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It's the Diablo Show, with Scott Johnson, creator and host of the top rated WoW show, The Instance. If you love Diablo, then you're home. Enjoy this look at the game and culture surounding everyone's favorite Prime Evil!




24 - Cubists (The Diablo Show)

Let’s get ALL the skinny about this new patch, and why 2.3 is one of the most important patches in the games history.

Duration: 00:28:32

23 - Fancy new clothes (The Diablo Show)

On this episode of The Diablo Show, watchin the real pros play. So much of heroes is about diablo for me. 2.2 key features! Lets talk about those new class sets. Diablo in a MMO perspective! D3 will have microtransactions again...but not in the US. Calculate those gems! HC games. What's up with rings. The PVP zones exist and more!

Duration: 00:20:31

21 - To gear or not to gear (The Diablo Show)

On this episode of The Diablo Show, PTR for the holidays! Vanilla class sets are changing. Hardcore followups! Some good stuff from the last stream is up. Boon of the Hoarder should work in a certain way. Lore updates ahoy! Your emails and more!

Duration: 00:27:40

20 - Bloody Goblins (The Diablo Show)

On this episode of The Diablo Show, all the things from Diablo at Blizzcon in one place, and a CRAP ton of your calls. Did I mention that I have seen the treasure realm, and it was glorious?

Duration: 00:45:00

08 - Got 999 problems but a rift gaurdian ain't one

On this episode of The Diablo Show, why are we still identifying everything? Did Deadmaus call the show last week? Are set bonuses boring? What we know about the happy little surprises in 2.0.6. Better leveling for a better life. Death Maidens can calm down now. Lots of good stuff from the Dev stream on thursday. A great guide on how to deck out your followers. The Playstations are getting some cool exclusives. Vacuum up all those gems and mats. I have 999 problems and the Rift Boss ain't...

06 - Sixty is the new seventy

On this episode of The Diablo Show, why the Crusader slowed down as he got older, why others save people in games, inventory management made simple, you gotta find Dane Bright, how I leveled to 70 so fast, Blizzard wants to know what Shrines you like, Firefox gets into the Diablo business, the one item you can't bear to get rid of, the Rift Guardian rogues gallery, why people play hardcore, that whole color-blindness thing we asked about, when we get new content, kicking and clicking,...

03 - Death Drops for No Man

On this episode of The Diablo Show, how grim is that reaper anyway, why you want Reapers Fear, how other blizz games could benefit diablo, more wizard fun to be had, Monks get their own story, Barbricare is a real thing, the lottery would be easier than some drops, authenticator news, act 1 and 2 make more sense, prize info, scott was schooled this week, you talk about the gemming problem, what builds YOU like the most, and more!

02 - Old, Wise, and Sacrificial

On this episode of The Diablo Show, why everything needs a Deckard Cain, get your chests to be more resplendent, why are Act 1 bounties easy, tricks for getting around the 5 bounty rules, getting free rift runs is nice, the skate deck is gonna be amazing, Rat Callers have to call someone else, no more trivial monsters, how the Seasons will work, new kick / booting coming, we break down a pretty hot Wizard build, trading could be better in the game, what will end game really look like for...

01 - Stay a while, and listen

On this episode of The Diablo Show, never going back to town after a bounty is won, Tyrael is about to get more interesting, 2.0.5 offers some big changes down the road, blood shards are growing on trees in the new patch, get your gems back without selling the shirt off of you back, 2.1 get's some talk from Devs and some of it is striking, BlizzCon has contests for D3 fans, let's get Morbed with the latest from Micky Neilson, why Barbs are better than Crusaders, and your calls and emails!