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Dana Loesch hosts her award-winning, #1 rated, daily program from flagship station KFTK-FM, St. Louis and is also featured on stations around the country, including WIBC-FM, Indianapolis. Dana's original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence has found a fast-growing multi-media audience. She's feisty and fearless without being abrasive and shrill. A former award-winning newspaper columnist, Dana is also a host and contributor on TheBlaze, has been named to Talkers Magazine's top 100 "heavy hitters" in 2012 and 2013 and was ranked as one of the top 16 most powerful mothers online by Neilsen. The 2012 winner of Accuracy In Media's Grassroots Journalism award and the inaugural Breitbart Spirit Award, Dana was also one of the original Breitbart editors selected by her late friend and mentor, Andrew Breitbart, to head what was, where she helped break the Anthony Weiner scandal before departing in 2012. Dana appears regularly on Fox News, ABC, CNN, and HBO's "Real Time" with Bill Maher.








Friday September 22 - Full Show

Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Kim Jong-Un calls Trump a “dotard”. We take callers on what the US should do next. John McCain votes no on the Graham-Cassidy bill, thus ending repealing Obamacare. Callers show their feelings on the lack of a repeal. Is single-payer worth it? Facebook is releasing the info of 3,000 ads sold to the Russians. Plus Day in Stupidity and much more!

Duration: 01:49:04

Thursday September 21 - Full Show

Jimmy Kimmel threatened to pound Brian Kilmeade because of his comments on the Graham-Cassidy bill. MCNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell wasn’t too happy there was noise in the background during his broadcast. The Hill doesn’t like that Betsy DeVos self-funds herself flying private. Trump has decided what to do with Iran. Samantha Power was unmasking American citizens daily during her time as a UN Ambassador. We argue our Top 5 unpopular opinions. The debate over health care has heated up and the...

Duration: 01:49:11

Wednesday September 20 - Full Show

Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a powerful speech where called Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” again. DREAMers interrupted a Nancy Pelosi speech and forced her off stage. People think the GIF of Trump hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton promotes violence. Dana’s recap of UN General Assembly. A classroom of students in California were tied up to reenact slavery. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss recent North Korean sanctions. Dana had an MRI. Melania Trump wore a pink...

Duration: 01:49:02

Tuesday September 19 - Full Show

Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly with a powerful speech where called Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man” again. DREAMers interrupted a Nancy Pelosi speech and forced her off stage. People think the GIF of Trump hitting a golf ball at Hillary Clinton promotes violence. A Georgia Tech student was fatally shot by police after telling them to shoot him. We reveal our Top 5 breakfast foods. A classroom of students in California were tied up to reenact slavery. The US government...

Duration: 01:49:03

Monday September 18 - Full Show

The Emmys were extremely political and Sean Spicer made an appearance. The new budget will have some funding for exploratory transgender research. Kate McKinnon thanked Hillary Clinton in her Emmy acceptance speech. Dana makes really good biscuits. Bernie Sanders can’t answer how to pay for Medicare For All. More terrorist attacks are occurring in Europe with known-wolves. Protests continue in St. Louis after the Stockley verdict. We discuss our Top 5 superheroes. A woman was offended by a...

Duration: 01:49:30

Friday September 15 - Full Show

Another terrorist attack occurs in London’s Tube. North Korea launched another missile over Japan. A St. Louis police officer acquitted of his charges for the death of a Black civilian. A rapper that out an album out called “Wash yo ass” called out the NRA. Dana explains the Stockley verdict. A writer said that protesting must be violent. We talk about our Top 5 smartphone applications. The UK PM May thought Trump overreacted to the London terror attack. We take callers on the Jason...

Duration: 01:49:41

Thursday September 14 - Full Show

Trump agrees with the Democrats to keep DREAMers in the US. Tom Morello thinks makes an outrageous claim about Paul Ryan. Harvard named Chelsea Manning a fellow. Dana thinks Obamacare is here to stay. Hillary Clinton does an interesting breathing technique to calm her down. Denny’s has a new mascot and it resembles something else. We reveal our Top 5 comedies. Has Trump caved in his promise for the wall? There is a bill to legalize fireworks in Ohio. Susan Rice unmasked Trump aides to...

Duration: 01:49:02

Wednesday September 13 - Full Show

Dana is fed up with identity politics that Hillary Clinton expresses in her book. Clinton tries to point fingers rather than take fault for her loss in the election. Bernie Sanders introduces his single-payer health care bill, and Dems are lining up behind it. A woman is suing Starbucks because hot tea burnt her dog. We discuss our Top 5 pet peeves. An ESPN personality when on a Twitter rant bashing the President. People are trying to ban the Dodge Demon. Trump will sign a resolution...

Duration: 01:49:05

Tuesday September 12 - Full Show

As recovery efforts continue, Trump is embarking a US tour for tax reform. Someone on Ted Cruz’s staff liked a porn video on Twitter by accident. The Wall Street Journal writers are upset they have to be fair when writing articles about the President. Airlines are introducing scents into the planes. All of the 2020 Democrats for president are backing Bernie’s single-payer health care system. A Japanese press conference lost the disease-filled blood-sucking tick it was warning people about....

Duration: 01:47:51

Monday September 11 - Full Show

Dana reflects on this anniversary of 9/11. The aftermath of Hurricane Irma is devastating. Tony Marino from WDBO Orlando joins us throughout the show to discuss the status of Florida after Hurricane Irma. Dana shares where we are 16 years later after the attacks. We learn where listeners were on the morning of 9/11. Stephen Yates joins us to share his 9/11 story working in the White House.

Duration: 01:49:21

Friday September 8 - Full Show

Miami will get the worst of Hurricane Irma and evacuations are underway. Jennifer Lawrence suggests that Harvey and Irma were prompted by Trump becoming president. We get some weird calls for Open Line Friday. The House passes a Harvey relief bill attached to raise the debt ceiling. We have trouble trying to pronounce a river in Maine. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins us to discuss the House Harvey relief/debt ceiling bill, GOP leadership, and tax reform. We reveal our top 5 beers. Joe...

Duration: 01:49:16

Thursday September 7 - Full Show

Irma barrels towards the US, more evacuations posted in Florida. Kane is eating weird food in the studio. The US Virgin Islands Governor signed an executive order to seize arms from its citizens. Ivanka Trump entered a meeting to influence a deal. Trump wants Congress to get a deal done on DACA. The flood waters from Harvey cause Houston to literally sink. We reveal our top 5 cars. A Florida woman drove off the road while she was Facebook live. The Senate approves to raise the debt ceiling...

Duration: 01:48:34

Wednesday September 6 - Full Show

Dana updates on Hurricane Irma. John Legend put up a want ad for actors to play Trump supporters. Is the DACA problem just a political football? USA Today investigated the names of people who belonged to Trump’s golf clubs. Dana explains more on the rescinding process of DACA. Dana explains ways the bias in media as it happens and how the 1st Amendment operates. Toys’R’Us is claiming bankruptcy. Dana reiterates how serious Hurricane Irma is to the Florida listeners. A flight out of Florida...

Duration: 01:49:37

Tuesday September 5 - Full Show

Jeff Sessions announces DACA has been rescinded. Dana dives into the implications. Paul Ryan changed his opinion on DACA and Congress will have to act accordingly. Brian Stelter is still hung up on an NRA video put up in April. Insane Clown Posse says “The Juggalo March” is happening on Washington for free speech. Steve Mnuchin wants to tie Harvey aid into the debt ceiling. Stephen Yates joins us to discuss the growing North Korean threat. A Florida man fought a fox with an iPhone. Dana...

Duration: 01:48:55

Friday September 1 - Full Show

Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. Paul Ryan does not believe that Trump should repeal DACA. Nate discusses his thoughts on DACA and illegal immigration. We take callers’ thoughts on DACA. A Florida man would cut off his wife's arm if she didn't sleep with him. Nate thanks everyone who has helped out the Harvey recovery efforts so far. We pose a question if one would steal or loot if he or she were desperate. That and more!

Duration: 01:48:39

Thursday August 31 - Full Show

Dana praises the heroic actions by Texans for coming together to save each other. We go live to Mike Pence speaking in Rockport, Texas. Dana clarifies about how she appreciates the Federal government. Houston bakers kept baking because they had nothing to do and donated it. Lena Dunham donated to only LGBT victims of Harvey. CNN claims that there was no pork in the Sandy relief bill. We discuss our top 5 destinations. A Florida man is pooping behind businesses. We go live to a press...

Duration: 01:48:38

Wednesday August 30 - Full Show

More flooding in Texas as Harvey makes landfall in Louisiana. Linda Sarsour is soliciting donations for Harvey relief to a PAC. Politico put out an offensive political cartoon about rescuing people. Dana isn’t pleased on how the media covered Trump’s trip to Texas. Congressman Brian Babin is stuck in his house. The President visits Missouri where he will unveil his tax plan. We reveal our top 5 TV shows. We join Trump speaking live in Missouri. Michael Eric Dyson called Al Sharpton the...

Duration: 01:48:21

Tuesday August 29 - Full Show

We go live to a press conference with President Trump, Governor Abbott and Brock Long. Fatalities are rising and Dana urges to stay safe in Houston. People are mad that Melania was wearing heels before she flew to Texas. Dana gives another update on the status of dams and rivers in Texas, plus the surge in market prices. Joel Osteen received a ton of criticism for not opening his doors on his megachurch. We discuss our top 5 dog breeds. A Florida man stuffed $1000 in his butt. Dana shares...

Duration: 01:48:44

Monday August 28 - Full Show

Dana sums up the impact of Hurricane Harvey on Texas. More antifa violence occurs over the weekend in Berkeley. Trump is visiting Texas Tuesday. Dana discusses what the next step is for Texas. Dana wins the Mayweather vs McGregor bet. Dana shares the story of Harvey the hawk. We touch on the pardoning of Joe Arpaio. Fire ants can survive flooding, especially in Texas. We reveal our top 5 horror movies. We go live to a press conference with Senator Cornyn from Texas and FEMA Director Brock...

Duration: 01:45:34

Friday August 25 - Full Show

Nate Shelman fills in for Dana. USC wants to rename the Trojan horse because its name is the same as Robert E. Lee’s horse. We take calls on the offensive content around the country. The Cleveland Browns participate in the largest anthem protest yet. Cleveland sports reporter Bob Frantz joins to discuss the Browns decision. Nate explains why he stands for the flag, and we ask listeners. Florida man spent a ton of money on his dog’s bedroom. Trump threatens to shutdown the government for...

Duration: 01:48:23

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