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The Dave Noonan Show is your home of Everything Hobart. A local legend, Dave Noonan turns on the mics every weekday from 5:30 – 9am to talk with the who’s who of Hobart, the newsmakers, the characters of Tassie and to chat with you. Listen to Dave for breakfast on Triple M Hobart 107.3 every weekday!




Dave Noonan Show 220917

Interesting Show Today because Dave had to shut up for most of it!!! But a discussion on how Tasmanian Seals are causing Problems to Fish Farms ...the Hobart Cash Quiz hosted By Premier Will Hodgeman and Mona's Brian Richie....... and speaking of Brian the Bass Player for Violet Femmes ..he talsk about the story behind Blister in the sun... And Al introduces her cute Daughters to the show..who reveal a bit about her!

Duration: 00:16:26

Dave Noonan Show 210917

Lauderdale are in the Grand Final but its being played up North.. we need a win Dave and Al Spoke to the coaches this morning ..The Hobart Cash Quiz.......The AFL stance on the YES VOTE.. And their support....The Grumpy guys chat about something spotted at the Emmys the other Night ..Nicole Kidman copping a full on Kiss on the lips right in front of Hibby Keith Urban

Duration: 00:24:13

Dave Noonan Show 200917

In The shopw today Al Cracks it becuse Her Hubby doesnt give a 'like' to anything she posts on Facebook......The Hobart Cash Quiz......A Hobart Tradie Jordin.. a New Dad had his Ute and tools stolen.. A go Fund Me Page has been set up .. The Glenorchy Womens footy team talk up their chances against the Launceston Blues this weekend in the Grand Final

Duration: 00:20:27

Dave Noonan Show 190817

Lots of Topics Discussed in teh Show Today from Kids getting molly Coddled well past their teens.. most men blaming their wives.......Do you Check your partners Facebook site......and is it right to do so??...Did Donald Trump call into the show today to discuss Ferrys on the Derwent??..and of course the Hobart Cash quiz....

Duration: 00:15:11

Dave Noonan Show 180917

In Todays Show We recape Als Great Grand Final win withe the Lindisfarne lady Blues....The Hobart Cash quiz... Wayne Carey..'The Duck' diesect games this weekend.. and has his say on Als Grand Final win... And Triple M beanie for singing a Club song!

Duration: 00:19:49

Dave Noonan Show 150917

We had an Authentic Dave Noonan Crazy call today catching out one of Als mates.....its classic!! More on Al's Big Grand Final appearance this weekend.....The Hobart Cash Quiz.. and Ben Brown From North Melbourne talks about being touted as a Million dollar player!

Duration: 00:21:04

Dave Noonan Show 140917

In Todays Show Tassier Boxer Luke Jackson.. a special Guest... The Grumpy Guys tackle a subject about Pink Pants........Winston Huffington Smythe, From 'The Point' Complains about Not enough Questions in the Hobart Cash Quiz about Battery Point... he even offers up a few

Duration: 00:15:29

Dave Noonan Show 130917

In The Show Today Did Donald Trump Weigh in on the Proposed Cable car on Mount Wellington??? You be the judge......Two Pugs in a stroller... how weird?? Or have you seen something even More Bazzar .......Was this mornings Cash Quiz the longest ever.....even Quizmaster Noonan was knackered....and a New Tasmanian TV Show is about to be shot ... Friend of the Devil.....

Duration: 00:21:28

Dave Noonan Show 120917

In the show today... One of Australias Most loved Trio's TRIPOD performed.....The Hobart Cash Quiz Dazzled again......Who is Hobart Bloke Kim Crawford?? and why has he been instrumenatl in today's AFL structure ...Listen to find out....And On Angry Birds with Al..Jacqui and Lara... should women take advice from Miranda Kerr on anything Domestic?

Duration: 00:24:21

Dave Noonan Show 110917

On The Show Today the World Famous Hobart cash Quiz... well that may be pushing it a bit.... Entertainment man Peter Fordy Ford Talk the weekend entertainment gossip.... Al had a Facebook conundrum.....And Wayne 'The Duck'Carey talks footy and the finals.....

Duration: 00:20:13

Dave Noonan Show 80917

In Todays Show...Dave and Al Chat to Aussie actor John Wood, who is coming to Hobart for a show......The Hobart Cash Quiz again.......Entertainment man Peter 'Fordy' Ford...talks Up the Week in Entertainment ..and Adrian Richardson is involved in the recent 'possible' Thylacine Sighting......He tell Dave and AL more about the Possible sighting

Duration: 00:18:57

Dave Noonan Show 70917

It Was all about the possibility of the existance of the Tasmanian Tiger today.... New Video has emerged which even has the experts a little bewildered.... Listen to the Grumpy Guys discuss it....and did we have Donald Trump call this morning and weigh in??? check it out

Duration: 00:20:02

Dave Noonan Show 60917

Dave and Al spoke to Luke Jackson.. one of Tassies BEST Boxers about his upcoming fight in Hobart Sept 16 Tripod One of Australi's most love acts.. in Hobart... Should cats be inside or outside...?? Triple M listeners weighed in And The world famous Hobart Cash Quiz

Duration: 00:25:05

Dave Noonan Show 50917

Has the Taste of Tasmania Had its day?? The Angry Birds discuss it... The Hobart Cash quiz Do you dress up your pet??.. seems a lot Of Hobart People do Did Donald Trump call the show today??? listen to find out

Duration: 00:24:45

Dave Noonan Show 40917

Dave and Al spoke to Hobart Lord Mayor Sue Hickey about everything Hobart... from the Taste funding Building Height Winston Huffington Smythe [who never listens ...according to him....] and Lives in 'The Point' Weighed on Hobarts Building heights and their impact on Battery Point The Hobart Cash Quiz... has anyone heard of Bothwell soup??...a delicacy in Claremont apparantly And the New Comp WHAT THE .........?? fill in the gap

Duration: 00:22:05

Dave Noonan Show 10917

This Morning Dave and Al spoke to Paul Watson Captain of the Sea Sheppard...Greenpeace sadly will not be able to monitor the Japanese Whaling Fleet this season.....listen to find out why..... TSL FOOTY FINALS...The match everyone is watching Clarence take on Lauderdale.. The Coaches talk their teams up Winston Huffington Smyth..from 'The Point' is very critical of the Hobart Cash quiz even going as far as insulting Dave Noonan And Our regular Entertainment update with Peter 'Fordy ' Ford

Duration: 00:16:49

Dave Noonan Show 310817

Dave and Al spoke to Local Hero in Triabunna .Declan Draper who went to the rescue of an elderly Bloke who drove his car off the Wharf Would you pop your partners Pimple?? a question asked of the Grumpy Guys with interesting answers The Hobart Cash quiz.. as groundbreaking as ever!!! And Tasmanian Health Minister Michael Furguson discusses the States Position on Medical cannabis and its use

Duration: 00:18:50

Dave Noonan Show 300817

In the Show Today The Hobart Cash Quiz... bewilders..Dazzles....amazes [These are Daves Words] Another One of Daves amazing stats... this time a very interesting reveal about Men regarding women.... Kids are not getting on bikes anymore....Why?? Tennile called the Dave Noonan Show and Was pretty proud of her kids efforts. The Dave Noonan Show's latest Competition...What the ##!&%......You fill in the missing word .. listen to see how it plays out

Duration: 00:19:19

Dave Noonan Show 290817

This Morning on the Dave Noonan Show ..all about the Cold Chisel Concert coming to Hobart at Wrest Point for Triple M Seems, Greens Leader Cassie O'Connor reckons its a bad idea...Listen to hear why... Dom Baker from Wrest Point talks the concert up.....Even Angry Birds Lara Giddings and Jacqui Lambie Spruke the benefits of it..... However ..Winston Huffington Smythe from 'The Point' has other thoughts

Duration: 00:16:03

Dave Noonan Show 280817

*Dave and Al catch up with Entertainment man Peter 'Fordy' Ford * The groundbreaking Hobart Cash Quiz.....very different today! * The weekend Footy wash up with Triple M's Wayne 'The Duck' Carey * And you HAVE to listen to the new competion... What the [bleep]

Duration: 00:21:27

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