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Ep. 47 — THCA? The Canadian version of THC, or something more?

On this week’s episode to The Cannabis Show, we explore the lifecycle of the cannabis plant, discuss the cannabinoid THCA and its benefits, and dive into the history of cannabis tinctures.

Ep. 46 - Can insurance cover your medical cannabis?

On this week's episode of The Cannabis Show, we speak with Dr. Mark Kimmins, Medical Director of Sunniva, and discuss getting your medical cannabis covered by insurance.

Ep. 45 - CBN, the cannabis compound to help you sleep

On this week’s episode, learn why placing your cannabis on a windowsill for a few days may be the solution. Kait explains the benefits of CBD which can counteract some of the negative effects associated with THC. And Chris reviews the strain After Dinner from licensed producer Hydropothecary.

Ep. 44 - There’s gold in that grinder

On this week’s episode, Hart channel’s his inner Jerry Orbach and goes Broadway as he squares off against Basil in another round of Strain vs. Strain. We review the FocusVape Pro vaporizer. And there’s gold in that grinder.

Ep. 43 - Choosing the right medium for your cannabis plant

On this week’s episode, Evan describes the pros and cons of various growing mediums for cannabis greenthumbs, Chris reviews Tweed’s sun-grown strain Yorkshire (Headband), Basil explains the differences between cannabis and non-cannabis-derived terpenes, and Hart and Chris explore the effects and benefits of cannabinol, or CBN.

Ep.42 - Living an authentic life as a medical cannabis user

On this week's episode, Hart opens up about his experience as a longtime cannabis consumer, medically and recreationally. Basil dives into the controversial use of the term "marijuana," and how cannabinoids interact with the body's receptors.

Ep. 41 - Let's get topical

On this week’s episode, cannabis topicals, which are applied on the skin, non-psychoactive and may help with minor aches and pains with Kait's Kitchen. Basil’s Bud is Oscar-winning film legend and cannabis advocate Morgan Freeman. Chris review’s Broken Coast’s high-THC, sativa-dominant strain, Ruxton. And Natural Health Services launches the ‘Golden Ticket’ contest that will see one lucky winner and a guest get an exclusive tour of Tweed’s cannabis facility in Smith Falls, Ontario.

Ep. 40 - Not all cannabis oils are created equally

Today, Hart and Chris discuss the benefits of the most famous of all cannabinoids, THC, in Cannabinoid Connection. “Not all oils are made equally,” says Basil, as he delves into the extraction methods used to produce cannabis oil and why some licensed producers reinsert terpenes into the final product, while others don’t. Also, the team discuss the legality of cannabis dispensaries in Canada. And we take a look at the popular strain, Rockstar.

Ep. 39 - Dear Diary, how journalling can enhance your cannabis regimen

It’s a Kush off in this week’s strain versus strain with Hart representing Hydropothecary’s Kush in one corner and Basil defending Organigram’s Critical Kush in the other. Our resident ACMPR growing guru, Evan, walks us through the differences between amending and renewing your home growing license with Health Canada. Did you know tinctures were the preferred method to ingest cannabis before prohibition? Kait’s got the goods on these alcohol-based cannabis extracts. And Basil...

Ep. 38 - 'Just Say Know,' Frenchy Cannoli, and Part II with the Calgary Police Service

On this episode, Kait promotes 'Just Say Know' as Canada inches closer to legalization, Basil’s Bud is legendary hashish expert Frenchy Cannoli, the crew offer tips for patients new to medical cannabis, and we wrap up our interview with Const. Travis Robertson from the Calgary Police Service's Alcohol and Drug Recognition Unit.

Ep.37 - Cannabis legalization and the law, an interview with Calgary Police Services

On this episode, Hart offers an overview of some of the more innovated cannabis products now offered by Canada’s licensed producers, Chris reviews Aphria’s Champlain oil, Part 1 of Trevor’s interview with Const. Travis Robertson from the Calgary Police Service on cannabis legalization, impaired driving and roadside testing.

Ep. 36 - A Canadian veteran's journey to recovery with medical cannabis

On this episode of The Cannabis Show, Canadian military veteran Mike Parsons shares his inspiring story in using medical cannabis to treat symptoms related to a hip injury and PTSD, weaning himself off a "cocktail" of pharmaceuticals, and reconnecting with himself, friends and family. "I was on about nine different medications for about 10 years at the time," Parsons recalls. "It was a bumpy road... There was a lot of different types, everything from anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, to...

Ep.35 - The consumption method that dare not speak its name

Chris reviews Rex (aka Tangie) a new strain from Medreleaf, Basil drops knowledge about the 'Mother of All Cannabinoids' CBGA, our growing guru Evan offers tips and options on lighting, Kait explains the bimodal effects of cannabis, and You Canna Ask Us Anything.

Duration: 00:08:38

Ep. 34 - Is 'Chesterfield lock' a thing?

On this episode of The Cannabis Show, terpenes steal Basil’s thunder, Hart weighs in on the licensed producer versus dispensary debate, Chris and Hart take another look at CBD, and a viewer seeks advice on the best method to consume cannabis.

Duration: 00:14:03

Ep. 33 - Tomayto, tomahto; and dosing with cannabis oil

Today on The Cannabis Show, we sit down with Rina from licensed producer Aphria, hear about another one of Basil's Buds, and take a closer look at the NHS Starter Kit.

Duration: 00:11:07

Ep. 32 - Cannabis critic to advocate: Dr. Lester Grinspoon

On today's episode of The Cannabis Show, we take a closer look at growing at home, learn about Dr. Lester Grinspoon and we answer your questions about strain consistency.

Duration: 00:10:30

Ep. 31 - Travelling legally with homemade edibles

On today's episode of The Cannabis Show, we explore Sensi Star, learn about CBG and we answer your questions about transporting edibles.

Duration: 00:09:09

Ep. 30 - Talking to your kids about cannabis

Who is the wind beneath Hart's wings? On today's episode of The Cannabis Show we find out. We also learn some tips for growing at home and check out the Magical Butter machine.

Duration: 00:09:56

Ep. 29 - Don't be scared of THC, it's good medicine

Today, Kait teaches us how to make healthy cannabis-infused treats, we delve deeper into THC, explore the strain Argyle by Tweed, and answer your questions about how food can help if you've over-medicated.

Duration: 00:09:37

Ep. 28 - This too shall pass: Tips to deal with a heavy 'stoned' reaction

Did Hart miss his calling as a rapper? Find out on this week's Strain vs. Strain. Also on this episode, Dr. Ethan Russo, Herbalizer, and we answer your questions about medical cannabis.

Duration: 00:08:50

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