruiting Recap After talking very little recruiting during the season, we catch you up How does the new early signing period affect this class? Is #OhioState ready for QB transfer(s)? When, exactly, can a CFB player accept money? What is life after #OhioState for JTB? What does Shea Patterson mean for Michigan? #OhioState more likely to play defense in the “flip game” this year #OhioState lands another highly touted defensive back Is there still hope for OhioState and...

Duration: 01:04:26

S3E33 – The Song of JTB

S3E33 – The Song of JTB #OhioState wins the #B1G #OhioState, once again, survives shooting themselves in the foot JT Barrett achieves peak JT Barrett The #Slobs and JK Dobbins have their best outing of the year When you play the game of clichés, you win or you die So now, at the end of the season, who is the #B1G’s best RB Should Parris Campbell have been more involved? Schiano & The Silver Bullets dominate after a tough week Why Urban’s choice to kick the FG was 100%...

Duration: 01:06:01

S3E32 – Sprinkles

S3E32 – Sprinkles Schiano vs Tennessee JTB and #CameraGate updates We speculate on Joey Burrow’s future Why some #OhioState fans think the Bama-fix is in If #OhioState can get in, here’s how Bama vs #OhioState vs TCU vs Miami vs USC… FIGHT Can TCU upset Oklahoma? Wisconsin’s stats are freaking amazing Wisconsin’s schedule is freaking gross Several reasons why The Badgers are so much better than TTUN Any chance a healthy JTB is pulled for Haskins? Why JTB shouldn’t start… Why...

Duration: 01:21:02

S3E32 - BBQ Wolverine

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E32 - BBQ Wolverine Another rough start for #OhioState to overcome We try to make sense of #CameraGate Not in your lifetime, Michigan fans With most of the game stats a draw, what was the difference? #OhioState stifles the Michigan running game… or did they? How #OhioState MUST change if JTB misses time Haskins looks great in relief, but did he do what JTB couldn’t? Which play turning port of the game? Does #OhioState have any non-option running...

Duration: 01:20:58

S3E30 - #BeatTTUN Part 2

S3E30 - #BeatTTUN Part 2 This it, this is THE GAME. Chip Kelly to Florida? #OhioState’s playoff chances and the help they need Kyle makes the case for a Bama upset. Michigan’s big game struggles since firing Carr. Who will play QB for TTUN… does it matter? Michigan’s biggest strength and how to beat it. #OhioState fans are confident, but cautiously so. Why this game is like Iowa, and why that should scare you. Why #OhioState will win… Why #OhioState will lose. Tressel ball for...

Duration: 01:15:24

S3E29 - #BeatTTUN Part 1

S3E29 - #BeatTTUN Part 1 How does one pronounce TTUN? With The #B1G East settled, does THE Game lose a little something? #OhioState wins 38-0…. Or something like that Analyzing all of the #OhioState QBs Tyquan Lewis, Billy Price, JTB, and the seniors get a sendoff Which senior will #OhioState miss the most? Mike Weber makes his case for #OhioState’s best RB Urban provides insight on Campbell’s increased role What #OhioState’s passing offense is now Are Weber and JKD CFB’s best...

Duration: 01:07:11

S3E28 – I Like Turtles

S3E28 – I Like Turtles Is the B1G the most turtle-centric conference? Who will start, and get the most reps, at LB? The seniors’ last game in #TheShoe Will any redshirt JR’s walk as seniors on Sunday? The Wolves go albino… what’s your alternate jersey? Can Michigan score against Wisconsin? Is Minnesota’s boat gaining momentum? Is #OhioState looking ahead to TTUN… does it matter? Should we be taking Illinois more seriously? Can #OhioState’s RBs, alone, rush for over 225? Who...

Duration: 01:11:49

S3E27 – Who is #OhioState?

S3E27 – Who is #OhioState? Will the real #OhioState please stand up? Give the damn ball to your running backs #OhioState dusts off the old #FeedZeke blueprints Has #OhioState, once again, learned their lesson too late? Mike Weber responds after losing the starting role Let’s not forget, Sparty isn’t actually that good Baker & Booker miss game due to injury… right? Should #OhioState consider keeping this LB grouping? Rule #1, The Doctor lies Making adjustments on tight-ends… a...

Duration: 01:07:57

S3E26 – #FeedJKD

S3E26 – #FeedJKD Is it too early to be down on Bill Davis? Beware those who provide easy answers Does Urban hint at increased load for JKD? Door not yet closed on Emory Jones? Kyle rips apart Auburn Can Iowa repeat magic on the road? Sparty and their new-found aerial attack What lesson from Iowa can be applied to MSU? The impressive, overachieving, 2017 Spartans A punching man’s game Is Michigan State a more talented Iowa? Have we been underestimating MSU, who just beat...

Duration: 01:09:36

S3E25 – Not Over

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E25 – Not Over We do our best to answer your questions Tyquan & Price appear to be the only adults at #OhioState The defense can’t function without the DLine being spectacular Why are the LBs THIS bad… do we miss Luke Fickell? The return of the save-us-JTB-offense Why does #OhioState keep failing to feed JKD? No playoffs, no way. Let it go. Enjoy the rest of the season, there’s so much to play for Don’t apologize for, or bend, your expectations JTB is...

Duration: 01:10:10

S3E24 – Just #BeatIowa

S3E24 – Just #BeatIowa Playoff ranking season! Do we care? Is #OhioState for sure in, if they win out? Recruiting Updates for Carmen, Cook & Jones Will PSU takes their frustrations out on Sparty? Can the WolfPack pull the upset vs Clemson? Will The Sooners drop game #2? …#DontLoseTwice Can LSU provide a quality test for Bama? How likely is VaTech to make the playoffs? Iowa will look great, even if they don’t play it How concerning is the letdown factor? Iowa is who Iowa always...

Duration: 01:19:35

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