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The Real Heroes of "12 Strong" - Interview w/ Bob Pennington and Mark Nutsch.

“12 Strong” is based on the TRUE story, of a 12-man team sent to Afghanistan mere WEEKS after 9/11. I along, with a few of my colleagues, was given the chance to sit down talk with the two, real life, ex-special forces, whom the lead characters are based on, Bob Pennington and Mark Nutsch.

Duration: 00:28:29

Interview: Jason Hall - Screenwriter & Director of "Thank You for Your Service"

Actor, Academy Nominated writer and now director, Jason Hall was in Phoenix last week promoting his upcoming film “Thank you for Your Service” While here, we spoke with him about his process as a screenwriter, why he felt the importance of making this film, and his particular attention to detail as a director.

Duration: 00:31:13

Interview:Jeanette Walls, Author of "The Glass Castle"

Last week I sat down with NYT bestselling author, Jeannette Walls to chat about “The Glass Castle”, a new film based on a book she penned about her experiences growing up in poverty. While her story is quite engaging, it pales in comparison to the enchanting presence Jeannette has in person. It’s not a word I use often, but “vivacious” is the perfect description for her. Our ten minutes together blew by as we discussed the impact her youth had on her adult life, and how well the film...

Duration: 00:11:02

Interview: Director and cast from "STEP"

Shortly before the wide release of the inspiring documentary “STEP” I was part of a round-table discussion with Writer/Director Amanda Lipitz, Director of College Counselling Paula Dofat, Step Team Coach Gari McIntryre, and three of the Lethal Ladies of BLSYW(Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women), Tayla Solomon, Blessin Giraldo, and Cori Grainger. The ladies had plenty to say about their their experiences during the documentary which filmed most of their teenage years, and what...

Duration: 00:23:42

Interview: Justin Barber Director of "PHOENIX FORGOTTEN"

On the night of March 13th, 1997 two major UFO sightings occurred over Phoenix. Collectively they have been known has “The Phoenix Lights” The first was a massive V-shaped object that blocked out the stars as it flew overhead. It traveled southeast from Prescott, over Phoenix, and then down past Tucson. Later that same evening, a formation of large shimmering lights hung over the Estrella mountains to the southwest of Phoenix. This has become the most widely seen and documented UFO...

Duration: 00:13:48

Interview: Comedian Demetri Martin on his Directorial Debut "DEAN"

Last week we caught up with the multitalented comedian, Demetri Martin, at a small cafe just outside of the Phoenix Film Festival. That night his film “DEAN”, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, would be screening at the festival. We chatted about his experiences as a first-time director and some of the more interesting and risky elements that made his film stand out.

Duration: 00:09:12

Interview: Actor Chin Han - Togusa of "Ghost in the Shell"

With the new Ghost in the Shell live-action film coming out, I jumped at the chance to interview Chin Han, the actor portraying Togusa. Depending on the version of Ghost you prefer, Togusa is the “most human” of the Section 9 officers that work alongside The Major. Chin was recently named one of Asia’s 25 greatest actors of all time by CNNgo and has played a role in a variety of major films and TV shows including Marco Polo, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Independence Day: Resurgence,...

Duration: 00:13:12

Programming Director for the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival

We chat with Monte Yazzie, Programming Director for the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival about what to expect from the upcoming 2017 Phoenix Film Festival.(April 6th-13th) Plus, follow the link below for a chance to win a pair of FLEX PASSES! Enter to win: 2017 Phoenix Film Festival Schedule:

Duration: 00:12:31

Interview: Director John Madden Discusses Our Fascination With "Miss Sloane"

We sit down with Director John Madden and discuss his latest film, "Miss Sloane." You may recognize Madden from his previous movies such as “The Debt”, “Proof”, and “Shakespeare in Love” Madden talks about his collaboration process with the writer on this brilliant script, and what makes the title character so fascinating.

Duration: 00:13:17

Interview: Nicolas Winding Refn ("The Neon Demon")

We chat with Nicolas Winding Refn about his latest film, The Neon Demon, what some of the symbolism means, and how he's able to create such visually stunning films while color blind.

Duration: 00:12:39

Cast Interview: "Everybody Wants Some!!"

We talk with four of the cast members from Linklater's latest film "Everybody Wants Some!!" Both the film, and this interview, were a blast! We discuss how much of their onscreen friendship is real and some of the philosophy behind their characters.

Duration: 00:26:58

"Southbound" Interview Pt.2 with Radio Silence

Available now, "Southbound" is a unique and satisfying horror anthology which ranks among the best in its genre. We talk with Directing Quartet "Radio Silence" about their segment which spans both the beginning and end of the film.

Duration: 00:17:37