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Karunamaya On An Indian Retreat Centre For Women

Saccanama talks to Karunamaya about her plans for a women’s retreat centre in India. She also tells us about two of the women she will be ordaining at the forthcoming ordinations at Bhaja in December 2017. Recorded at Adhisthana, November 2017.

Duration: 00:11:38

Sikkha, A Conversation with Dhammamegha And Dhammarati

In Triratna we acknowledge the importance of the shared system of teaching and practice that we derive from Sangharakshita's particular presentation of the Dharma, while allowing for its systematic and orderly evaluation and development, so that it is more and more effective. One of the important ways that 'evaluation and development' is happening is through the work of the Sikkha project. Sikkha means ‘training’, and the project will be bringing together teachers and practitioners to look...

Duration: 00:21:13

The International Gathering choir

Arthasiddhi and the International Gathering choir sing their offering at the end of the Avalokiteshvara puja #buddhist #triratna #triratnainternationalgathering #adhisthana

Duration: 00:03:05

Avalokiteshvara mantra

Rich harmonies during the final puja of the Triratna International Gathering at Adhisthana #triratnainternationalgathering #triratna #adhisthana #buddhism

Duration: 00:11:50

What the world needs now: our three speakers

Sanghadhara talks to the International Gathering's three speakers #triratna #buddhism #triratnainternationalgathering

Duration: 00:13:34

Jnanadakini - Bringing The Dharma To Latin America

Jnanadakini was the first Mexican woman to be ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and joins us to talk about her work bringing the Dharma to other Latin American women. We hear about the recent ordination, broadcast live on The Buddhist Centre Online, and about Jnanadakini's mythic connection to building sangha at home in Mexico, in Venezuela, and across the continent. Her quiet joy in this is apparent as she evokes the strength of practical faith in the face of great political and...

Duration: 00:14:03

Las Venezolanas

Una conversación de Parami con un maravillosos grupo de mujeres Venezolanas Mitras de la Comunidad Budista Triratna, hablando de la importancia de la practica del Dharma en un país donde hay una enorme turbulencia política y económica. Su respuesta es clara: en época de guerra lo que la gente necesita es paz y compasión y esto es precisamente lo que el dharma ofrece. Una evocación conmovedora y urgente desde una perspectiva vital. Grabado en Mexico, Abril 2017 Leer mas de este viaje de Las...

Duration: 00:23:19

Upeksamati In Mexico - How To Start A Buddhist Centre

Continuing our series of in-depth conversations with Buddhists in Mexico, here is the irrepressible Upeksamati: Dharma pioneer in his homeland and founder of the Mexico City Buddhist Center. We hear of his own Buddhist training in England in the 1980s and '90s and how that influenced his approach to bringing what he learned back home again. We get, in effect, a crash course in the essentials of starting a new Buddhist Center - at scale, and with ambition! Always engaging, always in love...

Duration: 00:45:27

Sounds From Triratna50 At Aryaloka, USA

Some great sounds from a day celebrating Triratna at Aryaloka on the north-east coast of the USA. Bettye Pruitt interviews Dharmasuri, Chair of Nagaloka, the Triratna Center in Portland, Maine, about her travels in traditional Buddhist countries. Shaun Bartone leads the singing of the song is "I Became Awake" by Canadian folk singer Tony Dekker of the band Great Lake Swimmers. And then we get a longer harmonized chanting of the mantra associated with the Buddha Maitreya....

Duration: 00:16:37

Triratna50 In The North!

Sanghadhara at the UK Northern region event in Sheffield to mark the 50th anniversary of Triratna as a Buddhist community. Talking to Dharmamayi and Moksatara (Padmasagara couldn't make it!). Catching up on highlights from the day, and reflecting on what it's like as younger Order members to hear stories from "the old days". Find more at #Triratna #Triratna50 #Buddhism #Buddhist #Buddha #Sheffield #Dharma #community #sangha #sangharakshita

Duration: 00:12:06

Subhuti - For the Welfare of the World (Celebrating 50 Years of Triratna)

A great talk by Subhuti, live streamed around the world from London at the time, to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The fire of peace has been ignited in the world by the Buddha. It burns brightly today in the Triratna Order and movement, and inspired by Sangharakshita’s vision will burn well into the future – but how do we fan the flames so that the heat of practice transforms the world? Chaired by Subhadramati. Recorded in London, 8th April...

Duration: 01:12:28

Maitreyi Interviews Subhuti on 'Women, Men And Angels'

Following on from his statement of personal regret about the publication of ‘Women, Men And Angels’ and the views expressed in it, here is Subhuti in conversation with Maitreyi, going into detail around that regret, and sharing his thoughts on a very painful episode in Triratna history, including the story of how it all happened. What emerges in the course of the interview is an exemplary look by two good, old friends at how confusion can arise - and how clear apologies can help with any...

Duration: 00:31:15

Parami, Lokeshvara and Saddhaloka In Conversation

A new podcast from some members of the Adhisthana Kula as they come to the end of a 10-day meeting of the Triratna College of Public Preceptors - the body responsible for maintaining the integrity and spirit of the Triratna Buddhist Order. A great little summary of some of the more general issues discussed, including those arising from historical controversies in Triratna (formerly the FWBO). We get a little taster of other conversations to come - with news of new media, and of prospective...

Duration: 00:16:43

Buddhist Voices From Mexico - Aurea, Pablo & Alejandra

First in a series of occasional episodes featuring Triratna voices from Mexico. Here we meet the wonderful Aurea and her family in Mexico City and hear their story of what it's like to be a Buddhist (or have a Buddhist in your life) in a country where that's still fairly unusual. An inspiring, warm conversation that shows the tremendous difference love and support from friends and family can make to anyone practising Buddhism. More at #Mexico #Buddhism...

Duration: 00:18:47

A Conversation With The Adhisthana Kula - Responding To Controversy In Triratna

The Adhisthana Kula is a new group made up of some of the most experienced members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, meeting together to help the community find lasting reconciliation in the face of renewed interest in historical controversies and some of the issues arising from them. We hear Dhammarati, Lokeshvara, Mahamati, Parami, Ratnadharini and Saddhaloka share thoughtful perspectives on the work ahead, considering what is required to meet any suffering involved, to promote good...

Duration: 00:19:54

Safeguarding In The Triratna Buddhist Community

Welcome to a new year of podcasts from The Buddhist Centre Online! We're delighted to welcome our first guest via Skype, Munisha, Triratna's European Safeguarding Officer, to discuss some strong work in an ever-changing field of care. A fascinating look at what's involved in contemporary safeguarding, how it relates to controversies of the past, and the challenges posed by the need to have an international approach in an online age. What comes across most clearly is Munisha's deep sense of...

Duration: 00:17:48

The Winter 2017 Triratna European Chairs Meeting Comes To An End

We have come to the end of the winter 2017 European Chairs Assembly meeting at Adhisthana. As I write the chairs are packing their bags and getting ready to go - and I am sure they will be taking their recharged energy, friendship and inspiration back out into the world! It has been another rich, full week, ending last night with a concluding ritual in the shrine room where we recited the Transference and Merit verse in different languages. Here, Dassini sums up the meeting for us and adds a...

Duration: 00:07:24

Subhadassi and Arthavavadin In Conversation at the Winter ECA 2017

It's day 3 on the European Chairs Assembly's winter meeting at Adhisthana, UK, and Dassini, the chair of Glasgow Triratna Buddhist Centre, 'having a wee chat' with Arthavadin and Subhadassi - chairs of Manchester and Brighton Buddhist Centres respectively. The topic is leadership - what it is, how it manifests in different people, how to allow it to come into being... #leadership #Buddhism #Buddhist #BritishBuddhism #Dharma #Triratna #Buddha #community #sangha

Duration: 00:12:41

Dassini and Mokshini In Conversation - European Chairs' Winter Assembly 2017

It's January and time for the winter European Chairs Assembly meeting, held at Adhistana, UK. A bumper gathering of over 60 chairs of chairs of Triratna Buddhist Centres as well as representatives of some of Triratna's main projects are meeting for an inspiring, enjoyable, at times challenging mix of practice, talks, discussion, and ritual, for the benefit of all beings! #Triratna #Buddhism #Buddhist #Dharma #community #BritishBuddhism #Europe #European

Duration: 00:05:57

Buddhist Voices: Karunadevi - From Heartland to Heart-Mind

Karunadevi has been a practicing Buddhist since the 1980s after finding her way to California from the heartland of Iowa. The first American to be ordained in the U.S. into the Triratna Buddhist Order she is now a member of the College of Public Preceptors, helping maintain the spiritual wellbeing of the community worldwide. We hear about Karunadevi's journey to the Dharma via family, friends, and brushes with mystic religion (via Christianity, Joan Baez and Lama Govinda). And how it was as...

Duration: 00:47:17

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