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Hey EntreLeadership fans, we created this page with our friends at TuneIn so that this podcast would be discoverable on Amazon Alexa. The main TuneIn podcast page is featured below.

Hey EntreLeadership fans, we created this page with our friends at TuneIn so that this podcast would be discoverable on Amazon Alexa. The main TuneIn podcast page is featured below.

Hey EntreLeadership fans, we created this page with our friends at TuneIn so that this podcast would be discoverable on Amazon Alexa. The main TuneIn podcast page is featured below.
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Hey EntreLeadership fans, we created this page with our friends at TuneIn so that this podcast would be discoverable on Amazon Alexa. The main TuneIn podcast page is featured below.




#323: How Emotional IQ Impacts Your Ability to Lead

While some might argue that showing emotion is a sign of weakness, emotional wellness coach Miles Adcox says that doing so actually makes you stronger—and twice as effective as a leader. Not to mention, stifling your emotions kills your creativity, can have serious health consequences (think anxiety and depression for starters), and often leads to burnout. Tune in as Miles shares how to become emotionally fit to prevent all that. Also joining us is North Point Community Church lead pastor...


#322: How to Advance Your Career with The Proximity Principle

The average person spends more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work, which is why it’s so alarming that 70% of American workers report being unhappy with their jobs. Even if you love what you do, you can’t ignore the statistical likelihood that at least one of those disgruntled people is on your team. But, luckily, Ramsey Solutions’ own Ken Coleman insists it doesn’t have to be that way. And his against-the-odds breakthrough into broadcasting is all the proof we need. Tune in as Ken...


#321: 20 Years of Lessons for My Younger Self

Although it may seem like entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Daymond John has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top, his success has actually been more than 20 years in the making. And the lessons he’s learned along the journey have shaped the way he runs his business today. Tune in as Daymond offers invaluable advice on everything from when and how to scale to the undeniable value of recognizing the contribution of your team members. No matter where you are in your career,...


#320: Are You in the Right Place for Growth?

We’re wrapping up our special bonus content from EntreLeadership Summit and sharing a proven strategy from Ramsey Solutions’ own Ken Coleman to help lead you to a career you love. Tune in to hear Ken explain why the places you put yourself in dramatically affect the trajectory of your career. Pick the right ones and you’ll likely find yourself closing in on your dream job. If you are part of the 70% of Americans who are unhappy at work, you can’t afford to miss this! Also joining us are...


#319: A Leadership Q&A From Summit

We’re continuing our bonus content from EntreLeadership Summit, this time with an outstanding panel discussion featuring Dave Ramsey, leadership expert Simon Sinek, and strengths expert Marcus Buckingham. Talk about a dream team! Join us as the powerhouse trio tackles questions from our attendees on topics ranging from pacing growth and surviving tough times to ways to spark creativity and innovation. Their answers are insightful and candid—and offer game-changing perspective for...


#318: How to Level Up Your Leadership

We’re coming to you again from EntreLeadership Summit in San Diego, California, with another bonus episode. Tune in as Ramsey Solutions’ own Chris Hogan explains why your team is your most valuable resource as a leader—but only if you choose to invest in them professionally and personally. Do that and there’s no limit to what you can all accomplish together. Chris continues the conversation on our Live From Summit stage, where he sits down with Ramsey Solutions’ Executive Vice President of...


#317: Learn Why Being in Charge Isn’t Enough

On today’s bonus episode, we’re taking you back to San Diego, California, where EntreLeadership Summit is underway. Have you ever heard of a natural-born leader? Well, we hate to break it to you, but there’s no such thing. Tune in as Dave Ramsey explains why leaders are built, not born, and what it takes to become an amazing one. Hint: It’s much more than being a boss—you know, the person who simply makes all the rules and signs all the paychecks. We’ll also take you behind the scenes to our...


#316: Get Ready for EntreLeadership Summit 2019!

On today’s episode, we’re taking you to San Diego, California, where EntreLeadership Summit is in full swing. Our most popular leadership event of the year, Summit has been sold out for months, but we didn’t want you to miss out on all the fun! Every day this week, we’ll be bringing you special episodes featuring exclusive content from Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions’ own Chris Hogan and Ken Coleman. You also hear from our incredible speakers like Dr. Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni, Simon...


#315: Learn to Navigate the Messy Middle of Business

As any entrepreneur will tell you, bringing a new idea to life can be unpredictable, but best-selling author Scott Belsky says there is one thing you can always count on: a messy middle. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Scott, who has worked with former start-ups like Airbnb, Pinterest and Uber, insists that this volatile time between the start and the finish of a project is the most crucial part of any venture. Tune in to find out why, as well as how to endure the tough...


#314: 3 Ways to Engage Your Team

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 33% of workers in the United States are engaged in their jobs—which means you’ve likely got some unhappy, unmotivated people in your own organization. The solution, says best-selling author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni, starts and ends with simply showing your team members that you care about them. Tune in as Pat shares the three things everyone needs in order to love their work. The Truth About Employee...


#313: 3 Steps to Finding Freedom to Focus

If you regularly struggle to get to the bottom of your to-do list and think the solution is finding more hours in the week, best-selling author Michael Hyatt says you’re wasting your time. Instead, the leadership and personal growth expert insists that the key to achieving more is to actually do less. Tune in as Michael shares his three-step process for taking control of the time you have so you can become more focused and productive—and infinitely less overwhelmed. Now that’s what we call a...


#312: Creating Business Momentum

After hitting the New York Times best-seller list in 2018 and with a 500% revenue increase for her company expected this year, Rachel Hollis isn’t slowing down anytime soon. But the founder of The Hollis Company is quick to point out that she has been anything but an overnight success. Join us to hear Rachel make the case for fiercely owning your dreams, listening to your tribe, and staying true to your vision as you build your business. If you’re chasing a big goal of your own, stay tuned...


#311: How Talk Triggers Create Customers

While the influence of word of mouth on customer behavior is not particularly surprising, what New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer does find shocking is that few companies bother to build any sort of strategy around it. And that, he says, is a huge missed opportunity. Join us as Jay gets super tactical and breaks down exactly how to create talk triggers, also known as the strategic choices you make to get your customers talking about your product or service. Also joining us is...


#310: Solve Your People Problems

Whether you’re just starting your career, own your own business or are firmly established in the C suite, we all have one thing in common: people problems. It’s just like Dave says, “Business is easy until people get involved.” Tune in as EntreLeadership Senior Vice President Sarah Sloyan answers listeners’ questions about everything from where to find the best people for your team to course correcting and resolving conflict. We might just have the answer you’ve been looking...


#309: Leadership Lessons From the Flight Deck

Even if your work has nothing at all to do with aviation, the lessons former Navy fighter pilot Carey Lohrenz learned in the cockpit are universal—and will change the way you do business. Tune in as Carey, the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, shares her thoughts on building a culture of excellence, overcoming fear, and the importance of finding focus. Leadership consultant Dr. Henry Cloud also joins us with a story about his personal experience flying in a fighter jet. Let’s just say flying...


#308: Live From EntreLeadership 1-Day

We’re so excited to share highlights from our recent EntreLeadership 1-Day event! Over 1,000 small-business owners and leaders from around the country joined us in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to pour into themselves and their businesses. Tune in to hear Dave Ramsey explain why taking your time—our process has 12 steps—is the most important part of hiring the right people for your team. We’ll also hear from Ramsey Solutions’ own Christy Wright on the importance of building a motivated team. And...


#307: Know, Feel, Do: 3 Steps to Effective Communication

What’s the one skill that all great leaders have in common? They’re master communicators. And on this week’s episode, we have one of the best. Craig Groeschel, founder and senior pastor of Life.Church—one of the largest churches in America—joins us to share his tips on how to sharpen your communication skills. He says it’s all about what you want people to know, how they should feel and how you’re going to lead them toward action. Staying on the subject of communication, Ken interviews two...


#306: Studying Failure

Whether we like it or not—and sometimes, in spite of our best intentions and best efforts—failure is unavoidable. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, says filmmaker Jon Erwin, whose production company makes faith-based, inspirational feature films. In fact, he insists if you examine failure closely—think an uncomfortable, really honest look—you may very well find the keys to your next big success. Tune in as Jon shares how doing just that helped him learn from a crushing box office loss...


#305: You’re Doing Delegation Wrong

News flash: When it comes to running a business, you can’t do it all. Sure, you can survive 90-hour work weeks for a season, but ultimately if you’re interested in building a business bigger than you, you’re going to have to delegate. And it’s not as simple as telling someone else to do something for you and hoping for the best. Tune in to hear Dave Ramsey explain the 10 basics of delegation, the same ones that helped him build his business from scratch and develop it into an international...


#304: Are Core Values Worthless?

Core values can be tricky. So many companies are quick to say they have them, but if you ask best-selling author and StoryBrand CEO Donald Miller, too few actually mean much of anything. And the reason is simple: They fail to answer three things that every team member wants—and needs—to know. Tune in to hear Donald explain exactly how to get your core values right so they inspire and motivate your team, not create mass confusion. Donald Miller's website Ken...