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Podcast #84 (Education) (Mr. Nick DeNault and Mr. Justin Faught) (Importance Of After School Clubs)

The 84th podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is an educational discussion with Mr. Nick DeNault and Mr. Justin Faught involving the importance of after school clubs. You might remember Nick from Podcast #70 and Justin from Podcast #67 and #23. In this particular podcast, we talk about the after school game club that they both run at their high school. In this podcast, the benefits of running an after school club for students academically and emotionally are discussed. Leadership skills and the...


Podcast #83 (Relationships) (Mr. Brad and Kaitlyn Therrian) (Dad & Daughter)

The 83rd podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is a relationship podcast with Mr. Brad Therrian and Kaitlyn Therrian (Daughter). In this episode, Dr. Lip has a discussion with these two amazing people about family and life. Mr. Brad Therrian can be found on social media at Instagram (; Facebook (; Twitter (; and LinkedIn...


Podcast #82 (Relationships) (Mr. Brad Therrian and Mr. Michael Shelton) (Service Fraternity)

Mr. Brad Therrian and Mr. Michael Shelton join Dr. Lip in a relationship discussion about Alpha Phi Omega (APO). At Central Michigan University, Alpha Phi Omega is a fraternity that stressed Service, Fellowship, and Leadership. In this podcast, Brad and Michael share stories about APO, the friendships that developed, and the importance of community. Brad and Mike can both be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Brad...


Podcast #81 (Counseling) (Ms. Bobbi Hill) (Elementary School Counselor)

Ms. Bobbi Hill is a counseling guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Bobbi is a great Elementary School Counselor, a former intern, and a wonderful friend. In this podcast, Bobbi shares stories about her personal life and counseling. Ms. Bobbi Hill can be found on Instagram @bobbijohill ( The Dr. Lip Podcast on iTunes has (96) 5-Star Reviews. Please subscribe, rate, and review The Dr. Lip Podcast and help Dr. Lip get to his personal goal of (100) 5-Star...


Podcast #80 (Careers) (Mr. Nick Merry) (Renewable Energy Specialist)

Mr. Nick Merry is a careers guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. You might remember Nick from Podcast # 14 ( This time Nick and Dr. Lip do a live podcast in a city outside the Metro-Detroit area talking about Nick’s work as an Renewable Energy Specialist, his role as a husband to Kathy Merry (Dr. Lip’s Sister), and the importance of taking care of our planet. Please connect with Nick via email at...


Podcast #79 (Careers) (Mr. Will Branch) (Co-Owner of Corridor Sausage Co)

Mr. Will Branch is a careers guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. In this podcast, Will and Dr. Lip talk about the world of business and sausage. As a matter of fact, the word “sausage” gets brought up consistently in this podcast because Will is the Co-Owner of the Corridor Sausage Company. Will was also just named in Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the most influential 40 business people under the age of 40 in 2018 in the Metro Detroit area...


Podcast #78 (Careers) (Mr. Josh Denzler) (Apprentice Planner & School Board Member)

Mr. Josh Denzler is a careers guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Josh is an Apprentice Planner, a School Board Member in his community, a graduate of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, a Believer, and comes highly recommended by Jodie Kleymeer (Podcast #76 and #25). In this podcast, Josh shares how his faith has helped him overcome depression and low self-esteem, doing the next right thing in life, how to not act when stressed, and finding joy in the little things in life. Josh can be...


Podcast #77 (Careers) (Mr. Scott Petricevich) (Basic EMT)

Mr. Scott Petricevich is a careers guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Scott is an Emergency Medical Technician–Basic (EMT-B), a graduate of Defiance College, a former student, and a great guy. In this podcast, Scott shares his ups and downs in finding a career, dealing with setbacks, and incorporating action into every decision that he makes to initiate change. Scott can be found on Facebook ( The Dr. Lip Podcast on iTunes has (93) 5-Star Reviews. Please...


Podcast #76 (Relationships) (Ms. Jodie Kleymeer) (The Power of Forgiveness)

The 76th podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is a relationship discussion about “forgiveness” with Ms. Jodie Kleymeer. You might remember Jodie from podcast #25 ( and in this episode, you will hear about Jodie’s INTENSE journey to forgiveness. DISCLAIMER – In this podcast, Jodie will discuss her history with physical and mental abuse with people that love her and how her faith (God and Jesus) got...


Podcast #75 (Counseling) (Mr. Brian Spurling) (The World Of An Introvert)

Mr. Brian Spurling is on the Dr. Lip Podcast as a counseling guest for the second time. Brian is in the process of opening up his own counseling practice and in this episode, we talk about how to care for an introvert ( Mr. Spurling dives into the world of being an introverted person, offers up counseling ideas on how to support an introverted client/friend, and shares stories from an introvert perspective. You also might...


Podcast #74 (Mr. Craig Lindeman) (The Business Of Dragonmead Microbrewery)

Mr. Craig Lindeman is back for the second time on the Dr. Lip Podcast as a career guest. In this particular podcast, you will hear Craig’s true business passion and everything about Dragonmead Microbrewery. If you would like to connect with Craig, he can be found on Facebook at Craig can also be reached via email at Let Craig know that you found him through the Dr. Lip Podcast. Please drink responsibly and check out...


Podcast #73 (Counseling) (Ms. Cairy-Ann Hajarie-Flake) (Learning From Abandonment)

Ms. Cairy-Ann Hajarie-Flake is a counseling guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Cairy-Ann is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), a counselor, a mother, and a former student. In this informational podcast, Cairy-Ann shares her life story of growing up in Jamaica, coming to the United States, learning from abandonment, and incorporating being a CTRS with being a Counselor. Cairy-Ann can be found on LinkedIn ( If...


Podcast #72 (Relationships) (A Relationships Conversation With Coach John Daly)

The 72nd podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is a discussion with the one and only Coach John Daly about relationships. In recent weeks, I have been getting emails and feedback on my website about relationship issues. After Jeremy Ridky’s podcast titled “Growing Through Crisis” ( aired on the Dr. Lip Podcast in which we talked about Jeremy’s relationships with family, friends, addition,...


Podcast #71 (Education) (Mr. Scott Powers) (Economics Teacher)

Mr. Scott Powers is an education guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. With a name like “Scott Powers”, you know he knows the world of economics. Scott is a High School Economics Teacher, certified English Teacher, father, husband, and long-time friend. In this podcast, Scott shares his insights on being a father to four children, dealing with cell phones in the classroom, and the importance of patience personally and professionally. Mr. Scott Powers can be found on Twitter @mrpowers222...


Podcast #70 (Education) (Mr. Nick DeNault) (Math & Theatre Teacher)

Mr. Nick DeNault is an education guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Nick is a creative High School Math Teacher, certified Theatre Teacher, Game Club Advisor, and tremendously insightful and funny guy. In this podcast, Nick shares his insights into how to navigate mind fields in education, what going beyond teaching means, the power of hard work, how to use movie trivia in teaching data analysis, the importance of theatre in his life, and choosing the path of decisiveness. Mr. Nick DeNault can be...


Podcast #69 (Careers) (Benson G.) (Transformational Life Coach)

Mr. Benson (G.) Gedeon is a career guest on the Dr. Lip Podcast. Benson is a Transformational Life Coach and Speaker at Optimum Success Coaching Int’l. In this podcast, Benson shares about living in Miami, Florida, being from the Caribbean, and life as an entrepreneur. Please follow Benson on Facebook at “Ben Song” (; on Twitter @BensonGedeon (; on Instagram @bensongedeon...


Podcast #68 (Relationships) (Mr. Jeremy Ridky) (Growing Through Crisis)

The 68th podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is an interview with Mr. Jeremy Ridky about his life journey with relationships. In this episode, you will hear about Jeremy’s relationship with his parents, sister, grandmother, family, friends, daughter, wife, fire, basketball, alcohol, and addiction. Similar to my first 5 relationships podcasts, Jeremy's story is impactful and powerful. Please follow along as you hear Jeremy hit rock bottom and is now living a purposeful life. I was truly amazed by...


Podcast #67 (Relationships) (Mr. and Mrs. Faught) (Couples Relationship Podcast)

The 67th podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast is an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Faught involving the first ever Couples Relationship Podcast on the Dr. Lip Podcast. You might remember Justin and Allison from Podcast #23. In this episode, Dr. Lip discusses with Justin and Allison the world of education, careers, relationships, and counseling in regards to their marriage. Maintaining a happy relationship, balancing work and married life, learning about each other’s personality, and discovering...


Podcast #66 (Relationships) (Mr. Jordan Tasich & Mr. Marc Andres) (Being Fathers)

Mr. Jordan Tasich and Mr. Marc Andres join Dr. Lip in a relationship podcast about being fathers. This particular podcast dives into how to handle the growing pains of being a parent, the business side of parenting, lessons learned from kids, advice sharing on parenting, and being a better partner and parent. Many thanks to Jordan and Marc for their time and tons of love given to the Class of 1998. Mr. Tasich can be found on Instagram @mrtasich ( or...


Podcast #65 (Education) (Mr. Daly & Mr. Tasich) (Educator Goals)

Mr. Coach John Daly and Mr. Jordan Tasich join Dr. Lip in an educational podcast about educator goals. If you are an educator, this podcast will fire you up for the upcoming school year. Please visit Coach Daly over at, on Twitter @coachtosuccess (, on Instagram @coachjohndaly (, or on Facebook @coachtoexpectsucces ( John’s...